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  1. Pleased he’s been backed and given the opportunity to show what he can do with his team. Hopefully some of our more critical supporters will cut him a little slack. We need everybody on board this season.
  2. Waddle was where my love for Wednesday began.
  3. The glass half full team accuse the glass half empty team of being too negative after a defeat whilst the glass half empty team accuse the glass half full team of being too positive after a victory.
  4. Knew he couldn’t be as bad as some would have you believe.
  5. Maybe he isn’t the best we can do and we need to show a bit of patience and not believe every poo stirring rumour the poo stirring rumour mongers make up to pass the time between lonely vvanks.
  6. I’d get neither. But I’ve heard of this blinding little player called Modou Sougou....
  7. There’s still a month to go in the window and whilst is frustrating we ain’t signing world beaters every other day we still have time to add quality to the team. We are not in any position to dictate the market and are probably waiting for a few higher end deals to go through before our targets become available. Again, frustrating I know but that’s what 2 decades of failure does for you. Players like Kachunga could just be the easiest deals to complete and therefore get done earlier. The club seem to be keeping their cards close to their chest, probably so we don’t get gazumped on our targets and we aren’t paying over the odds in negotiations. And yes, I know - minus 12 blah, blah Seasons starting blah, blah. My kids are more patient on Christmas Day than some of you lot
  8. There’s a lot of folk who’ll post the same negative rubbish irrespective of the thread topic. It’s tedious reading the exact same thing from the exact same posters on otherwise interesting threads unrelated to the points these fans want to make. Isn’t there enough Monk/DC bashing threads on here without hijacking the few that don’t want to read the same old bitter moaning?
  9. Home shirt with black collar & trim and wider stripes would be just about perfect.
  10. Two years with an option for the club to extend to a third should be standard imo
  11. Based on the level of “roll with the punches” optimism frequently seen on this site I was expecting us to be a lot, lot higher.
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