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  1. Sorry for the late reply mate, yes he started and completed the game with no stomach complaints. I imagine his stats will be very high as he was still pushing himself very hard with pressing. Thanks for asking about him, i will let him know that you were asking after him when i call him later.
  2. The boy played all through the summer with the ROI U19s. He must be absolutely drained mentally and physically.
  3. I think the 18s from last season are finding their feet in this league and I would expect a massive difference next season from these lads pushing for the league. A lot of the regulars from the past couple of years maybe need a fresh challenge or loan period.
  4. 2-3 Hull. Terrific goal by their number 7
  5. Brennan, not Rice. Nando off Brennan off. Omar on. Preston on. Restart at 14.10.
  6. HT. OBrien blatantly pulled down in the box, players screaming at the ref. Play on.
  7. OBrien is doing the work of two men up front haha
  8. Assured at the back and asssured in front of goal.
  9. Terrific flick by OBrien sets Bates up for a tap in 2-2
  10. Yes Nando is what the other players are calling him. I’m not sure if he’s touched the ball yet
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