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  1. Not necessarily wanting a different formation, just acknowledging that DM fell into a system that works in 352 but I still thinks he fancies us as a 4231 side. Watching Sunderland do us playing that system might have rekindled something for him. Hutch was perfect in a back 3 and could have had at least another year there so his release is puzzling, unless DM wants a couple of big, fast CB’s in a 2. Also, NML is never a wingback, nor a striker, so an attempt to retain him makes me think he might want him as an out and out winger. Lots of suppositions I know, but there’s bugger all else to do at the moment.
  2. Change of formation maybe? Hutch would struggle in a back 4.
  3. It’s more idiotic when you consider that it was just a semi-final, he now won’t be able to go see the final & if they win he’ll miss Forest back in the PL after 20 years. Numpty.
  4. The extremes on either side are the most vocal and overbearing. The moderates in the middle with a reasoned or balanced view are often drowned out by the attention seeking lunatics. This isn’t an issue exclusive to football, it’s a societal problem. The silent majority being massively under represented because we make the least noise and fuss.
  5. We’re the cream of the crop We rise to the top Come to Wednesday for a handie on the Kop Or better yet the Pattonator Like FIFA on the Sega Tryin’ to play the game like a drunk refrigerator We ain’t going down like no punk ***** We do our talking on a flooded pitch The ball goes up up and around, groans go round and around the ground Put it on Pattos head and we’re back from the dead We’re comin to getcha, comin to getcha Pickin up points at home and away yeah We ain’t going down, we ain’t going down, get out ya seat and jump around!
  6. I’d go Windass Gregory Berahino to get some bodies in the box.
  7. Windass - when he returns - will be key for us this season IMO. He’ll be the wide player who’ll move up to support the forward and will probably end up our top scorer this season, despite a late start.
  8. Usually a pricing strategy like this means if you have to ask you can’t afford it.
  9. Looking forward to seeing Gregory & Windass together up top, add a quick lad on the left & I reckon we’ve got a pretty formidable front 3.
  10. I’m assuming Sims is out of the picture now then?
  11. Palmer was solid in defence but was slightly infuriating when he had to keep cutting inside rather than bombing on. Would have like to have seen Brown move back to LB with Johnson come on the left just to see how they would link up more than anything.
  12. Adeniran is exactly the midfielder we’ve needed for the past five years. Defence seemed solid, midfield worked well - we just need the forward line to click. We missed Windass and his directness IMO.
  13. If we’re £12 million in the hole as some have suggested then what’s the point in selling one of our few remaining assets for a pittance? We need real money - Windass, Bannan, Iorfa are worth millions not hundreds of thousands - if we have to rely on their sales to make ends meet then it really is pointless accepting less than their market value.
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