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  1. Board members don’t score goals; though I’m not entirely sure what they do...
  2. Oh dear. Kind of sums up the season. Please let us have a fresh start next season - in the Championship.
  3. Oh dear. Kind of sums up the season. Please let us have a fresh start next season - in the Championship.
  4. Was my hero for a time, but, sadly, no longer. I think he, like so many others, are p*ssed off. Too much money, very bored with lockdown, and don’t realise just how lucky they have a job....in the words of Knoppfler “Money for Nothing”.
  5. Absolute bs. Of course they are all fatigued; but if I earned a fifth of their money I’d be chasing Ronaldo around a field for three fffing hours.
  6. I’ve heard enough bs about this man. On tonight as a sub, and again three or four (at least) unnecessary fouls. He has no pace and no place in a team that aspires to get to the premiership. He is nice, but you could say that about half the folk that post on this site.
  7. Find this a bit ott. For a number of seasons, he beat everyone in the air and scored some good headers. He was, for those seasons, the epitome of consistency. I agree he has become less effective and his ability to do more than pass sideways or backwards has waned. Today, he lost confidence and I’m sure he was taking his shirt off as he went down the tunnel at the end of the first half - acknowledging a poor performance. As or the captaincy, it is bestowed and not asked for. I doubt he either sought or wanted it. He’s been a good, hardworking, servant and his time may be over, but don’t over-e
  8. Marginally more the kind of response to elicit a degree of sympathy - unlike the “battle...and fret” of last time out. But it seems clear that there are problems in the dressing room.
  9. If, as others are speculating, these two are undermining the management, then they need hanging out to dry. He who should not be named (at piggy United), would rip their nuts off;and quite rightly so. Get a grip.
  10. I like Monk, but his “first ten minutes” mantra in the post-match interview doesn’t cut it for me. Yes, when we lost Luongo and faced an uphill struggle to get back on terms, he recognised he had to do something. But, replacing Sam Winnall with Atdhe! Come on, Winnall had done nothing wrong; he had had no service to give him a chance to do anything because of our midfield inferiority. Hardly surprising Atdhe made no difference. What’s more, and acknowledging that he has been a game changer, he is still slow and lacks the stamina to run for 10 minutes let alone a full match. I would argue it ne
  11. Agreed, but then I’ll never know why he made such ridiculous substitutions (Atdhe for Bannan......) and how he sat back and allowed us to go into defensive mode - something we’re absolutely p*ss poor at doing!
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