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  1. Depends on what angle you are coming from, I see the Star as a Sheffield/Rotherham paper. The highest ranked local ladies teams are: Pigs, Sheffield FC and Rotherham United Whitehill. There is a story with RUW as I believe that ladies are being enticed away to Hull for pay per game, one of which I think is getting as good as or better as men get at a similar level. At SWLFC level there are two other local sides, very happy for you to promote the Wednesday Ladies and hopefully people will know their names in the future. If people are genuine on here the future could be good. Other teams are Handsworth, excellent and well respected club, especially at the mens game, Ladies are in the same division as SWLFC. They also have excellent facilities, I believe that some of the Ladies Euro teams used them as they are that good. Other one is Millmoor (Juniors) Ladies. I do like it when a junior team makes it as an adult team and has to keep the name they grew up as. Moving up the leagues. It is the only one of these ladies teams that has girls teams in the U18s, U16s and U15s in the top division so could be interesting to watch for the future.
  2. Fixtures are already out. First home game is 18/09/22 v Handsworth. Kick off 2pm. It is free to watch. Hopefully someone will have a bucket to collect some cash.
  3. He isn't a league one player where it is about size and aerial ability. He is a good championship player where it is about speed rather than aerial strength. Agree with others that his positioning isn't great, his speed has got him out of bother in the championship. With better positioning he could be a premiership player and still not good enough for league 1
  4. In Rugby they call them the finishers, the starting forwards know that they are only going to play for 60 minutes so run themselves in to the ground for those 60 minutes knowing that the finishers will come in for the last 20 minutes to take over. With the 5 sub rule I can see football going the same way, the wing backs would be the obvious choice for this.
  5. If only there was someone on owlstalk @SWLFC who could tell us about the clubs policy and role.
  6. It might help if the reporter, @YesWeCrann, writing about SWLFC knew what Tier of football they were in. They are in the 6th Tier not 7th. My original comment was about The Star writing about girls football in general, not just SWLFC. It is very poor compared to other local newspapers.
  7. So unless you have played in the mens (which obviously a women cant) then you cant manage a mens team. Winning the womens Euros as a manager, to me, gives much better credentials than a player who has played in League 2. Where and what division you have played in isnt necessarily the best barometer of a manager - Think Ron Atkinson, Howard Wilkinson.
  8. Why have you put up a picture of Stockdale on a Fizz thread?
  9. Why would you think anyone would want to go and pay when people arent going now when it is free. Also I dont think they could play before the mens team as the league they are in is a Sunday league.
  10. I wish the Star would do more to be honest. The Rotherham Advertiser often feature girls/ladies football teams. There was a report a couple of weeks ago about a team going to America and winning a big tournament, nothing in the Star.
  11. A few thousand fans?. There arent any fans at the level SWLFC are at except family and friends. They play at Sheffield Hallam University Sports park, anyone can walk in and watch if they like. First Home Game is 18 September v Hansworth kick off at 2pm - see you all there.
  12. The ladies are in the 6th tier of the football pyramid. https://fulltime.thefa.com/table.html?league=9125628&selectedSeason=264220723&selectedDivision=157350209&selectedCompetition=0&selectedFixtureGroupKey=1_77443621 The Under 18s are in division 3of3 and the Under 16s are in division 2of2 The younger age groups are all in division 1.
  13. Sorry, thought it was you, innocent mistake. It was TrickyTrev that said Wednesday fans were banned not you.
  14. Neil said fans were banned in his topic title so it must be true. If you disagree then you will get vilified by him, have your posts taken down and then banned from owlstalk.
  15. No they dont they contact the club, the club in this instance didnt respond.
  16. I also couldn't initially buy season tickets on the 29th of June no idea why, I tried later that evening and succeeded. Has the fella tried to buy them since?
  17. I don't know what the quality was previously, it must have been really poor if it has improved phenomenally and only got to this level now. I do think it will increase phenomenally going forward over the next 10 years. Most boys/mens football is played between the ages of 6 and 35 by people playing for fun. I think that this is where ladies/girls football will end up once all the hype has died down. It isnt a bad thing. Put you boots on on a Saturday/Sunday morning and enjoy playing the wonderful game.
  18. It means that you aren't eligible yet, It goes to members at 9. If they don't open any more blocks I doubt it will get to general sale.
  19. Starting to get excited, its like kids waiting for Christmas.
  20. Think that you abused me first, I chose to ignore it but fpowl didnt. Its a forum ffs, it wouldnt work if we all had the same opinion. There is just no need to be aggressive to people and then going and telling on them when someone gives you it back.
  21. @@owlstalk is it possible to split this thread as it seems to be taken over to a general womens football thread (which is a valid thread) but does take away from the swlfc, which this is about.
  22. I'll let those who see him every day to decide if he is up to the mark, I hope he is but if not I wish him well wherever he ends up.
  23. Didn't we actually move to a 433 prior to scoring against Sunderland.
  24. Got my five today, which is unusual being one of the first when your surname is at the end of the alphabet, most companies seem to go through starting at A.
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