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  1. This shower have disgraced the club all season. Today's team would struggle in league 2 nevermind league 1. Not one player is worthy of a shirt. Gutless, spineless an absolute disgrace.
  2. I realise that pal. Just trying to make a reasoned point.
  3. There you go again with those limited value statistics.
  4. He wouldn't be in any starting eleven of mine.
  5. OK cards on the table. Comparing Nuhiu and Rhodes is pointless as they are totally different. Nuhiu the cult hero to many was as his predecessors in this role most notably Reda were actually crap. Nuhiu seemed happy to come off the bench.,make a nuisance of himself if he scored or helped us see out a game he was the hero. If he made no difference as he usually did he wasn't at fault. When he started he more often than not got subbed himself. Rhodes on the other hand is a different kettle of fish. He is a confidence player who thrives on service. More often than not he would score. Carlos didn'
  6. Statistics in football are always of limited value.
  7. We lost the final and the semis the season after, that's failure in my book.
  8. If he's got the 10 commandments, he's keeping them to himself.
  9. Yes, I think was his debut in the last home game of the season. I don't remember much about him after that.
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