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  1. I agree, we need two strikers on the pitch and this formation allows that without compromising our midfield. We have 3 very good centre backs (and depth behind them) and you don’t necessarily have to be a defensive minded player to play wingback so using Harris in this role could work. Also Odubaju is more of a natural wingback ( can also play left I believe?)
  2. I reckon we are a prolific centre forward short of a promotion side. That’s all. The rest of the squad are certainly capable.
  3. If we want to be a success in this division we need to score goals, simple as. For me a Fletcher/Nuhiu combo just isn’t the answer so I would like to at least have a few games with a Fletch/Rhodes partnership just to take a look. We’re paying him so we may as well at least try to get something out of him.
  4. Don’t forget Borner & Pelupessy, both dirty players as well. Tackling Tomlin & Nketiahs elbows with their heads.
  5. My favourite part was the balloon bit. Fantastic!!
  6. Would those people now think it’s worth it though?
  7. I loves a line up thread I do Westwood Iorfa. Hutch. Borner. Palmer. Luongo. Bannan. Reach. Forestieri Harris Fletcher
  8. Let’s be honest, football today has absolutely zero morals unless it can be marketed and sold to the highest bidder. It’s struck me for a while now how naive we’ve been over the years, from pretty much when we were relegated from the PL. Others in our position continued to spend and used administration to cleanse themselves of debt only to continue spending once on the other side. We at least tried to do it the right way and endured years of meagre funding. Your Leicester’s, Leeds et al played the system and won. Even now, debt free, we have to find a pot to wee wee in. Borner got a smack in the head v Cardiff & we shrugged it off. Pelupessy got an elbow in the face v Leeds & he actually got up and shook the hand of the bloke that did it. Any other team would have given the ref a big decision to make but we are too nice as a team and too naive as a club. imho.
  9. I think Leicester are a great example of how to build for the PL. Their scouting and choosing of players is incredible and has been for a few years. With a shrewd appointment like Rodgers they’ve got a great chance of making themselves a consistent top 4 side. I would go as far to say that with 4/5 Leicester players & Rodgers then Man Utd would be in a far healthier position. Recruiting young talented lower league players seems to be the way to go. And keeping hold of them obviously.
  10. Extrapolated over 100 games 5-3 is more 65:35. Im sorry, I’m really not usually this pedantic. Please ignore me, Half term with screaming kids is turning me grumpy.
  11. Would like to see us try 343, similar to the way leeds lined up with Iofa, Hutch & Borner at the back and Reach/Palmer at wingback. Luongo & Bannan central with Fessi & KH floating round Fletch. Not saying it’s the answer but would be interesting to see
  12. Sorry to be that guy but 5 to 3 is nowhere near a 50/50 split
  13. Summat for the traditionalists..... Nessun dorma! Nessun dorma! Tu pure, oh Principessa Nella tua fredda stanza Guardi le stelle che tremano D'amore e di speranza Ma il mio mistero è chiuso in me Il nome mio nessun saprà No, no, sulla tua bocca lo dirò Quando la luce splenderà Ed il mio bacio scioglierà Il silenzio che ti fa mia (ll nome suo nessun saprà E noi dovrem, ahimè, morir, morir) Dilegua, oh notte Tramontate, stelle Tramontate, stelle All'alba vincerò Go Kadeem Harris! Go Kadeem Harris!!
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