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  1. It wasn't the premiership though, that started the season after. Remember being distraught when Bright scored.
  2. Posh thrower is my thoughts on him.
  3. Spot on Ronnie. Been saying the same thing for a while.
  4. Same one for me. What an introduction to Hillsborough that was. Can't really remember it clearly as I was only 6 years old.
  5. Very good sensible post. I agree entirely Bannan is decent but doesn't score or assist enough to be classed as anything more. His tackling leaves a lot to be desired as his yellow card record suggests. Though the championship refs do dish them out like confetti.
  6. Same as 90 percent of the previous 20 seasons but WAWAW
  7. Very very clever but good. You have far too much time on your hands.
  8. The fact is that now they as a midfield 2/3 are not good enough anymore. Simple as that.
  9. Not good enough to get us over the line in the 2 play-off seasons. Now 3 years older and injury prone. I don't need to say anymore.
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