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  1. MoorfOwl

    That miss by Palmer

    As Bill Shankly said of Roger Hunt - "Yes, he misses a few, but he gets into the right place to miss them."
  2. While it’s true that consistent selection produces familiarity, it can also discourage originality. We get used to doing things one way, our opponents learn that way and work out how to nullify it, and then what? Added to this problem, regular players get used to relying on the team star. As Norfolk said earlier, the more traffic is routed through Bannan, the less space Bannan will be allowed by opponents. By contrast our fringe players, we hope, will be making a determined bid for a regular place and ready to try something new and audacious in the hope of catching the eye. If you never rotate your fringe players into the team, they are not even going to be ready to plug the gaps created by our inevitable injuries. I, for one, will put my hand up and say I looked at last night’s team in advance and thought it looked a good solid selection. When you’re going through a phase of two matches a week, you will get mental fatigue even if you don’t get physical fatigue. Mental fatigue will result in usually good players making silly mistakes that they wouldn’t make when relatively fresh. Physical fatigue will increase the risk of injury to our more vulnerable players. Moreover, either you believe in a youth policy or you don’t. Everybody wants the finished product of a youth policy: a talented group of players, loyal to a club that has treated them well and able to mix it at the top of the league. Nobody wants the building process where maybe a young player makes a mistake that wouldn’t have been made by a senior pro who’s been left out of the side, and maybe that mistake costs us the game. But you don’t create a youth policy overnight and young players are only very rarely instant stars. Sometimes they are shooting stars that briefly burn very brightly and then are almost snuffed out as opponents learn how to counter their moves and they have to learn new moves themselves. Sometimes they slowly develop into world beaters, even though initially all we spectators see is faults. I’ll put my hand up again and admit I was unimpressed by the young Colin Dobson; now that’s a pretty big error, folks! In short, I agree with Snoots. We can see what Jos is trying to do, and the objective he’s aiming for is a good one. Not everything he tries will come off, but very few of us are actually perfect, are we? We tried buying instant success and sadly it didn’t work. Now we have to do it the right way. Of course, it’s slower and of course, we’re all upset when we lose. ‘Twas ever thus. But there isn’t really an alternative, is there? Just hang on; this is inevitably going to be a bumpy road.
  3. Funnily enough, this was the first name that occurred to me. But Keith, for all he had his detractors, managed 52 goals in 102 appearances 1955-64. That would be considered a very acceptable return today. However in his early years with The Owls, he was trying to compete with Roy Shiner who scored 93 goals in 153 games. Keith should be forever remembered for his hattrick in the 7-2 away defeat of Man U. The match was, of course, played on Wednesday (1st Feb 1961).
  4. In my part of the world, mention of the above is forbidden. There are people who think it has something to do with actual history, you know.
  5. I think this is why you finish the pre-season with a match against top-rank opposition such as Villareal. It exercises the football brain and sharpens the reflexes. If The Wednesday start as quickly today, Wigan will find the step up to the Championship quite a test. Up The Owls!
  6. Keith Ellis, Peter Eustace, Bobby Craig, Tony Kay, Stevie May David James, Clive Allen, Florian Albert, Johnny Giles, Eddie May
  7. Quite possibly the piece is a filler that's been waiting for space for some time, though I'm grateful to londonowl for a very clear explanation of the problem. As a traditionalist, I actually thought the photograph of Wednesday playing in blue and white stripes with black shorts was the best bit.
  8. The Times has a little article by Paul Joyce today in its downloadable edition, reporting on The Owls' financial concerns. There's very little that will come as news to Owlstalk readers; in fact, the accompanying illustration shows a stock photo including blue and white striped shirts and black shorts. The article notes the £21m loss for the operating year to May 2017, compares it with the 3 year maximum of £39 million and concludes the club face having to offload some high earners. It mentions Forestieri, Fletcher, Rhodes and Boyd, but only as examples of high earners, not as being for sale.