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  1. Yes 21 can't be right from the figures I've quoted above
  2. It may not be as bad as it seems. A lot of goals are scored late as teams know they're running out of time. Can't get the exact comparison, but in the whole of last season we scored 14 and conceded 18 from the 81st minute on. An average side would score as many as they conceded so we're a bit below par. But the bottom 4 were Wigan 4-13 Preston 5-11 QPR 6-14 Charlton 8-12 And top were Brentford 17-3
  3. QPR trying to miss the "taking a knee" bit?
  4. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/132363676533513134/
  5. Wasnt one of our old managers famous for talking about a 2-0 nightmare lead?
  6. Second from left is Jenson Whitham - any relation to Jack?
  7. Fulham had to announce their starting eleven well before knowing the Brentford result
  8. Happy to be corrected but.... I don't think any team has ever been hit with a points deduction which was so late in the season, or so large, that they couldn't save themselves by getting enough points on the field. A points deduction is meant to be a penalty, not an automatic relegation. So my theory is that any deduction we get now will be set to be too small to relegate us, or will be applied next season. Hope I'm right!!
  9. Correct. Only way we go down is if we get a bigger deduction than Wigan
  10. As the table stands right now we are mathematically safe, even assuming Wigan don't get a deduction. And assuming we don't either of course!
  11. Wildsmith Palmer Lees Borner Odubajo Bannan Luongo Hunt Harris Windass Da Cruz
  12. Whatever Hull's result, we're 7 places and 8 points clear of relegation tonight, with 5 to play. Should be pretty well safe. More so if Wigan's deduction goes through. Assuming no points deduction for us of course!
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