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  1. Hutch for me, might calm his rash tackles down a bit as he will need to show his discipline as Captain.
  2. Please can’t we just say thanks but no thanks? This really is a dog turd of a completion. Everything about it is tin pot, WTF is Papa John? I assume some shizzle pizza like Dr Oetker! !
  3. Ahhh that’s where she is, I was wondering.
  4. I’ve got my wife’s pink thong on as we speak, it looks and feels great.
  5. I appreciate that and I understand the rules it just seems to benefit the big clubs. This must happen to many clubs and will in my opinion pop another nail in the coffin of the lower leagues.
  6. I agree 100%, I would hope we learn from our previous mistakes, I don’t however hold out any hope. Can’t really blame Celtic and Leicester, just seems so unfair and biased towards the big boys. Give it a few years and the clubs with cash will get what they want, a small number of the elite with the rest going under. So very sad.
  7. Disgusting. No wonder clubs below the Premier League are on their knees. Big clubs take players for a pittance, albeit under certain circumstances. It seems the only way to make money off a transfer is to sell while under contract, which is not always possible. So for our 3 young prospects, Hirst, Shaw and Urhoghide we’ve got about £500k, football really is broken.
  8. I’m just putting together a voodoo doll of our beloved owner, can anyone suggest where I can insert/shove the pins?
  9. I really don’t blame him, the least you expect from your employer is to be paid. What a sorry state of affairs, who knows what’s happening at Wednesday? Bit of a coward is our Chairman, does nothing, says nothing, pays nobody. I’m building a Voodoo doll of his fat, chunky face, any ideas where to shove the pins?
  10. Do we really have to play in this dogturd of a competition, seriously can we just say no thanks? It’ll cost more in electricity to run the floodlights than we’ll get in gate receipts.
  11. Yep, is he allowed back yet? If he is, well what an unlucky man, I’d ask for the ban to be extended.
  12. If we accept that we are a bang average side and draw against other bang average sides we shouldn’t get disappointed. We are quite simply not in the same stratosphere as France, Italy, Germany etc, etc.
  13. It was horrendous and remember it all too well. I can also remember Owlerton Dog Track, the old wooden stands were a death trap with rubbish accumulating underneath. Many a time I saw a cigarette discarded and thrown under the stands, however they didn’t go up is a miracle.
  14. I like his commitment, nice to see in a totally shizzle season. Another year then the lad will probably retire into the arms of his stunning wife.
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