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  1. The EFL won’t do jack as they know as soon as they do something that hurts the competition - ie something that affects relegation or promotion - they’ll be taken to court and probably lose, hence the brum points reduction which does nothing but cost them money for coming a few places lower than they would have done.
  2. If all our games were behind closed doors friendlies George Boyd would be the best player at the club. It seems when you add spectators & half decent opposition he struggles. Shame for the lad.
  3. A Winnall/Rhodes partnership has that 90’s football feel to it and for that reason alone I’d love to see them upfront together next season.
  4. Maybe if we don’t send him back, and he just keeps turning up here for work everyday and no one says anything maybe Chelsea will just forget about him?
  5. I’m just pleased Chansiri had a brief moment of lucidity and got a proper manager in. We wanted someone with experience of this league & were made out to be naive know-nothings by those in charge. We finally got that experienced manager - who immediately addressed the issues with the team the fans highlighted 2 years ago - and we see a remarkable turnaround in form and an outside chance of promotion. I’m not really knocking Chansiri, but I will say that he desperately underestimated the football knowledge of the fan base and hopefully now understands us a little more.
  6. We’ll get there, the slow build up has been drummed into our players for 3 years, for a lot of them it’s their default mode. Really can’t wait until next season now, hoping we’ll look a completely different side, whoever is playing for us.
  7. Yes, Yes, thought that all season tbh but we’ve seen so little of him who knows if either party will want to pair up again next season. If there’s a Kieran-Lee-alike anywhere that would be the best option or we could get a proper “in the hole” player which would cut out the need for a three man midfield.
  8. I think Fletcher is a ‘horses for courses’ type player, meaning when we need a physical presence up front he’s our go-to guy. However, to beat the better sides we need more pace, a bit more nous. We need an upgrade in the summer but Fletcher certainly has a role to play here - but should we be paying 40k pw next season for a back up.
  9. We need a midfield runner in there again, we tried it with Reach but it didn’t quite work. On his day Bannan can run the game, admittedly those days have become more sparse but we know what Bannans capable of, for me Bruce has to sort out that 3rd midfielder before messing about with Hutch & Bannan.
  10. Lucky they cut it before they got to “night in the life of a footballer” & they got dragged down the discotheque. would have been a drastically different video.
  11. It’s not so much who will start but the formation that will decide this game, unfortunately we don’t seem to be blessed with any great depth but the versatility of the players is one of our great strengths.
  12. When Hooper & Lee get to the summer & they become free agents then it’s unlikely they’ll be inundated with offers in their current state. The club could offer to get them fit with the agreement we get first refusal if/when they get fit. This way we’re not paying during their rehab but we’re being as helpful as we can to two players who have been great servants to us in recent seasons whilst keeping our options open. There’s no time limit on this arrangement so we don’t have to rush to a decision. Abdi, Boyd, Jones et al should be sacked off as soon as though.
  13. Agree, we need our fullbacks to be switched on & not commit themselves too far forward & some pace down the wings to give their wingbacks something to think about. Also need a performance out of Fessi, his role in this should be to attack from an advanced midfield position & catch the defence unprepared. I reckon Bruce has got the beating of em tbh.
  14. I were a right footed left back, used to love the look on wingers faces first time they tried to cut inside. Actually had a useless left foot but was quick enough to get myself in the way to cut out crosses.
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