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  1. On the other hand he did also help engineer The Great Escape.
  2. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty thread from day to day, Where did the referee find all this added time? And all our yesterdays we patient Owls Have come online and found no news. Out, out, when will awaited judgement come? Who can perform under such shadows? We are like Poor players; we jog aimlessly an hour, And then have to be subbed. Justice, delayed, becomes denied. Another tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying sweet EFL. (with apologies to W Shakespeare, former left back for The Lord Chamberlain’s XI)
  3. Released by Boro in June after 17 appearances and 1 goal in the past 2 years. Wrong side of 30.
  4. In case you missed it: https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/289189-poetry-reading/?do=findComment&comment=9232399 a song for Owls supporters rather than the team.
  5. It’s hard to know what it is about football, and The Wednesday in particular, that can stir such emotions. Even when things go wrong on and off the pitch, as they certainly have this season, somehow there’s something that we can still point to and say “That’s what it’s all about.” Northern clubs in general are just different. They are social institutions, trustees of local tradition, part of our identity. Even if, like me, we end up living far away from Sheffield, The Owls are still our club and Sheffield is still our spiritual home. However much frustration we feel, we aren’t going anywhere else – the very thought is absurd. Loyalty matters. We are totally committed, and we like to see our commitment reflected in the attitudes of the players. That’s why exemplary service to The Owls matters. It doesn’t matter what race, colour or creed the players happen to be. When they become an Owl, they become our torch-bearers, and we want to see the torch we inherited from our ancestors and hope to pass to our children borne aloft proudly and with honour. It doesn’t mean you have to be brilliant; it does mean you have to understand where you are and what wearing that shirt means to us. And you have to show us that you understand by doing your very best for the club. Those who know this and behave accordingly deserve our respect and grateful thanks. I know there will be some of those on the pitch tonight. It would be nice to see a whole squad who understand it.
  6. I think we should distinguish between the Covid crisis affecting the whole country and the Corvid crisis affecting Sheffield Wednesday as long as we have nothing to crow about.
  7. Or the much more prosaic 'Lillee, caught Dilley, bowled Willey'? But much better than a cake talk was John Arlott's occasional musings on the subject of seagulls flying over the gasworks end and trains pulling into or out of the station. In those days of course there was no 'crowd noise' apart from applause and the occasional 'Well bowled, young man." Now they apparently need pop music and chants to keep them awake as they change ends.
  8. May I offer some clarification to people who might be wondering into which category of Rumsfeldian report the rumour of the outcome of the hearing falls? Things we know we know Things we know we don’t know Things we don’t know we don’t know? Since all we have is rumour, we don’t know we know. We might think we know, but that’s not the same as knowing we know. Unless the rumour turns out to be true, in which case at least some people will say they always knew they knew. Unfortunately, the rest of us can’t say we know we don’t know, because the rumour might be true, in which case we don’t know we don’t know, we only think we don’t. And we can’t say we don’t know we don’t know, because we know the rumour can only be either true or false, which means we don’t know we don’t know, unless the rumour is true, in which case we don’t know we do know. There. I hope that’s straightened everything out.
  9. I received word that the March edition of Galaxy’s Edge had been published. So I spent the day trying to let everyone know that I’m in it. (If you’re feeling very bored without football and you can bring yourself to read off-beat stories, you can read it free online for a limited period of time).
  10. I'm an old man. I remember some real glory days and wonderful teams. And if we were still the force we once were in English football we would, of course, have played a completely different game. But at the end of this game, I felt proud of being a Sheffield Wednesday supporter again. Here’s our team on a desperate run of form, shipping goals against weak opponents as though defence had gone out of fashion. And along comes one of the world’s best teams, turning out pretty much a full strength side that has, this season, put 8 past Watford, 6 past Villa and 5 past West Ham. Plus they’ve done the double over United this season. Plus they’d scored 4 in each of the previous Cup rounds. On Owlstalk, a supporters' forum, I’m reading predictions of double figure disasters. And we witness a team performance in which absolutely every one of our players ran his guts out and gave it his best shot. Look, no-one can do better than their best, whatever level that happens to be. If we had world-beating team we wouldn’t be half-way down the Championship. But on occasions the whole team can lift each other to something way beyond what we thought was possible. Was it perfect? Of course not. Did everyone play like Messi? Of course not. But was there anyone out there not playing as hard as he was able for the honour of Sheffield Wednesday? Of course not. It makes me sad today that these suggestions are even made, let alone insisted upon. There are many, many criticisms that can be made these days about Wednesday. I respectfully suggest that last night’s efforts did not deserve to be included among them.
  11. Being rather old, (which means able to remember beating Man U 7-2 at Old Trafford), I perhaps have a different perspective to the majority of gloomsters on here. It’s barely a couple of months since we were among the pace-setters in this division, eagerly anticipating playing the likes of City twice a season next year, putting a Premier League side out of the Cup away from home, beating Leeds away and so on. Now its undeniable that we’ve been on a dreadful run, but most of that same team are available for tonight’s match. Standards to which they’ve risen so recently can be reached again, and if a game like this can’t motivate everyone in the side to do their very best, then they probably shouldn’t be professional footballers. In my young day, Wednesday supporters would never have entertained the notion that we were beaten before we’d even kicked a ball. Because the team started with a hugely positive attitude, they inspired us and in return we helped inspire them further. In any case, as a wise man once said, I would rather be an optimist and thought a fool than a pessimist proved right.
  12. According to the BBC, Birmingham had a shot on target during the half time interval. This was deleted one minute later. Do they know something we don't?
  13. A little light music: Lads of Wednesday stop your dreaming Can't you see the league points streaming Down the drain? Time for redeeming When you take the field. Lads of Wednesday play up steady Let it not again be said ye For the match were not quite ready When you took the field From Hillsborough sounding Through the league resounding Summon all at Wednesday’s call Our mighty team surrounding Lads of Wednesday we want glory Once more let it be our story Keep all Owls’ high hopes before ye When you take the field
  14. I can confirm he's still standing. Wedged against a plant pot, he is. Immovable object auditioning for centre back.
  15. I once did a poetry reading on a cruise ship. I had to tell them that the previous time I’d read my poetry in public the audience had to pay to get in. However, on this occasion, we were trying a new system: it was free to get in, but they’d have to pay to get out. Could this be the solution to Wednesday’s POTG problems?
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