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  1. Sat watching it in my pants, it is a thing of beauty, the game not the pants. We look half decent, Wickham 8 goals in 10, if only!
  2. Why do they keep meddling with the game? Don’t even start me on the tool that decided to change the rule that the ball no longer needs to be kicked forward from kick offs. It was traditional and the new change saves about 1 nanosecond. By the way VAR is ham shank.
  3. I agree, it’s clear that there are massive issues behind the scenes and Monk almost seemed like he wanted to spill the beans. He sounds like a broken man, however until fans are told what the specific issues are they will guess, assume or simply make it up. Sad and worrying times, doesn’t help that DC seems to have given up.
  4. Ffs this is shambolic. We look like we will get hammered every game and to be fair we do get hammered. Monk is bad but these player need to take a long hard look at themselves, they are a disgrace to the club.
  5. Watching this is so sad, we are clueless, it reminds me of a school match where the PE teacher takes charge and has absolutely no idea what to do. Sad times.
  6. Ha, nice one, I was going to post that there is more chance of Jennifer Aniston turning up at my door sporting heels, sussers and the smallest knicks that money can buy but the Gwen quote has surpassed that.
  7. I could not agree more, they have paid good money and the only way to make the club/players aware of their disgust is to let them know on the night how they feel. Alternative is to stay away, that will be the next step, attendances at home under 20k. Away figures will fall as we all know that fans will not pay good money to watch crap.
  8. Frustrations run high. Paying a fair amount of money to watch Wednesday playing away only to see the team being unable to keep the ball, pass to a colleague, control it etc, etc quite frankly pees you off. Last night was abysmal and it’s a procession of very poor, inept and pathetic efforts at trying to play pro football. If that’s them trying then God help us. Monk is over his head, players are unhappy, I guess, players ostracised, oh and FF playing in a ridiculous position adds up to fans feeling ripped off.
  9. God I do agree that Monk is taking us backwards and tactics are baffling, however the players are far from good. Expensive and well paid yes but in comparison to other teams they are bloody poor. I’m no football manager but we seen incapable of finding a player for a reasonable sum and developing them to become a good player or an asset.
  10. Monk has inherited a poor side and one that is quite frankly in turmoil. Senior players frozen out, bad results, poor performances and fans peed off. However, taking all that into consideration, Monk seems incapable of pulling them together, let’s face it rebuilding this team will take years, Monk has got months, he will go.
  11. Sorted by calling Sky and then I see the score FFS
  12. Sorted by calling Sky and then I see the score FFS
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