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  1. Am so sick of those fans who come on saying either this mess is all the fans fault, or that fans shouldn’t be concerned or complaining because we got to Wembley five years ago It’s beyond ***** stupid
  2. That's not what you claimed And you're still wrong anyway There were plenty warning of overspending and potential issues and consequences The ones warning of it were attacked, told to shut up, and abused by the uberfans who think that warning of consequences or challenging crazy decisions by the chairman are somehow anti-swfc
  3. I don't need to You're the one making claims to the contrary when it's not true If you'd done the research or had the knowledge you would have known there have been many warning of the exact situation we are now in Every one of them were told to shut up and slagged off for raising concerns
  4. That's totally rewriting history Plenty were shoutiing about it and warning of the consequences but they were abused, told to shut up, and called 'not proper fans' by the Uberfans Let's not be making stuff up like the entirety off your post just attempted
  5. They can use it to wipe the brown stuff off their noses
  6. Transfer it in a month before you have to pay your players then Sorted
  7. I hear what you're saying and agree with you It's just easier to say 'silence them!!' when you hear views you dont' agree with I guess But you're right
  8. Ah right I got confused at the bit where you said he couldn't pay the players because fans weren't allowed in the ground It's confusing innit
  9. Do you honestly believe that people paying on the gate pays the wage bill? Crikey
  10. It's a bug I'm working on The thread is started by a bot and when it posts it, it just randomly picks a username
  11. ASK ANDRE! We put your questions to our new signing!
  12. ASK ANDRE! We put your questions to our new signing!
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