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  1. Honestly, I think there are now a generation of fans who would struggle to watch a full game on the tv, let alone go and actually attend a match. It's very easy to be a "fan" and watch all the good bits on Youtube, Twitter etc. Heck, some of these people might get bored watching I agree i am an old fart. I live 200 miles away. I haven’t seen a live game since the pandemic hit. I’ve a feeling I won’t again given travelling expenses. Football is an expensive hobby. Great for those in good jobs. I am happy to develop my listening skills and pay for audio coverage. BUT please::::: ask the commentators to mention where the play is occurring on the pitch occasionally——- It usually feels like I am eavesdropping on a tv commentary I will follow every game. I am a supporter Despite the horrible comments
  2. Todays game: It seems that a savvy coach has watched us on video. This is not the end. Our gaffa will re adjust for the next game ( We have had great results with the team line ups in games before today.) BUT ::::: Will need adjustment before next game. They are watching us. Onwards and upwards.
  3. Reply to steelowl The Irish have a word for this: gobshyte just enjoy the moment
  4. I am a pensioner. I live 200 miles away. I have a pass for online participation. There has been a period of lockdowns. So I turn up to celebrate and get sour grapes. Are you real?
  5. Milton Keynes. Home to one of the largest universities in Europe. Over 200,000 students. I recon that this allows them to use the nickname ‘Dons’. Wimbledon. Home of the Wombles. Just an observation.
  6. It’s such a shame. We have a nice god fearing manager. He has built a nice squad. There are one or two pushy players ( who played up front today) but most of the squad bask in niceness. When will we become nasty and start winning???????????
  7. Good afternoon We now have 18 points. We are one point off play off positions. We have decent league one players. Who in their right minds expect us to walk the league????
  8. It appears that Sam Hutchinson and his ego cannot win games. Our defence was not good. Rethink.
  9. As I live over 150 miles from Hillsborough and am a pensioner, decided to subscribe for audio this season. Enthusiastic commentary of the passes, tackles, shots etc. but never any use of positioning on the pitch. Frustrating. Using words like Left, Right, touchline, goal line, penalty area etc etc would really help to give a ‘mental’ image. Please have a word with the commentary team- but of course this may mean using the vocal chords a little more. Regards to you all-
  10. Sorry. I’m an old fart and find technology a bind. I tried to do the right thing only to get abuse. Think I’ll just climb back under my stone. I truly do wish the guy well and wouldn’t have donated if I didn’t. Please give the £1 to the cause and I’ll stay off this site in future as it’s beyond my frazzled comprehension
  11. I see. So being public spirited now involves reading small print. Shame.
  12. Hi I just donated and got a confirmation email saying that they ( gofundme.com ) had taken an additional ‘tip’ of 10%. That’s a little underhand, I would say. I don’t begrudge the original poster or the grand old guy my money, but the ‘charitable status’ is questionable- would rather he got £11 instead of £10 and them getting the £1.
  13. Shaw will do as his agent decides. Agents must be feeling the pinch- especially at SWFC. (!?!?!?!)
  14. Good point They could afford a Volvo team coach. We had a Bedford But I still think we have a squad that can’t achieve
  15. Exactly. How are we supposed to succeed if we don’t have the players? Blaming the coach achieves very little. ( I have been listening to talk sport well spotted)
  16. Tony Pulis—— plus previous coaches at our club. Cannot deliver because we’re only as good as our worst player. Discuss.
  17. I was offering a possible backup for Bully if he was appointed manager. Carrick as First team coach?
  18. Would he be suitable as a new first team coach? Loads of experience with ‘difficult’ players. Also got his fitness coach with us already
  19. Seasons greetings to you all. Well done to the lads. They have shown skill, mettle and passion in the last 3 games. Please can we leave the trenches and stop the sniping. Cease Fire ! A seasonal GAME (for that is what it is) of football, we can all join the in enjoyment without fear! Long may our upturn continue. Happy new year.
  20. As it appears that our team manager will be with us for a while - how about lining up a partnership for the new year? Messrs. Waddle and Hoddle are past masters at making music on the football field, surely a better and more entertaining show than the current debacle. (and with due reverence to the ginger one, we could even promote the ancient cult of the mullet.)
  21. If the players aren’t wound up about this one then there’s little hope. I’m more nervous about the future.
  22. He will not walk away without a return on his investment.
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