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  1. It’s getting better mate and i dont think they have a game next week with the internationals being on so that’s another weeks rest.
  2. 2 nil Cardif 88 mins played. Looking good now for us to be Champions, no pressure. Just win all your games. Easy.
  3. Leeds v Cardiff U18s is a game worth looking out for and a Cardiff win would be a terrific result for our boys. Leeds 0 - 1 Cardiff atm with 20 mins left to play.
  4. I will certainly look at the 18s schedule along with the 23s next season. im glad your back problem healed and yes it’s very frustrating for him mate being told to do absolutely nothing until it clears up. With the club doctor telling him to do absolutely nothing but rest he plays on that at home when asked to do some chores, when asked he just points to his back and says “can’t, Doctor said” and smiles.
  5. Unfortunately i dont pal but i will look out for him next week and let you know how he’s doing.
  6. Michael Ellery is fine. It was a chance to mix it up a little. Thanks for the kind words on Jordan, i will let him know mate.
  7. Hi Quist. He felt it over a few weeks before the day came when he couldn’t run because of the pain. He’s had an MRI scan and it showed a problem with the L5 vertebrae which requires complete rest. He’s starting to feel better so he’s hoping to return to training this month. I can’t thank the club enough for acting quickly on this.
  8. It is exactly the same bud. Watching the 18s is like a drug now.
  9. 1-2 FT Held on a bit at the end but all that matters is the 3 points. Take care all.
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