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  1. Ireland just announced all schools are closing, and outdoor gatherings of 500+ are banned
  2. and 8 points off the playoffs to look at the other way??!!
  3. Down to 15th, 9 points clear of relegation with 9 games to play
  4. Sheffield Wednesday's Joey Pelupessy has managed the fewest touches of all players during the first half (three), completing just one of his two passes.
  5. We've also scored fewer home goals than any other Championship team
  6. Last year, 29th Dec Lees in the 2-1 loss to Cardiff
  7. So Harris, Da Cruz & FF as attacking midfield, with Nuhiu on his own up front
  8. Sturrock's brave triple sub in the 77th when 2-1 down won it for us Collins for Bruce MacLean for Peacock Talbot for Quinn
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