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  1. There have been quite a few interesting kits, historically, as well as a small number of what can only be described as unfortunate aberrations! http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Sheffield_Wednesday/Sheffield_Wednesday.htm
  2. The tricky bit is to figure out how many separate companies are involved and who owes who what. It seems to me that if the ground has been transferred out of the ownership of SWFC and the full purchase price has not been handed over, then the club has an asset in the debtors section of their balance sheet to the value of the outstanding portion. I haven’t checked to see exactly how large this sum is, and I recognise that unrefunded season ticket holders will constitute a significant counteracting sum in the creditors section of the balance sheet, but unless the full va
  3. Beery, cheery, dearie, eerie, Erie, kiri, leary, peri, Siri, sneery, and the way some people pronounce it theory.
  4. But we’re Owls and we never say die; We’ll be back up again by and by. Yes, the days will be sunny We’ll be rolling in money On the day British Saddlebacks fly!
  5. Far away, in a land full of dreams, There’s a man who sits plotting his schemes, But at home by the Don All our glory’s long gone And we’re going back down, so it seems.
  6. Oh yes, who can forget those years when he was turning out for Man U and scoring at better than 2 goals a game? It seems like only yesterday. Mind you, that Atdhe Nuhiu is on a par with Roy of the Rovers. You know, I think we should sign a whole lot more fictional characters. It will terrify the opposition so much that they won't turn up and we'll get walkovers.
  7. First there were the ghost-posted videos of SWFC. Then there were the SWFC-posted videos of ghosts. Then there were the ghost-posted videos of ghosts. And the ghost-read posts about ghost-posted posts. And the ghost-authored complaints about ghost-authored posts. A messy job? That’s when they usually send for me. I’m a ghost-writer.
  8. You never know for certain that free agents, however famous, are not just keen to get another game. I remember Chris Waddle once turned out for Falkirk. It's all a matter of attitude and commitment. Nobody needs a freeloader; a good player willing to put in serious effort is always going to be useful.
  9. Okay. I'm popping in and out to my teach yourself Italian program. The last two times I came back here, I found we'd scored. You can thank me later.
  10. Look Sharpe Wednesday! So ere’s to Wednesday one more time No giving up, cos it’s a crime We’re Owls and that means we ave wings T’aint over til t’ fat lady sings. Chorus There’s a place we need to be I’ll come wi’ thee, wilt come wi’ me? We’re late, but we’ll get there tha’ll see Not Wimbledon but Wemberlee Now play up lads and show some fight We aven’t got all bl**dy night All pessimism show ter t’ door We’ll lift the roof off when we score! The other team are huff and puff Us Owls is made
  11. There's nothing like a new song to revive spirits. A good martial tune to stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood. You can thank me later. Here's my new words to the Sharpe theme tune: There’s forty seats left on the bus For those who want to go with us To cheer the Owls; it will be great In Forest Green and Harrogate! Chorus: Forest Green and Harrogate That’s what you get when you’re cheapskate And I’ll be right behind you, mate In Forest Green and Harrogate! If Wednesday calls me, I must go I only wish it wasn’
  12. Slightly unfortunate that we lost that Everton match 4-2, but I did enjoy being reminded of Don Megson's trademark last ditch tackle - otherwise known as putting the ball and the man into the nearest stand! I liked the Finney dribbles too.
  13. So, I opened this, saw the photo, thought 'Billy Griffin', and then found so many others had already thought the same. You see, it may have been a while ago, but the lad made his mark. As others have pointed out, we were quite unbelievably good at the time and our reserves were seriously high class.
  14. It could be Babylon, but If you insist on me answering without looking it up, I'm going for Nineveh. What do I win if I'm right?
  15. As I recall, in my day, when a firm sold an asset on credit or part credit, the asset was removed from the accounts but another asset (debtor) was created. Otherwise the books wouldn’t have balanced. The value of the stadium should therefore presumably be included as an asset (debtor) to the extent that any portion of the the purchase price of the stadium has still to be transferred to the club. So it would still have some bearing on the value of the club until the purchase price was fully paid. Unless I’ve been away from accounting too long, in which case someone who k
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