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  1. I mentioned a while ago that when all our centre backs are fit we have good headers and hoofers of the ball who won't get on the pitch in their preferred position and might be able to do a Warhurst. This suggestion attracted derision, but it still seems to me that no-one knew Warhurst would be able to do a Warhurst until he did it. Ideally you still want your best centre backs playing centre back, so I don't think you want to try Iorfa up front. On the other hand I would not like to be the opposing defender who has to mark a big unit like JVA, and he could help create the space in the area
  2. The thing is, everyone else must be worried about Wilshere's fitness or he wouldn't still be out of a job. What's the worst that could happen if we were to offer him PAYP terms? He says no? So we're no worse off than we are now. He says yes, and we have (probably only briefly because he's only 29) a midfielder who at his best is pure magic.
  3. It's all right folks. I remembered to put my lucky blue watch on this morning.
  4. In addition to those mentioned already, Roy Shiner, Peter Swan and Vic Mobley spring to mind.
  5. We have four tall centre backs. Unless we want to play all of them at once at the back, a few training sessions might reveal that one is the new Paul Warhurst.
  6. Kemp was Pulis's assistant at Boro, then Keane was Woodgate's assistant and currently (I think) Blackwell is Warnock's assistant there.
  7. This is surely the point. Taken as a yes / no question, without any confidence that potential managers one would consider better choices are under consideration, you vote yes because the alternatives could be managers you consider worse.
  8. We could live with Robbie Fowler, Pocchetinowl would be great, Just our luck, another howler Tawny Pulis is our fate. But, one day, our Owl will come, Athene’s birds take wing again, And meanwhile we’ll exist on crumbs Heads down, chaps, til I don’t know when!
  9. The date was probably 1959 and I was in either the N or S stand with Dad. I can't remember who we were playing and for some strange reason the one incident that's stuck in my mind was Bobby Craig having a bout of right-ankle wrestling with an opponent and a spectator near me shouting he was supposed to be better than that. Bobby had not long since arrived from Third Lanark. He scored 25 goals in 84 games before moving on to Blackburn in 1962.
  10. Here’s a puzzle question. Who is our joint leading goalscorer for the season and clear leading goalscorer in terms of goals to minutes played, despite not having started the last seven games? Statistics suggest we should play that fellow, if anyone can remember his name, because he’s more likely to score than anyone else.
  11. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that most of the time we've played Rhodes, who thrives on crosses, we've had nobody who could put crosses in. Now we have players who can put crosses in, and we don't play Rhodes. It's the Wednesday way, isn't it?
  12. I think the problem is, it’s more than a game of football. Shankly’s much misunderstood remark about football being more important than a matter of life and death should probably be understood in the light of the sociology that Desmond Morris described in his book ‘The Soccer Tribe’. The traditional football supporter, like any tribesman, needs a totem, something powerful and greater than himself that can lift his eyes above his less than ideal reality. Life and death matters are with us every day, especially nowadays. We need some thing to inspire and lift us above not
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