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  1. All we can hope for is now, 20 odd years later, those so-called fans with all their talk of “fancy-dannery” get their just desserts. I, for one, will not rest til justice is served.
  2. When I was a kid I met Bright, Waddle & Des Walker, I was so excited I just looked at em like a goon & made a weird noise. Embarrassing.
  3. We’ve had a few seasons out of the top 2 leagues - should we have gone semi pro? Sunderland? Isn’t the championship something like the 4th most watched league tv wise on the world? The leagues should be able to negotiate their own deals with the caveat that 25% of that deal goes to the league below. So we get a split of 25% pl money + a split of 75% of the deal the championship can do independently, league 1 then gets the remaining 25% of our deal & so on. As a game we need to look after those below us or I can see a scenario where the leagues may have to go semi pro, and we may end up there anyway.
  4. If events over the past week have taught us anything it’s that the default position for most is to consume whatever they can in the largest quantities they can regardless of whether they need it or not. In a few months time when we all step out of the bunker I fear it will be a second frenzied wave of consumerism as people indulge in what they have been denied. That said, the economy will need it.
  5. Must be related to my wife then. Wait...we are talking about “downstairs” aren’t we?
  6. No, thanks for explaining that for me. When these players were worth something we were still chasing promotion. Should we have sold them then? After that either through injury or poor form their values plummeted & we’ve had to watch their contracts run down & leave for nowt cos no bugger wanted them.
  7. No, what I’m commenting on is how some, with the massive benefit of hindsight, are now lauding the Brentford model as an obvious route to take when 3 years ago when we were in the position to sell these players on for millions the Brentford model was not seen as a particularly successful one - more of a curious experiment. I’m not defending DC at all, I’m just astounded at the amount of revisionist thinking used to criticise him on here sometimes.
  8. In hindsight we should have sold. At the time if we’d sold all our best players would you have been happy with the “we’re copying the Brentford model “ line?
  9. I hope the irony of football fans up in arms over an owner wanting to chuck some money at it isn’t lost on anyone.
  10. Whilst I agree that generally the information coming out of the club is poor I don’t really see how regular updates from would be any different from the sanitised, PR managed tripe you get from every other club. What do we expect them to say? FFP - there’s no fresh news so it would be a reiteration of previous comms. Form - it would be an expression of disappointment at the clubs bad run and a vote of confidence for Monk which would inevitably kick up more speculation. Hutch/Westwood - Monk has explained his reasons for leaving them out, do we really expect the club to air their dirty linen in public? The role of Paxiao wouldn’t be commented on as the club would just say he’s an advisor - no other club clarifies the job roles of their employees in press releases. The reality is, like every single other club in world football, Wednesday want to control the information coming out & spin it positively or at least not negatively. The fact that he’s having this thing surely demonstrates that DC at least wants to get some of the story out there, just a little more on the down low rather than an official statement.
  11. Fans that have made legitimate queries to the club and its ownership via email have been invited to a face to face meeting with the chairman where he will answer those questions and I would expect any further questions arising from those answers in the hope of explaining his actions, the clubs direction and possibly setting a few minds at rest. What is it about this process you disagree with? The alternative is releasing a club statement that will inevitably kick up further questions or setting up an owlstalk account & wading through this cesspit arguing the throw without getting anywhere. What would be your suggestion on a more effective way of communicating to fans that have asked questions of the club other than look them in the eye & answer them face to face? Should he read the message boards & answer every lunatic with a snappy username & a big gob or just the emails directly sent to him by fans? Hope that clears it up for you.
  12. If you’ve taken the time to email the club with a question then you should be happy that you are being invited to get the answer to that question by the chairman himself face to face. Don’t see the problem tbh, everyone moans there’s no communication but when the chairman fronts up to deal with fans enquiry’s he gets criticised. You either want to know or you don’t.
  13. So the efl are annoyed we’re not just rolling over & taking our punishment like good little boys & “several” clubs - the ones in the relegation zone & former PL clubs who’ve wasted their parachute money - reckon we should essentially get relegated this season? I, for one, hope we fight this to the end.
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