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  1. I was offering a possible backup for Bully if he was appointed manager. Carrick as First team coach?
  2. Would he be suitable as a new first team coach? Loads of experience with ‘difficult’ players. Also got his fitness coach with us already
  3. Seasons greetings to you all. Well done to the lads. They have shown skill, mettle and passion in the last 3 games. Please can we leave the trenches and stop the sniping. Cease Fire ! A seasonal GAME (for that is what it is) of football, we can all join the in enjoyment without fear! Long may our upturn continue. Happy new year.
  4. As it appears that our team manager will be with us for a while - how about lining up a partnership for the new year? Messrs. Waddle and Hoddle are past masters at making music on the football field, surely a better and more entertaining show than the current debacle. (and with due reverence to the ginger one, we could even promote the ancient cult of the mullet.)
  5. If the players aren’t wound up about this one then there’s little hope. I’m more nervous about the future.
  6. He will not walk away without a return on his investment.
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