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  1. Just back from a few days away to find out my tickets hadn't arrived in the post But ticket office have got me sorted, and I can collect reprints at the ground tomorrow
  2. Port Vale 2-0 up against 10 men with 10 minutes to go, so it's them not Mansfield coming up
  3. Just checked EFL regulations. A contract offer to a player whose old contract has just expired remains open for a month, then it can be withdrawn.
  4. So current squad is: Dawson Wildsmith ? Palmer Iorfa Brennan Johnson Brown J. Hunt ? Adeniran Byers Bannan Dele-Bashiru A. Hunt Mendez-Laing ? Luongo ? Gregory Windass Paterson Sow
  5. Sunderland is a long way from anywhere, at least Sheffield is a bit more central
  6. An online Star article lists the following 14 players as still under contract: Dawson Palmer Brown Iorfa Brennan Bannon Adeniran Byers Dele-Bashiru Johnson A Hunt Gregory Windass Sow
  7. Bristol Rovers up on goals scored after 25 minutes of added time due to pitch invasion
  8. ... whereas he's actually from a backward rural island where everything looks like it did in the 1950s
  9. Sorry, just saw Newport, assumed Wales
  10. Dawson not eligible, we have to stick with existing players
  11. James Linington 139 yellows in 31 games this season, so 4.5 per match 7 reds incl. 2 doubles Done very largely Championship games From Newport, Wales
  12. The longer it stays 0-0, the more pressure on them. They'll have to push forward, gaps will appear and that's our chance
  13. Yes they will be, had an email confirming, showing both games
  14. I'm assuming Mabels Tavern near St.Pancras will be showing the game for London Owls?
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