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  1. B&W Owl

    So after all that...

    Just in a nick of time!!
  2. B&W Owl

    Forestierri 14m

    14M? Thank you
  3. B&W Owl


    Was in a bit of concern, but then I saw the post's author and all my worries flew away.
  4. B&W Owl

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Monday??? What a joke, thought you were going to say it was being moved to Wembley.
  5. Well now Bruce has been confirmed, in celebration of this I think we need a new sticker to welcome him into the club. Need some posts and suggestions.
  6. B&W Owl

    Ground Sold !

    Most likely because it’s too tasty to be true.
  7. B&W Owl

    Ground Sold !

    Hmmm??? Need the source..
  8. B&W Owl

    RIP Playoff Hopes

    Don’t be so negative, our chances were over ages ago.
  9. Blimey, Is the downvote button broken?
  10. We may not had a brilliant year but we have seen some wonder goals.
  11. B&W Owl

    The lowest we've ever been

    I’ve heard bad things about the 70s, been avoiding it like the plague!
  12. As it stands, we are slipping into a relegation battle, the worst position we have been in since the Chansiri takeover. I have also seen a lot of threads and comments discussing how terrible our situation is now. As I am quite young, I want to know is this really is our worst period as fans or have we been through a lot worse.
  13. B&W Owl

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Can he just go now. Or are they saving it for Christmas Eve just like Carlos??? Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.
  14. B&W Owl

    Song for today

    We’re the Wednesday, The mighty Wednesday, we never win a game. We’re the Wednesday, The mighty Wednesday we never win a game. We Never Win We Never Win We Never Win And repeat.
  15. B&W Owl


    Last match we were this bad was against Bolton, especially during the 1st half