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  1. B&W Owl


    Last match we were this bad was against Bolton, especially during the 1st half
  2. B&W Owl

    The City Is Theirs

    Someone's woken up next to a Blunt this morning.
  3. B&W Owl

    Already a txt from a blunt

    This was our best outcome, they are frustrated and we are laughing in their faces.
  4. B&W Owl

    Dem Blades

    In all honesty, we’ve got nothing to lose, They must be shivering in their boots.
  5. It’s our last chance for Jos to prove himself worthy otherwise he has to back his bags and go. I just hope we have some fight in us and we will see what it means to our players
  6. In a bunker, 20 floors below sea level
  7. B&W Owl

    Bring back Carlos

    Ok, I’ve seen enough, going to sleep now.
  8. B&W Owl

    Jos you've failed.

    Jos out, 3 games, 9 points dropped, how many more games until he gets the boot?
  9. After viewing Wednesday so far this season, I’m sensing a lack of presence and confidence whenever we are on the ball, we know we can play some entertaining football, but what I’ve seen especially with defending mistakes and the constant pain of watching us play round the back until we boot the ball to their players, I’m sure we will be very lucky to reach the playoffs.
  10. B&W Owl

    The nightmare run of fixtures.

    The only nightmares I'm having is seeing Blunts at top of the table.
  11. B&W Owl

    Missing Joey

    I’m surprised he isn’t on the pitch, he allows Bannan to play upfield.
  12. Get him out of CM, it’s not working for him.
  13. B&W Owl

    What's this?

    What could have been!
  14. B&W Owl

    What's this?

    Might be for the England 2018 World Cup Bid