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  1. Nigel Worthington was one of the best signings we ever made ! in my humble opinion! just saying.
  2. nothing ever changes about football you have to get in behind full backs and get defenders running towards there own goalkeeper!!
  3. should never have played for SWFC again after refusing to play at Norwich that's what is wrong !!!
  4. I don't get it the only reason this is happening to us is because of the scousers and iv,seen them many times over the years causing mayhem they did it in 69 beating police up and throwing helmets on to the pitch oh and by the way they are not English !!!
  5. I think n pearson would be the the best and safest gaffer ahead of the others !
  6. Rhodes was never quite there for me in the first place and we paid a lot of money for a decent penalty taker and yet when it came to it he bottled it
  7. cracking player always puts a shift in , ruffles defenders and scores when he gets the service as apposed to a certain Italian/Argentinian who should never have played for swfc again after refusing to get on the coach to Norwich, the rot set in then !!! (just my opinion of course).
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