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  1. I choose to believe that this team has more to prove than last Saturday's and has more hungry players. That may not be a lot to hang your hat on, but it's my hat, so there!
  2. Whatever happens, we have got (back) Jordan Rhodes, the rest have not.
  3. The Superb Owl (or Superbowl for short)
  4. But in other news, Wigan only commit a foul every ten minutes, whereas we achieve one every four!
  5. And we're down to tenth, having been overhauled by QPR! That's a tad humiliating.
  6. When I managed a school football team, I used to insist on only full backs and wingers taking throws, but that was because if anyone else did it, we lost team shape and took ages to get it back. In a professional side it should not be beyond the team's organisational skills to cover for a throw-in specialist. A good throw does take a certain amount of muscular strength / elasticity and skills development that you might not use in the bulk of your game time, but it can be such a weapon when well employed. It also gives the opposition something else to worry about and makes their job more difficult. I think, if I were one of our fringe players, I might work hard to develop a good throw so as to give me a better chance of making the side.
  7. Having only watched the highlights, I can't possibly judge MoM. However do appreciate thoughtful and insightful comment such as that above by Ante. In particular, in respect of strikers, I've mentioned before Bill Shankly's response to a critic who complained that Roger Hunt missed a lot. - "Yes, but he gets into the right place to miss them.' If you're not in the right place, most of the time you won't score (though you may of course make other contributions). If you regularly get into the right place, more often than not you'll soon start scoring. And remember this was the great Roger Hunt Bill was talking about. I seem to remember Fletcher missing quite a lot last season; he was getting into the right place but wasn't sharp enough; this season he's playing every game and his scoring proficiency is improving. From the limited available evidence it seems to me that neither Winnall nor Rhodes has forgotten how to get into the right place, but it's very hard to be sharp when you count your on-field time in minutes rather than games. Atdhe's header on Saturday was magic, but he's almost guaranteed to get on the pitch at some point in every game, and that helps sharpen reactions.
  8. Fulham? People are worried about Fulham? I wasn’t worried about Fulham when they had Macedo and Haynes and later Mullery. The only issue to debate was whether we’d win by four goals or five. I don’t see why I should start worrying about Fulham in my old age. So I shan’t.
  9. Garry's gameplan gainsays garrulousness?
  10. These came to me while I was chanting the mantra (see above): Monk’s Meditations Monk’s Mindfulness Monk’s Methods Garry’s Game The Third Man(ager this year)
  11. When the late Harry Hood played for Celtic, it was found that his name fitted perfectly into a mantra rhythm, which used to resound from the terraces. Garry A Monk fits even better. Thus: Garry A Monk, Garry A Monk, Wednesday, Wednesday, Garry, Garry. Garry A Monk, Garry A Monk, Wednesday, Wednesday, Garry, Garry. No offence intended.. This time I will get my coat.
  12. I've only seen the highlights, so when people who were there tell me the second half was much better, I assume they're right. Strangely enough the two episodes I found most memorable were both in the first half: Winnall's burst down the right wing and into the area, and Fox's cross which was met just a little too perfectly by Rhodes. In the latter case, if he'd got just a slightly less sweet connection it would have gone either side of the keeper rather than straight at him and been at least as good a goal, if not better, than Fletcher's on Saturday. I don't think it's particularly surprising if players with very little match time can't cope with 90 minutes of a frenetic cup tie. Rather than criticise individuals, I'd say this match will have done the team a lot of good, even if it wasn't the highest quality entertainment.
  13. Has Jimmy Shan found a new job yet? I suspect he might be the right kind of assistant to help Lee through the hard patches ahead.
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