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  1. Byers, Adeniran & Dele Bashiru are 3 players I hope we can one day build our side around, so in that respect I take more of an interest in how they perform.
  2. Personally, I’d hoped upon relegation to league 1 we would have recruited younger players with the potential to develop and grow with the team rather than loaning other teams and doing that for them. I appreciate the pressure on Moore to get us up but perhaps with a DoF we could have approached these couple of seasons with a more long term view and take a punt on our younger players, with additions from other academy’s, to flesh out the squad. These lads could be the basis of the team for the next 5 or 6 years but we seem happy to let them walk away with little or no real first team experience to see if they are capable.
  3. Brilliant kits, not sure about getting Hutch back to model the new away one though.
  4. Unfortunately, I’ve got that beat. Cos my names Nick, my mum thought it would be a really good idea to buy me some Nicks trainers - for my first year at secondary school. That was the year I had to learn to fight.
  5. Iorfa Ihiekwe Famewu I cannot wait to hear some of the fans trying to pronounce that defence. Be like talking with a gob full of marbles.
  6. If they start signing some of the younger players available out there who have a chance of developing then I’d start to worry/get annoyed. Right now a couple of our old squad fillers who we wouldn’t offer better deals for and links to some ageing mercenaries who seemingly unable to get better moves doesn’t particularly concern me.
  7. We’ve had a few approaches apparently, just couldn’t decide which of these sponsors fully represented the “Wednesday Experience”
  8. On the thoroughly researched database that is Wikipedia it does say that he started out a central striker and was converted into a wide forward.
  9. His role will be greatly reduced imo, but still good enough for a place in the squad as a back up target man to see us through short term injuries.
  10. That shirt is a thing of beauty, but it makes you wonder how the kit makers year on year manage to balls it up.
  11. EFL are made up of it members - the clubs- who vote on the rules and regs and are held to those rules i.e points deductions for failing P&S. PL are made up of its members - the clubs - who vote that if they fail and get relegated they are still afforded a massive sum of money to help them stabilise and get promoted the following season. This sum of money also ensures they don’t fall foul of EFL P&S rules.
  12. Personally, I’d love it. I don’t live locally and work most Saturdays so being able to cheekily watch on my phone whilst being paid would be perfect. Surely the club would benefit financially?
  13. Wait till it starts lashing it down again & we have to try and save the pitch to get a game on. Rio will literally be dancing on the sand.
  14. Mourinho has a touch of Clough about him I think. If you’re one of his trusted players then he’ll make you feel like the best player on the planet but he’s also not afraid to call you out in public if you’re not doing it for him. It’s rather a scorched earth policy and wouldn’t work at every club.
  15. We’re looking for a defender and a defensive midfielder so for that reason alone I wouldn’t completely disregard the opportunity for either him and/or Shaw returning. That said, I think we’re more likely to go with experience and a punt in younger players is not part of our strategy, unfortunately imo.
  16. We don’t develop players any more anyway. There’s no pathway from the youth set up to the first team, we’re not even picking up many released young players from PL teams and developing them in our first team. Our whole set up - our plan - is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
  17. We need a midfielder like Pritchard & a forward like Stewart. Those two bossed the games against us & with a couple of players of similar quality we could play either formation and be successful imo. If we stick with 3 at the back that’s a lot of recruitment needed.
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