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  1. It was horrendous and remember it all too well. I can also remember Owlerton Dog Track, the old wooden stands were a death trap with rubbish accumulating underneath. Many a time I saw a cigarette discarded and thrown under the stands, however they didn’t go up is a miracle.
  2. I like his commitment, nice to see in a totally shizzle season. Another year then the lad will probably retire into the arms of his stunning wife.
  3. Keep Hutch for another year. Urgy if he fancies it, the rest Jesus? Rhodes another year on reduced wages, I do worry though why he seems to be overlooked quite a lot? Seems a bit fragile, and I’m not having a pop at him, quite the opposite.
  4. I’ll be sat watching in front of the TV with booze, bacon sandwiches and PJ Harvey on the stereo to soothe me. Good luck Owls.
  5. Yep it was, I think we took a couple of coaches, I remember it being bloody freezing!!
  6. Just remembered, quite recently I sat next to Samantha Bentley, the erm “actress”. After the game we went back to hers, a bit of ooh la la and then sleep. When I woke up I was covered in man milk and surrounded by art pamphlets and rhythm magazines, work that one out!
  7. Not at a match but in the pub against Leyton Orient away. In strolled Carlton Palmer and I think Graham Hyde, chatted to fans and then strutted back into the ground. Don’t think they played that day but rather bizarre.
  8. I once win Most Improved Player of the season, which basically suggested that I was s hit and got slightly less s hit as the season progressed. Could we give this award out please? There are many takers for it but my vote goes to Joey. Not a pop at him as he has got better while others seen to have got worse. As for protests, the only ones that work are akin to what happened at Man Utd. Generally people in the UK whinge and moan (me included) then do sweet f all. I have however stopped buying John West tuna. Stick that one where the sun don’t shine DC.
  9. It was the look on his gormless face after he’d ballooned it into the Kop that did it for me. It as as though someone had asked him to explain the theory of relativity. His face is a picture.
  10. I can honestly say I have never, ever seen him make a challenge. His cowardice is such that if he’s faced with a 95/5 challenge, in his favour, he will bottle it. I did one time think I saw him win a header though, but I’m not 100% sure it was him.
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