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  1. Sorry Eth, i left my phone at home this morning so i couldn’t post. I thought about two empty baked beans cans with the string attached to either end of the cans but i didn’t want to upset Wednesday media with that sort of technology. I honestly thought they would have been all over this game with the amount of first team squad involved.
  2. It was an intestinal problem mate. The back injury cleared up but had a problem with his stomach and couldn’t couldn’t continue.
  3. Looking like O’Brien took a knee to the back on the way down jumping for a header. Still in the treatment room with the physio
  4. Burnley racking up the yellow cards now.
  5. Rhodes down now. Burnley certainly throwing it about now.
  6. O’Brien off injured after a heavy fall and challenge. Preston on.
  7. Second half about to get underway and the battery life on my phone is rapidly petering out
  8. Wednesday giving a good account of themselves out there. Burnley mostly playing the ball up in the air for the bruisers. Ht 1-1
  9. 1-1 mistake at the back allows the equaliser
  10. Ball over the line. Wednesday should be 1 nil up going by the players reaction
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