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  1. So does that mean he was a bad player for us?
  2. Why, now he’s left, is Hutch suddenly a bad footballer and painted as the the villain? When he was here and playing he was immense for us and his contribution to this club should be applauded. Sick of the rewriting of history by some to twist an argument in their favour.
  3. If this were a Megson team performing like this most of the moaners would be tugging themselves off talking about resilience and organisation.
  4. The list for out of contract players at other clubs is equally as interesting.
  5. Why’s everything so divisive these days? Remainer or Brexiteer Left wing or Right wing Pro-Lockdown or Anti-Lockdown For Pulis or Against Pulis A lot of the time people with these polar opposite opinions all share the same personal and societal ambitions anyway. We all want the same thing but we differ on how to get there. We’re not 3 groups, we’re one group of people who share overlapping opinions on a subject we’re all passionate about.
  6. This is where we were a month ago. I’ll take two poo points against Swansea & Stoke tbh
  7. So it could be worse then? We could be Burnley supporters.
  8. What’s the Hagan kid like? I know he’s quick so could he play that lone striker role - high up on the shoulder of the last man giving them something to think about?
  9. Random name - Shamar Nicholson Go get him TP
  10. *signs for Derby & tears the league up.
  11. So let me get this straight - Pulis DOES play young players & DOESN’T actually play long ball?? Proper Mythbusting going on today.
  12. I think Windass potentially could be very good in this system. He’s a solid lad with a bit of pace and his mobility can cause problems. Look forward to seeing him back.
  13. Should be made to w@nk off every opposition player every game til the of the season. That’ll learn him.
  14. The only fair and reasonable punishment for this heinous crime is a 12 point deduction imho.
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