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  1. Yellowbelly

    Selling players

    Then we don’t sell. If it doesn’t solve the problem then what’s the point? This is where Katrien earns her money, by driving a hard bargain & getting a fair price for our players.
  2. Yellowbelly

    Fresh Fan Investment: New Share Offer

    All these complicated share deals, season ticket offers etc miss the simple truth - just sell a bloody player for a decent price & we’re sorted again. Its really that simple.
  3. Yellowbelly

    Can you justify?

    Don’t sell him then. If the only reason to sell him is to ease FFP but the money we get for him isn’t enough to do that then what’s the point in selling him? We maybe mugs but we shouldn’t be flipping stupid about it.
  4. I really hope we don’t, this is a great opportunity to rebuild the squad, whether that is through purchases, frees, loans or promotion from youth ranks. There’s a lot out of contract in 2020 as well, hoping in a couple of years we’ll have a young hungry squad with a bit of pace assembled on a sensible budget. There’s other teams out there that manage this, no reason we can’t.
  5. If we’re gonna play 1 up front then 6 strikers on the books is a total waste of money. Keep Joao, Winnall + loanee, get rid of rest wherever we can & invest in the midfield which looks worryingly weak.
  6. Yellowbelly

    Efe ambrose

    Looks big & scary. It’s a yes from me.
  7. Yellowbelly

    Steve Bruce is going to be so annoyed...

    Most of this squad is gone in the summer. I’m looking forward to seeing how we rebuild & what the side will look like next season. If we can keep ourselves together for the remainder of this season I reckon we can look forward to an interesting summer.
  8. Yellowbelly


    I don’t really know what the future holds for Rhodes but I’d like to see him play for us in a more attacking system before we completely write him off. With the service he’s had during his time here even I’d struggle to score, and I’m amazing.
  9. Yellowbelly

    Now the dust has settled...

    Top 2. We were just giving the others a head start to make it interesting.
  10. So a club renowned for not selling any of its players ever are now prepared to give them away on the cheap? Wouldnt be against selling anyone as long as we’re not mugged off.
  11. Hooper & Rooney up front, hope they've got a good canteen.
  12. Yellowbelly

    Press Conference

    Being Wednesday I’m fully prepared for it all to go boobies up at some point. BUT - it sounds like we know what we’re doing doesn’t it? We could just bloody do something magnificent couldn’t we?
  13. Absolutely this ^ Some folk make me laugh, Steve Bruce has a history of getting clubs promoted from this division yet the old chestnut that keeps getting trotted out is his “failure” at Villa, a club he took to the playoff final. Who is this alternative manager that has his history of success that they were hoping for? At least let him get through the door before he gets written off, eh?
  14. Yellowbelly

    Jos Luhukay

    Most refreshing thing of the whole saga is DC listening to the fans and acting swiftly when it was clear at the forum the tide of opinion was against Jos. This, combined with the fact he had an experienced British manager with great knowledge of the league & how to get out of it lined up means to my mind DC comes out of this with a lot of credit. Jos was a gamble that didn’t pay off, on paper he could have worked out though.
  15. Yellowbelly


    With respect.... my point was if you think it’s ok to call kids who have additional needs derogatory nicknames then maybe your kids think it’s ok too. Then they go to school and call those kids those names & it just further undermines their confidence and can isolate them further from their atypical school friends. Is bullying ok in your book kazads? Even if it’s casual stuff like calling the different kids “slow”? Cos if you think it’s ok then I guarantee there’s a child or grandchild around you who will listen to you & pass it on. Also, you know nothing of peoples lives on this board, you don’t know how lives have been affected and who people have in their homes who have to deal with this type of petty minded bullying on a daily basis. So with that in mind please keep your trite “PC gone mad” bulls hit to yourself. You weren’t asked. Ive apologised to torres if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, you can just crawl back under your f ucking rock though.