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  1. Brian Ryalls and Walter Bingley. Oh dear such a long time ago!
  2. sue1947owl

    Happy 82nd Birthday !

    Happy Birthday to my all time Wednesday hero. A great player but even greater captain.
  3. Second is Jack Martin and there is Alan Finney and Derek Wilkinson at far end.
  4. I was there and for John Fantham's, Gerry Young's etc. Talking to Don two weeks ago. My all time hero (not the best player) and best captain in my 70 years of watching the Owls.
  5. sue1947owl

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    Always been the Wednesday Ground to me.
  6. I was fortunate to be invited. Not only was John a truly great player but I am privileged to know him as a friend. He has done so much for charity. There were ex Rotherham players there as well as leicester and Barnsley. It was a wonderful occasion for a truly great Owl.