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  1. Lucky us! Ffs, he’s absolutely Joe Loss, I don’t suppose he’s even match fit, what a waste of a wage.
  2. Never seen it, sounds good though, anyone got a link?
  3. Bloody hell that brought a tear to my eye. Good luck and I hope you have a great future with the Owls.
  4. I really hope this is our Weds fan who finally makes it big with the team. It makes a big difference if you are a fan playing for your team, good look to the young man. Shabba!
  5. Shaw, with Galvin sounding decent. Going for the young lads, so to speak, well done lads.
  6. A bit of application and we can win this. Decent side out and no disrespect intended but they are League 2. 1-2 Owls win.
  7. It gets worse each time you look at it. It looks like an exceedingly large Great Dane’s dog egg that has desiccated and gone white. Who has decorated it, David Blunkett?
  8. Get him in, Vera Lynn. For want of a better phrase, he could do a job for the remainder of the season. Wages will be minimal, knows the team and he’s not a shizzle player. Bon soir and au revoir.
  9. Not me, I can barely spell it never mind change it.
  10. Apparently he’s our new manager, how bizarre?
  11. Rooney is an overrated Richard the Third. Furthermore, he loves Granny tash and wears a ludicrous syrup, sorry hair graft. As for spitting, disgusting tramp of the highest order.
  12. Nobody could mould this shambles into a decent team. We have absolutely nil quality, flair or creativity. Ffs Kachunga you really are gash!
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