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  1. Okay then. Issues like relegation and promotion should be settled on the pitch. If we haven’t accrued enough points by the end of the season to stay up then fair enough. However, if we’re relegated because of a arbitrary points deduction then we absolutely don’t deserve relegation and to suggest otherwise doesn’t seem a very supportive view, coming from a supporter. Happy to clarify.
  2. I think the fact we play wingers in that system prevents it becoming a 5-3-2. I’d like to see Reach tried at LWB before writing him off & I still think there’s a place for Palmer.
  3. After Bruce made those changes and got that positivity in he swiftly fecked off to Newcastle, which must have been a wonderful boost for all the players. We need to judge Monk from now on, let go of what’s already happened. Monks made his decision on who he wants keep and how he wants to play so we give him a chance - if he fails now it’s down to him.
  4. I’m all in favour of a salary cap in football, but the problems on the championship are a product of the PL teams wanting their cake and eating it, resulting in virtually all championship clubs living beyond their means. Those issues need to be sorted out at the top of the game before anyone takes on the championship or the gap between the two leagues will increase and owners will come up with more and more elaborate ways to gain an advantage.
  5. But wouldn’t that be something that would have to ratified by the PL wouldn’t it? They could put relegation clauses into all PL players contracts tomoro & stop the need for parachute payments but they don’t.
  6. What would happen with clubs relegated from the PL? It would only work if the EFL could introduce a fair way of integrating them into the league.
  7. You play like that then sometimes you’re going to get a walloping. I’m good with that btw, as long as we win more than we lose & we’re entertained.
  8. Are we taking bets on which numpty gonna start the obligatory “Monk Out” thread?
  9. I thought that at the time. He was a decent option to have & I thought there was room for him to improve, he was certainly better than his replacement, Mr Bates.
  10. We win. EFL, full of remorse, gives us an extra 24 points to make up for the inconvenience. We go on an unbeaten run til the end of the season, pip Leeds to automatic and they end up beaten in the playoff final. Elsewhere, the Sheffield United ownership are investigated and found to be guilty of matchfixing. The pigs are relegated two divisions. Lump on
  11. Wickham. Scrappy game, everyone played well but Connor seemed the one that caused the opposites the most problems in their half.
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