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  1. I’d go Windass Gregory Berahino to get some bodies in the box.
  2. Windass - when he returns - will be key for us this season IMO. He’ll be the wide player who’ll move up to support the forward and will probably end up our top scorer this season, despite a late start.
  3. Usually a pricing strategy like this means if you have to ask you can’t afford it.
  4. Looking forward to seeing Gregory & Windass together up top, add a quick lad on the left & I reckon we’ve got a pretty formidable front 3.
  5. I’m assuming Sims is out of the picture now then?
  6. Palmer was solid in defence but was slightly infuriating when he had to keep cutting inside rather than bombing on. Would have like to have seen Brown move back to LB with Johnson come on the left just to see how they would link up more than anything.
  7. Adeniran is exactly the midfielder we’ve needed for the past five years. Defence seemed solid, midfield worked well - we just need the forward line to click. We missed Windass and his directness IMO.
  8. If we’re £12 million in the hole as some have suggested then what’s the point in selling one of our few remaining assets for a pittance? We need real money - Windass, Bannan, Iorfa are worth millions not hundreds of thousands - if we have to rely on their sales to make ends meet then it really is pointless accepting less than their market value.
  9. BREAKING NEWS : If you think we should have accepted an opening bid from Millwall for Windass then can I buy your house for 20 quid?
  10. I’ll greet the new season with the same optimism I greet every season and whilst the names on the team sheet may change, my support of them never wavers. We have our ups and downs and more lately it’s been tough being a Wednesday supporter, but let’s face it - we don’t support Wednesday for the glory. So if it’s a team of kids and no-hopers first game of the season we must remember they represent us, and as long as they give their all we must reciprocate by giving our all in support.
  11. Inspired by the German forward line of Havertz - Gnabry - Muller I think we should do something similar with Windass - Green - Paterson. Total Football.
  12. England are a “nearly” team, moves nearly come off but we just lack that clinical edge in the final phase. Against better teams we’re going to have to sort that.
  13. They all need to take their chances this season. Plenty of game time at league 1 level should be a great indicator of whether they can cut it with us long term.
  14. There’s so much work to do on this squad it’s scary.
  15. Helping a billionaire pay the wages of millionaires. sure we can’t tempt you?
  16. D Pression Releg8 No F00kin CHANSIRI
  17. Not wishing to be overly critical of Elliot Jackson, I’m sure he’s a decent enough chap and usually very good at his job, but that’s crap. These are mostly the things ANY responsible owner is already doing. Pretty much none of these points would turn the tide of public opinion for DC. These are bare minimums. To have any way back Chansiri needs to take a proactive approach and start making plans to take the club forward - put them out in the public domain and then be inclusive and sympathetic to the fans opinions. A complete about face on his previous operating model, essentially.
  18. 1. Financial stability 2. Football knowledge in executive position at the club 3. Joined up thinking with regards to youth to first team pathway. 4. Overhaul of the hospitality and match day experience. 5. A published, in depth mission statement/action plan that outlines the strategy going forward with regular two-way dialogue tackling the success and failures of said action plan.
  19. So we should sign players on expensive wages again? We could just sign players on reasonable contracts relative to the division we’re in. We -as fans- could wait and see before chucking the toys & wallowing in shared misery.
  20. So if we pay them right now would they still be able to walk away because we have missed/underpaid for three straight months? If they announce to the club that they’re leaving and their agents have negotiated a deal with another club if we pay them is that deal then null and void?
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