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  1. In my part of the world, mention of the above is forbidden. There are people who think it has something to do with actual history, you know.
  2. I think this is why you finish the pre-season with a match against top-rank opposition such as Villareal. It exercises the football brain and sharpens the reflexes. If The Wednesday start as quickly today, Wigan will find the step up to the Championship quite a test. Up The Owls!
  3. Keith Ellis, Peter Eustace, Bobby Craig, Tony Kay, Stevie May David James, Clive Allen, Florian Albert, Johnny Giles, Eddie May
  4. Quite possibly the piece is a filler that's been waiting for space for some time, though I'm grateful to londonowl for a very clear explanation of the problem. As a traditionalist, I actually thought the photograph of Wednesday playing in blue and white stripes with black shorts was the best bit.
  5. The Times has a little article by Paul Joyce today in its downloadable edition, reporting on The Owls' financial concerns. There's very little that will come as news to Owlstalk readers; in fact, the accompanying illustration shows a stock photo including blue and white striped shirts and black shorts. The article notes the £21m loss for the operating year to May 2017, compares it with the 3 year maximum of £39 million and concludes the club face having to offload some high earners. It mentions Forestieri, Fletcher, Rhodes and Boyd, but only as examples of high earners, not as being for sale.