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  1. Marginally more the kind of response to elicit a degree of sympathy - unlike the “battle...and fret” of last time out. But it seems clear that there are problems in the dressing room.
  2. If, as others are speculating, these two are undermining the management, then they need hanging out to dry. He who should not be named (at piggy United), would rip their nuts off;and quite rightly so. Get a grip.
  3. I like Monk, but his “first ten minutes” mantra in the post-match interview doesn’t cut it for me. Yes, when we lost Luongo and faced an uphill struggle to get back on terms, he recognised he had to do something. But, replacing Sam Winnall with Atdhe! Come on, Winnall had done nothing wrong; he had had no service to give him a chance to do anything because of our midfield inferiority. Hardly surprising Atdhe made no difference. What’s more, and acknowledging that he has been a game changer, he is still slow and lacks the stamina to run for 10 minutes let alone a full match. I would argue it needed a more radical solution - perhaps bringing Sam Hutchinson on and pushing Adam Reach more forward to support Winnall. Anyway, for their overall dreadful performance, I think the whole team should forfeit half a week’s wages and give the money to the children’s hospital or Weston Park. Then they need to buck up or face a summer clear out.
  4. Agreed, but then I’ll never know why he made such ridiculous substitutions (Atdhe for Bannan......) and how he sat back and allowed us to go into defensive mode - something we’re absolutely p*ss poor at doing!
  5. I think we need to thank Lee for stepping up and doing us proud so many times in recent years. He is clearly loved and respected by the team and the bulk of supporters. I’d like to see him stay, but perhaps it’s only fair that he has a bit of hands on management elsewhere, before we welcome him back as the manager some time in the future. Good job Lee - thanks, it was a huge ask, several times, and you did well.
  6. Well, it wasn’t through lack of effort! The boys worked tirelessly and, while I only listened to the commentary and watched the highlights, I refuse to be too down about it. Just wait ‘TIL Tuesday.
  7. As much as most of us would like a manager who would take us into the Premiership quickly, I would prefer him (or her, to be inclusive) to be at least honourable, open, loyal and honest. Naively, I thought Steve Bruce was such a man and he gave me no reason (until now) to think otherwise. He seemed grounded, passionate on the sidelines - where he appropriately hounded some of the lazier players to move their backsides which helped us put opponents under pressure and give us opportunities to score. He was open and honest in his pre and post match interviews. He quickly got the measure of many of the team. For example, he bought out the best in Liam Palmer (long may it continue) and, with Kieran Westwood back in the side, our defence tightened up considerably. Recent transfers seemed wise on the face of it e.g speedy winger to feed Rhodes the kind of chances he has shown he is so capable of taking. I guess Steve Bruce was influential here. Had Bruce joined a few months earlier I believe we would have made the playoffs last. Anyway, he’s now proven himself to be dishonest, disloyal - an utter disgrace of a human being and a first class pig, so he’s best consigned to the bin where he belongs. So, what qualities are you looking for in the new manager?
  8. Agreed, but I was thinking more about the match commentators.
  9. I thought he had a good game all things considered.
  10. I didn’t go tonight, but cringed when I listened to some of the commentary while watching on Sky;So biased towards Norwich. For much of the time we outplayed these ******* and I was so proud. Great moves on and off the ball, pretty solid defence and real innovation. Bruce has made one heck of a difference and has bought out the best in a number of the boys - Palmer and Boyd being good examples, and there are more. I love the way he hounds them up to push the defence, to the point where now many are doing that without being asked (still a few reservations about Lucas J). Forrestieri played a commanding role tonight too. I think we would have won had Westwood made it to the start, but Dawson did his best (still some way short however). I look forward to next season and hope we can make a bit more noise for the boys in that North Stand.
  11. Didn’t hutchinson learn anything when he played for Chelsea? Fair wee wees me off that, in my retirement I struggle to decide whether to eat well or keep warm ,and yet that these cookers, take the wee wee out of their supporters. tail tugging tuggers.
  12. Didn’t hutchinson learn anything when he played for Chelsea? Fair wee wees me off that, in my retirement I struggle to decide whether to eat well or keep warm ,and yet that these cookers, take the wee wee out of their supporters. tail tugging tuggers.
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