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  1. Whitby Town for me, lovely place with great fish n chips.
  2. What turds they are, Lord Flashheart got in his kite and shot it down. I hope it’s now in the Don.
  3. This really is utter gash. They need a kick up the arse, they are not on holiday yet, there are points and pride to play for.
  4. Firstly he is a dead ringer for a Neanderthal and secondly he is mardy turd. Seven minutes, where do they get it from? The ref clearly had a few quid on the two all draw.
  5. Meet up at noon, off to Leeds for a few pints and hopefully a win for the Owls. Realistically I think 2-1 Leeds. Whilst it pains me to say it I would rather Leeds go up, simply cannot take those smug half wits at Bumhole lane being in the Prem, we will never hear the end of it. Professional tail Sean Bean will also no doubt pop up with his fake Sheffield accent, just imagine that bell being on tv again with his shizzle tattoo!!
  6. 8 mins of extra time and we have done nothing, absolutely nothing. They are taking the wee wee.
  7. What the duck is Hector doing? He looks absolutely gash!! He is having a nightmare. We look so very poor, please let this toilet season end.
  8. In an ideal world only Hector (I appreciate that he is not our player) Bannan and perhaps Winnall, Fessi, Reach and Hutch (Used sparingly) should remain, the rest quite frankly are gash, utter wage stealing asswipes.
  9. Managing 3 jobs, “manager/coach” of Owls, Comedy icon, Manuel from Faulty Titties and stone faced keyboard player with Sparks. He must be exhausted, no wonder he can’t get up!!
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