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  1. Not a fan of sacking managers, however when it’s not working and it’s clearly not then get rid. Houghton, who I think is a decent manager went to Forest, it wasn’t working so they got rid. Some managers simply don’t work out, Moore looks like one of them. Team we have, budget we are spending, place in league, standard of football = not working out.
  2. I agree and I forgot to mention that it would have to be world wide. You are right, if it was just the UK we would go backwards, it should have happened many years ago, perhaps, early 90’s? It’s immaterial anyway, it didn’t happen and won’t happen.
  3. At this point in the season I would take Brian the Blade over Moore. What’s Mark from Pitsmoor up to? Joking aside this season has been bloody awful, I can count on 1 hand the games I’ve really enjoyed and thought we played well in.
  4. Good God, I find this mildly arousing, tumescent springs to mind.
  5. I think if you even took a cursory look at a lot of clubs’ accounts it would horrify fans. Derby are the tip of the iceberg and I’m sure there are many more in the same boat or soon to be in it. Far too late now but wage caps should have been introduced years ago, along with any dodgy bonuses. If the wage cap for Prem was say £10 to £15K per week that would be it, no million pound house or yacht thrown in, a simply salary and nothing more. If you were found to be fiddling the rules you get a points deduction not a fine. I sound like an old man but the wages and transfer fees are quite simply obscene. I don’t blame the players but some League 1 and probably all Championship players earning more than a surgeon who actually saves lives, again obscene. Yes I know they are paid big bucks for their skills in what is essentially a small market of choice but come on. I’m sure I read that Sala wants £400K a week and that won’t make him the highest paid player in the world, I hate to think who is. Don’t even start me on parachute payments
  6. It’s very easy to state the obvious Darren, the difficulty is explaining how you are going to change it for the better. Working harder in training, going again, is not really the answer.
  7. Has Moore done an interview on Radio Sheff, missed it I think?
  8. The cats have now ran off and hid under the bed.
  9. I think his balls up equate to his good saves. Lets one in, saves one etc, etc.
  10. Hmmmm not thought of him, worth a punt. He simply cannot be worse than Moore, if I hear once more that Moore is a nice chap I will scream.
  11. He’s with us in League 1 for a reason, I don’t think it’s to get experience, I think it’s because he’s not good enough for the Prem, just my opinion of course.
  12. No disrespect but these are professional footballers, if the manager, who is clueless, asks a player to play left back he’s not asking them to open the batting for Yorkshire. I agree about Johnson though, the poor sod is not a defender and he plays him in defence, Moore must hate him.
  13. Oh I don’t. Moore is out of his depth but certain players need to yet again ask themselves whether they have given their all, if they’re honest with themselves, the answer will be no. I really have no idea why pro, well paid (yes I know sometimes) players have so little heart and fight. Perhaps it’s because certain players are so rich with limited ability that they simply don’t care? I sincerely wish that we could sack some of them, just tell them to go away, if I did my job as badly as some players do theirs I would be out of the door and quite rightly so. I hope their coach breaks down.
  14. I sincerely wish he was, my money is on Uranus, not yours of course, that would be rude. It’s time to go Darren, not 100% to blame, as players are a disgrace, but it’s time, please. Bon Soir.
  15. Moore, F off, Chansiri, please sell us, give us away, raffle us off, just do something. The team, well, what can I say, they are simply clueless, bottling ass wipes. Yet again another pub league performance, it’s like they don’t train in the week and simply turn up on match day. This is now beyond embarrassing, oh well I suppose it’s Oxfords cup final, we’ve not heard that excuse for a while. They disgust me.
  16. Under performing, yet again. It’s as simple as that.
  17. This pic looks like the pitch is full of cars, I know clubs are trying to make a few quid but parking on the pitch is ridiculous.
  18. Ffs can we all stop having a pop at Evans, he’s big just big boned.
  19. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  20. I could not agree more. My memory is not what it’s used to be but were we on a few clubs’ naughty list, namely they would not loan us players as we didn’t bother to play them? Theo seemed a decent player and I tried to convince myself that we were using him sparingly, seems I was wrong.
  21. Good luck Lee Bullen, he’s given 100% over the years in bloody difficult circumstances.
  22. Most frightening was the Old Den, Cold Blow lane? Lunatics. Quite liked Oxford’s old ground and the delights of Plough Lane. Enjoyed Man Utd too. Can we have foreign grounds? If so I’ll have FC Enosi Pargas in Greece, watched them whilst wearing my Weds shorts, nice bunch and rather loud.
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