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  1. Cool, make out we’re doing them a favour by taking him off their hands - lower compo. Good thinking.
  2. I think we need another fans forum tbh. Despite the criticism both DC & the fans come out of it with a clearer idea of where the other stands. The one issue I have with DC is we get left hanging which leads to the information void being filled with speculation.
  3. So the 3 managers who have had threads on here the most recently? Hmmmm, I’m beginning to spot a pattern...
  4. Do you really believe any of this or a you looking for a reaction? Without doubt this is one of the most laughable conspiracy theories in an ocean of laughable conspiracy theories posted on here recently. What is this need to constantly emphasise the negative to the point where the stories need to be pulled out of someone’s arse to perpetuate the ill feeling towards those in charge of the club?
  5. He needs to rebuild his reputation & there won’t be many PL clubs who’ll consider Moyes over an exotic younger manager - a Van Bronckhorst for example. If he wants a job in this country again he needs to swallow his pride & take a step down imho.
  6. He would organise us & get us playing some effective stuff. I reckon his style is ideal for this league & probably this team.
  7. He has some friends in the media who like to big up “Chrissy Hughton” and his very ordinary managerial career. I just find it hard to get excited about a 60 year old with such an uninspiring record.
  8. Don’t get me started on Jim “why-are-you-so-fabulous?” White. I don’t think the guys even aware there’s a league system below the PL.
  9. People going nuts over Hughton but turning their noses up at Moyes?!? Really?
  10. David Moyes could turn us into a very effective team at this level imho.
  11. Absolutely you’re right, Bullen will be in charge, luckily it will only be for a couple of weeks.
  12. Then I suggest you prepare yourself to be very surprised. There is no way we’ll go into the season with no manager in place, there is absolutely zero legal reason why we cannot appoint someone. Bruce is no longer our employee, the issue is now money.
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