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  1. So can DC buy 10k, “sell” them back to the club to then be available at general sale prices?
  2. We like to know how much it is so we can say he’s not worth it when he has a bad game later on.
  3. I hope Leeds stay the big show for the rest of the season and we continue what we started before the bad xmas run - quietly move up to third & keep the scoreboard ticking over. All the expectation is on Leeds & we saw last season how they deal with pressure, we just need to go about our business under the radar & hope we’ve had our wobble & we can settle into a consistent run of good form.
  4. You can’t fault him for effort when on the pitch, in fact you could say part of the problem is his eagerness to affect the game more often than not sees him waste opportunities to bring teammates into the game
  5. Could Monk be our Colin? Not always easy on the eye but effective. Annoying when it happens against us but sweet when we’re doing the smashing and grabbing late on.
  6. Im disappointed you don’t look like Bob Marley in real life. If it turns out Lord Snooty isn’t really a posh bloke who wears a top hat then I have to start questioning my reality.
  7. If we can keep biscuit knees Hutch relatively fit over the course of a season I’d have hopes we can do the same with Wickham. He would be EXACTLY the type of striker we need and the prospect excites me. If we could get Lee playing like he did back in the old days as well then getting the band back together could be an inspired move by Monk.
  8. *cough cough* And wears blue to match his eyes.
  9. Maybe we could introduce a band to get the crowd on their feet dancin’ away?
  10. I think for a lot of da kids today it’s not just the game it’s a lot to do with the “bling” culture surrounding it and the aspiration of wealth based on skills rather than knowledge. The great thing about football is that anyone from any background can be successful and the rise of social media have made these superstars (who as people are just like us) accessible to a whole generation who can and will be treated as mates by the footballer. Throw in the time honoured feeling of being part of a “tribe” and being able to take your everyday anger and frustration out in a mass demonstration of support for your team / hostility towards the opposition. To have a Liverpool/city/spurs/chelsea etc badge is to identify yourself with success and in turn project that image of success as your own. So whilst I believe there are more “fans” in a lot of cases their interest is mainly superficial. or summat
  11. So if we go for young unknowns with the potential to improve and possibly the chance to increase in value that’s unacceptable to you?
  12. Least it’s not fecking Burnley. A dull 1-0 defeat away to a no-mark PL team in the pi$$ing rain, last on MOTD, just about sums up our FA cup journeys in recent history. We could win this game.
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