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  1. Jozo won’t incur any transfer fee and if he can be got on pay as you play basis it’s worth a go. Top quality defender.
  2. Yeah mate he’s now officially injury free. He’s been doing upper body strength and out doing 10k runs everyday. Jordan said he’s doing great thank you, and hopes you and your family are well.
  3. Tbh mate if you have a look at the Celtic forums there is genuine shock. He really is a top player.
  4. He doesn’t want to because they play havoc on players knees and some players can’t get insurance to play on them. My lad usually picks up problems just training on the surface.
  5. He was out with a knee problem for a while. Jozo never played on plastic pitches which are allowed in Scotland so he would never have completed a full season anyway. He is an outstanding defender on his day and it’s a real shock with this announcement from Celtic.
  6. This top quality defender has just been released by Celtic and imho he would make a terrific stalwart in the Wednesday defence. It was only last year that Celtic knocked back two offers of 6 million from Italian sides. I think it’s worth a shout as he’s a proven winner.
  7. At my funeral I want you there to tell my family and friends that im not really dead.
  8. I agree. I hate it when their scumbag team win everything going. We deserve better.
  9. Rangers FC were liquidated. New club The Rangers FC obtained a license from the SFA to operate. They should have started in the Junior league but for some miracle the SFA allowed them to start in the bottom tier of Scottish Football. They went completely bust mate.
  10. He loved the old Rangers ⚰️ (RIP) and he loves the new Rangers 2012. Timrud is misunderstood 🙏
  11. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen.
  12. The oldies are off to bed mate. Were you on the outside looking in?
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