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  1. Like I said before, Castore translated into English means the foul smell excreted from a beaver’s a n a l glands. Sums the partnership up nicely!
  2. I didn’t say bottom, I typed in Anol glands!
  3. Castore translated into English means the foul smell excreted from a Beavers bottom glands. Sums them up perfectly!
  4. Great signing for Hearts EO, top class keeper. I’m glad we’re not facing him in the league this coming season.
  5. I hear Edinburgh is a lovely City to live in.
  6. You may be hearing about him more on a regular basis EO
  7. He said thank you and he’s going to evaluate where he went wrong and work hard to correct that and improve. There are a few avenues opening up for him now so here’s hoping Dave.
  8. It’s true what they say, mental health comes in many forms
  9. Unfortunately he wasn’t just quite good enough to warrant that extra year mate.
  10. Jordan said thank you for you’re kind words and is determined to play for Wednesday one day. Thank you mate, it was terrific being there and posting on the games.
  11. Of course I will ya big lump! We are friends forever.
  12. First off Jordan and our entire family would like to tell you that it was a total privilege and honour for Jordan to have been involved with such a wonderful club. Our humble gratitude to have met Steve Haslam and have him involved developing Jordan and the support he gave him was second to none. The coaching staff, and physio/sport science who looked after him with his lengthy lay off was terrific and our gratitude is never ending. We are certainly going to miss going to watch him play at Wednesday and to play at such a iconic place like Hillsborough swelled my heart with pride so I can only imagine how Jordan felt running out the tunnel. He leaves Wednesday a double U18s title winner and has told me he wants to repay the Wednesday coaching staff and Steve Haslam by returning to the Club as a proven player in 5 years time. Special thanks to Ken Ryder and Big John in admin and every single one of you guys on here for your support of Jordan and his teammates. I will be sticking around to chip in every now and again and to keep you updated on Jordan’s journey back to Wednesday. Thank you all so much.
  13. Rangers were and are wrong EO. The liabilities will end at 4 million. Rangers voted to END the league so they could have an early pay out.
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