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  1. That's great, thanks again to you both. Just need to confirm details for 'the other club' now..
  2. Thanks both for your replies. @fredmciverslovechild: Well spotted. There's a lesson for me there :) @torryowl: That's really useful information. Could you let me know which of the books mentions the wartime games please? Thanks again.
  3. Hi all, I have a quick question for the statos among you. I write for Wikipedia and am trying to compile a breakdown of career stats by season for Joe Cockroft. Unfortunately the source I was using for the Wednesday stats seems to be out by 1. The Sheffield Wednesday Archive shows a total of 86 apps. http://www.adrianbullock.com/swfc/stats/play0113.htm However, the Joyce book, Hugman, and the SWFC handbook all give 87. http://hugmansfootballers.com/player/3739 http://hillsborough.independent.gov.uk/repository/docs/SWF000003230001.pdf Unfortunately, the person who compiled the Wednesday stats died some time ago and I'm not aware of any other sites that provide this level of detail for Wednesday players. Can anyone help reconcile the rogue appearance? Possibly a play-off game or something? Also, if anyone happens to know if there are stats for his wartime games at Wednesday, that would be great too. Many thanks.
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