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  1. He’s a foppish trouser snake lover. He’s also absolute gash. I can imagine his rich Daddy has pulled some strings/paid out some cash so that his little diddums can play football.
  2. Keep Dawson, Borner, Fox and perhaps an ageing Fletcher, the rest can quite simply do one. Unfortunately we don’t seem to have an academy that produces talent so we are forced to buy. Sorry Mr C, i appreciate your involvement and cash but really you are clueless.
  3. Everyone involved in the past 2 games has stolen a wage, utter thieves. They should hand it back to a suitable charity in Sheffield. Watched highlights of various teams, including Dirty Leeds and they fight, fight to the end, we are clueless and to be honest pointless. Feck the lot of them.
  4. Pathetic, useless and clueless. 2 games against poor/average opponents and nothing to shout about. The fact that we are still in a play off position shows how gash this league is, going up, no fing chance, I hope they all just feck off.
  5. Kick on Jordan, you can have a massive impact on our season. Hope he gets games, Monk has seen something in training to start him so good luck.
  6. Reviewing his art pamphlets then plotting how to prove us all wrong, including me, by banging in a hat full of goals over the next few games. Then knocking one out over Sarah Beeney’s jugs, making them look like a plasterers radio. God I need a holiday or some help!!
  7. I also sat with Forest fans as I couldn’t get a ticket with our ladies and gents. It was like watching the Rhodes of old, great awareness, great positioning and delightful finishing. No one really knows what’s happened with the lad, however if he’s out of whatever shizzle he’s been in he can make a big, positive difference. Good look Jordan and keep banging then in. By the way it’s a a chip butty, not a cob, ass wipes.
  8. He’s always injured, he has however got lovely hair.
  9. We can blame him all day, however it should not have been an issue, we should have been well ahead by that stage. Plenty of chances, plenty of misses, should have been game over. Oh well, back to the basics, get in front and flipping manage the game to its conclusion. Oh and win!
  10. RIP fellow Owl Give us a cheer at Derby Bald Eagle
  11. To be fair he was pretty decent, Hutch was lucky not to get a red. Also booked their keeper for being a bell.
  12. We are somehow making Charlton look half decent. They cannot even get a full bench so God knows how many 1st teamer’s are playing and apparently some of them have the Tom boobies!
  13. We are a mediocre team in a mediocre league. Sorry for stating the obvious, however that’s how it is at present. The one positive is that nobody appears to be able to kick on at this stage and take a stranglehold of the league. A decent transfer window could keep us in the mix, not sure what though, if anything is in the kitty? I wish we we would just go for it a bit more when we take the lead, we don’t really look comfortable defending a lead. I would rather go for it and take a chance rather than try and hold out, yes we may get caught out but it’s not in my opinion as frustrating.
  14. I have been today and that simply was not good enough. To lose a game, which to be fair was close, was unprofessional at best. Teams who have ambitions don’t lose these games, we need to manage our performance, we had 7 mins to defend and claim 3 points against a poor (slightly poorer than us) side. No points and fed up fans, Monk give them a kick up the ass.
  15. Ffs, i’ll write to him and ask him if he’s offended. Seriously does this really offend people? Why not just sing play up Wednesday while using one of those annoying rattle things?
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