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  1. Reach is a left winger Penney is a limited fullback Hutchinson is a CB Windass is a supporting forward Palmer is a rightback Harris is a right winger Bannan is a deep lying playmaker. The problem is it’s rare that a manager plays them all in their best position. I have no idea what Paterson is meant to be.
  2. Darren Moore strikes me as someone with a good idea of what he wants from a player, someone with a decent knowledge of the league we’re going to be in next season and someone with the knowhow to be able to combine the two during the summer transfer window. I was amazed to hear how little some league one players go for - DC needs to let Moore drive the recruitment efforts this summer and we just might end up with the “young and hungry” team we need.
  3. Smith shirt torn of him. Shoddy quality kits you see? Should go with elev8 next season
  4. If we’re not careful we’re going to lose control of this game.
  5. 4231? Emphasis on attack? If we win this playing champagne football I might have a sex wee. Might invite the missus as well.
  6. If Wednesday losing football matches is a sign of being jinxed then I think we’re all fecking jinxed tbh
  7. I’m hoping that we’re going to follow the same policy we used when recruiting a manager and aim to recruit players with potential rather than the leftovers.
  8. Bannan alongside Shaw in the two I reckon. He naturally drops deep anyway so putting him farther forward would be a waste as he’d drop back. More importantly is the fact he needs the movement of the 3 + CF in front of him to take advantage of his passing range - that’s how we’ll get the best out of Bannan.
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