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  1. Nearly there mate. It was good to watch their number 5 Curtis Nelson dual against him, great experience for Jordan.
  2. Wednesday kick off playing from left to right.
  3. Just got here. Render. Baker. Ozzy. Hunt. Thornley. Lee. Shaw. Waldock. OBrien Grant. Preston Subs Jackson. West. Rice. Hughes. Borukov.
  4. Sorry mate, from the position i was sitting in the main stand, I couldn’t see the dugouts or the subs. Westy wasn’t name on the team sheet handed out but he did come on as a sub for Rice along with Jordan.
  5. Sorry Ethel. Joe West was a substitute and from the position i was sitting in the main stand you couldn’t see the dugouts. West came on for Rice the same time as Jordan. Westy wasn’t on the team sheets handed out either.
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