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  1. Reckon we'll line up 41212 Joao Matias Fessi Reach Bannan pessy Fox Lees Hector Baker Dawson
  2. I know 3 go down. I just can't stand all the doom and gloom around the club at the moment
  3. I swear most of our fans would rather us lose every game just so that they could moan on here.
  4. In my opinion, I believe that we’ll only see the side of Jos that was sold to us once the ffp has been lifted and he’s free to spend on a team that plays his system. No way for him to shine with all the dead wood and crocks we have at the moment.
  5. Have you completely forgotten about the transfer embargo?
  6. Hopefully we make big changes at the half and have a go at it for the 2nd.
  7. Glad that it works, shame that my stream looks like it was burnt with a toaster though. I guess beggars cant be choosers though
  8. There's definitely a reason Jos chose to have him tied down with a new contract. Hopefully Joao can keep on improving
  9. Wednesday always give points away to struggling teams like Reading. It's almost as if we're a charity of some sorts
  10. Thought he had a decent first half last game, wouldn't expect him to come on though
  11. Completely forgot about Joao somehow. I'd put him in for Matias and put Matias on the bench
  12. personally I'd go with this Dawson Palmer/Baker Lees Pudil/Thornilly Penney Bannan Pelupessy/Hutchinson Matias Forrestieri Reach Fletcher Subs: wildsmith, Fox, Nuhiu, Preston, J Lee, Boyd, Kirby
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