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  1. Don't think the Sheffield Steelers would be too happy having their ground taken from them
  2. Not officially but everyone who is ITK says its basically a done deal
  3. I hope not! Might be an unpopular opinion but I’ve never liked this kit
  4. Fourth result on google images when you search for us. Website says its our logo from the sixties, surely that can't be true?
  5. Don''t get how people consistently get that wrong. One of my real pet peeves
  6. Seen some on twitter saying that he’s walked due to the soft transfer embargo. Surely this can’t be true?
  7. Would love to see him back seemed promising from the little we saw of him
  8. Gotta be the London teams and Reading for me, easiest for me to get to
  9. Reckon we'll line up 41212 Joao Matias Fessi Reach Bannan pessy Fox Lees Hector Baker Dawson
  10. I know 3 go down. I just can't stand all the doom and gloom around the club at the moment
  11. I swear most of our fans would rather us lose every game just so that they could moan on here.
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