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  1. I wouldn’t judge DM by his media interviews. Gary Nevilles great in front of the camera and talks a really good game. Can’t manager a football team for fizz though can he? Conversely Bielsa looks down, doesn’t make eye contact and talks on the most basic terms, through an interpreter, to the media.
  2. And that’s thing - we’re more likely to get younger, unknown players with potential, like António & Marshall, on the pitch than if we’d stayed in the championship. They may not always work out but I’d rather watch a player with his career ahead of him trying to make a name for himself than a has-been or a never-was going through the motions week after week.
  3. I’ve often thought the issue we have is too many utility type players and not enough specialists. Whats Patterson’s best position? Windass? Bannan? Sometimes obviously it’s handy to have options but certainly in Patterson’s case whilst he does a job anywhere wouldn’t it be better to get a player in that’s more of a specialist in his role that will offer more than the ability to just do a job?
  4. I agree completely on the point regarding FFP. Modern football is an uneven playing field by design - the traditional big clubs have ensured legislation and competition revenue are slanted in their favour whilst happily allowing the pyramid to scrabble around and survive on their scraps. FFP was specifically brought in to ensure another PSG, Man City or Chelsea wouldn’t rise from the lower reaches to threaten them by limiting owner ambition. The well trotted out story - to prevent another Portsmouth - was window dressing to ensure that these regulations were pushed through. Turkeys voting for
  5. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Lincolnshire’s been around a lot longer than John Wayne & cowboy films.
  6. Not quite. I ain’t scared of nuffin, me. but seriously, for the etymology of “Yellowbelly” please check out : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellowbelly_(Lincolnshire)
  7. He looked absolutely awful and like a man that really didn’t want to be there. TBF Moore probably still felt like poo standing in the weeing rain have recently suffered COVID, pneumonia and blood clots on the lungs. He most likely came back a bit too early in the hope his presence on the touchline would inspire the players in the last, most important, game of the season. I take my hat off to him for even being there tbh.
  8. There’s enough out of contract to replace without getting rid of those that we can keep and offer something positive to the side.
  9. The truly frustrating thing is that seemingly everyone involved just wants to do the best by the club. We’re not one of those that are owned by a shady bloke trying to strip it for what it’s worth. The problems, as outlined in this article, stem from the misguided belief that the man at the top holds in regards to his own decision making and ability to run a football club. There are truly owners out there whose intentions are bad, our owner is well meaning but sadly just nowhere as good as he thinks he is.
  10. Sliding doors moment here. We go down to league 1 for the next few years, Derby stay up and get promotion next season.
  11. Rooneys disappointed face is the shining light on an otherwise ******** poor day.
  12. We’re never going to score two but I’d love for us to equalise & send Derby down. Rotherham deserve to stay up IMO
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