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  1. I could not agree more. We are a disgrace and an embarrassment, why is Bannan playing in the centre back position ? It beggars belief how bad we are, seriously who are we keeping? If on merit they’ll be nobody left. Balls to this, I’m off to Whitby to eat fish n chips and have have a few drinks. Chansiri get your head out of your ass and sort this mess out, we as fans cannot, it’s down to you.
  2. He doesn’t look a day over 89. I am also very suspicious as to what he wants to do with that finger.
  3. Good God, he looks like one of the Dad’s Army lads who wore ridiculous makeup to look younger.
  4. Lost the plot and taking us nowhere. Not 100% his fault as the chairman is clueless, hapless and bloody useless. I agree that we will struggle to attract anyone with experience and the know how of how to work with a difficult owner but we can’t just keep hold of Monk because he’s the best of a bad bunch.
  5. Wildsmith appears to be wearing lead boots, oh well we did hope for a few minutes.
  6. Please, I beg you, nobody say it’s going to be 3-4, really I am begging.
  7. Utter disgrace, no pride and no respect for this club. Leave the ass wipes in London and let them make their own way home. Hopefully they will not make it and will simply F off.
  8. Without wishing to state the obvious, we really are gash. Not one of these fools is Championship standard, perhaps they were a few years ago, not now, standards have moved on.
  9. He’s even made up a new word for the English language, lafargic. I agree, the Dad is sporting a syrup.
  10. If he could learn how to hit the ball on target he may not be too bad. At present his shooting is akin to Colin West’s.
  11. Are we playing in clogs? This finishing is laughable, even Dave found his latest “effort” amusing.
  12. Our strikers could not hit a cows ass with about 26 banjo’s strung together. We look like a Sunday league side and not a good one either, certainly not in the same class as Purple Pig Madrid.
  13. This is ridiculous! Reach what the hell are you doing????
  14. We are gash at home, away from home, in front of fans and with no fans. Monk go away and take the following useless fkers with you, namely the entire ***** team. Utter, utter disgrace.
  15. Sat watching it in my pants, it is a thing of beauty, the game not the pants. We look half decent, Wickham 8 goals in 10, if only!
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