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  1. @Grandadlives out that way I think - he should know
  2. Never knew that! I always class Killamarsh as Sheffield too!
  3. Yep exactly! Can't score if you don't get the ball played to you Reda had pinpoint crosses hit to him Jordan didn't
  4. We should have moved Carlos on earlier and appointed Steve Bruce when we did
  5. It's a fair question I'd ask back - why bother advertising and trying to attract them if that is the case. Surely there's a market there for students wanting live football in their lives?
  6. Apple - best phones Amazon - best shop Virgin - best broadband Don't fight the truth
  7. Sheffield Wednesday v Blackburn Rovers | Extended highlights | 2020/21
  8. Sheffield Wednesday v Blackburn Rovers | Extended highlights | 2020/21
  9. Football is changing and evolving You don’t just keep things as they are forever - you have to alter what you do to accommodate the change in lifestyles
  10. I dont And we see seeing the result of it and will see even more of an impact in coming years From a marketing and advertising point of view I don’t think Sheffield Wednesday have done a single thing to try and engage people who aren’t die hard Wednesday fans
  11. Disagree The fans that have been lifelong fans might But where is the next generation? Theyve been ignored, disregarded and now don’t exist
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