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  1. FWIW I think Jos was given a team in transition and was told to reshape it on the cheap. Unfortunately he didn’t have the personality to deal with the big players & ended up alienating them whilst overusing the kids & hanging them out to dry. His CV suggests he could have been successful here, just the wrong appointment at that moment in time.
  2. It’s a bit of healthy competition amongst the players - the player scores & he’s crowing about it & calling the others losers because he did what they didn’t/couldn’t. Hopefully it’s light hearted banter that’ll encourage a few more players to have a crack & improve our goals for column.
  3. Avoided this thread for a week, assumed it was the OP telling us about his recent prostate exam with a doc with big fingers and a case of the shakes. Pleased to have been off the mark.
  4. So, in summary, it seems that he doesn’t really have a set way but adapts his tactics to suit the strengths of the team. Sounds like a decent manager tbh.
  5. I get that some people are disappointed it’s Garry Monk. I mean, we were promised Pulis.....
  6. They’re going to announce Bruce has gone to Newcastle, Bullen will be put in interim charge, we’ve signed Borner, Moses, Harris, Murphy & Luongo & sold Lucas João. Oh and the new kit. Then we won’t hear owt again for 6 months.
  7. I’ve never met you I don’t even know you Our relationship up to now has been virtually none existent. But today with this post you have given me the gift of hope, and for that sir I am truly grateful. God bless you.
  8. It’s weird following this club ain’t it? We lose our manager a couple of weeks before the season & the coach takes charge indefinitely. Meanwhile the club has 100 applicants for the job and painstakingly sifts through every one until they narrow down a shortlist of a chosen few. We wait until the international break before we make our move for our preferred candidate and begin formal talks. We as fans await the imminent appointment.... This is all obviously going on in a big owlstalk group delusion as absolutely nothing has been commented on, confirmed or denied by the club. For all we know DC could have appointed his imaginary friend in charge of first team affairs & Bullys acting as the invisible guys mouthpiece. We could have been sold to Asda in a merger & the first we know of it would be the fruit & veg section popping up on the concourse. We’ve all worked admirably hard in creating and sustaining some kind of coherent narrative around what going on. It’s a bit like religion in that we are involved in a one sided conversation with an indifferent entity that allows us to project our own reality without interjection or involvement. I appreciate we shouldn’t be privy to everything but some kind of acknowledgement and assurance that something anything is happening would go a long way.
  9. Was going to say this, Newcastle were a complete surprise for Bruce as well.
  10. What I take from that is Danny Cowley has the kahoonas to take on a job the size of Wednesday. Literally.
  11. If this happens you’ve got to hand it to DC - Rhodes, Bruce and Cowley, he gives the fans what they want.
  12. Anyone else feel a little bad for Lincoln if this happens?
  13. Rowetts gonna be so p1ssed, he’s still waiting for Dot in HR to confirm his start date.
  14. FF left sided forward. He’s more chance getting goals from coming in from out wide then trying to pick through a packed midfield with a man assigned to mark him. Stick one of the pacy new guys out on the right to whip the crosses in.
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