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  1. U19s would be a good shout and yes a fair few are cut too soon imho
  2. Too many are discarded too soon. Im sure clubs in Spain adopt a policy they keep all their Academy players up until they are 18 (and only release on medical or disciplinary reasons) and are looking to push the age up to 21. Brilliant idea.
  3. Pre season Scotland. Hearts Dundee Utd Aberdeen. Nice little jolly 5 mins up the A1.
  4. Michael Cunningham ex Celtic youth moved to Dundee and has done very well.
  5. Eyad was called up by Bulgaria youth this season i can assure you of this. Eyad benefitted from O’Brien dragging the defence all over the place which left Eyad plenty of room to do his magic.
  6. The U18s will be parading the PLD 2 trophy at half time they won against Cardiff on Friday. Let’s show our appreciation for the National Champions by giving them the biggest cheer of the afternoon.
  7. Hi Quist. He didn’t say and im sure the staff are helping him with a move. He’s about 5.5 mate but it definitely wasn’t an easy decision. Jordan is back training now and will be all through the summer break. I will pass on your regards Quist.
  8. Talking to Eyad after the game last night and he is extremely grateful to Wednesday for giving him the opportunity to play and learn at such a terrific club. Eyad missed the supply of O’Brien in the second half of the season (his words not mine) and he could have been on 20+ goals if Jordan didn’t have that injury. I cannot thank the Academy coaching staff and Steve Haslam for what these guys have done for these youngsters.
  9. Special thanks to Steve Haslam, Neil Thompson, Andy Holsworth and Andy Smart and the team in the background who made these boys CHAMPIONS.
  10. FT CHAMPIONS Thanks to all who followed the boys on here and continued support and updates from Ethel. The boys will parade the trophy on Sunday.
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