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  1. Okenbernhie at Shrewsbury???....ex arsenal youth player .. lightening fast winger ... tipped for great things ...I’m hoping we take a risk on players like this ...if they come good ..we got a sell on value player for once
  2. What a set of inbreds tho ....I thought it was a Shannon Matthews search party reunion !!!
  3. They would probably have said “ How come he gets a box for his family”...and lose some weight fat boy
  4. Hoopers been the highest paid forward weve had in two decades too...and the most injured too
  5. Lee always came across like he wanted to return ASAP and play for Wednesday...Hooper just seemed happy improving his golf handicap and slapping weight on ....
  6. It’s his wages mate ......he’s massively overpaid
  7. And a manager and players that bottled it in the play offs !!!
  8. The arrogance of some of our fans is embarrassing at times.....yet again some fans think we have a divine right to go up
  9. He’s already made his money to set him up for life ...with Wednesday!!!!
  10. Brentford bought Ollie Watkins for 3 million ...far less wages than hooper ....Watkins would have been a far better buy than hooper...
  11. The first time he came back after his injury layoff it was embarrassing how much weight he had put on ....good player on his day but I think he alway saw Wednesday as easy golden handshake to see his career out ....A lot hungrier younger fitter forwards out there on far less money
  12. The girl who said ..”WAWAW” to billy sharp on that video ....should lead the team out on Sunday......that would pee utd off more
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