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  1. 8 to 10 million drive him there myself. Bannan is a true pro , works hard every game but his end product is not that great. Goals scored and assists are very average at best. Would thank him for his efforts but we should look at the bigger picture and take the money if its offered.
  2. If only. For the good of the club he needs to go.
  3. Nigel Pesrson but CC would never appoint him.
  4. Seems Carlton doesnt see Ron as a racist and sure he knows him better than you to pass judgement. Met him once found him to be a top bloke. Get well soon Ron.
  5. Settled teams have understanding. They know and trust what their colleagues are doing. Tinker with the side every week and you will never get the players to gel. This has an adverse effect on results. Hard to believe only a season and half ago we had one of top 3 defenses in the league. This season we cant buy a clean sheet. Something is badly wrong in our defensive play. This comes down to the manager and his coaching team.
  6. Another 14 year old keyboard warrior. If you think Boyd and Wallace are strikers then it shows how little you know. As for insults time to grow up springs to mind.
  7. You could join Josses coaching team if you think those 3 are forwards. Deluded if you think any other manager would play those 3 as the strike force. But keep on clapping as we fall down the league.
  8. Please check your facts we started that game with Boyd Stobbs and Walace in advanced positions. We actually brought on Nuhui and Joao after 70 minutes. In a game we lost . They are the hard facts.
  9. Sadly we have a manager who doesnt know his best team his best formation and it would seem cant even set up an even spread of cover on the subs bench. The signing he has made is liliglightweigt and not upto the Job but starts most games when there are better options. He has started games with no recognised striker on the pitch and fails to pick possibly the best keeper in the division. If you trust in this and feel he is the best option then we must agree to disagree. Please dont dictate to me though that I must cut this well paid manager some slack. We maybe 2 points from 6th but reality is i
  10. Id send Onohma back to Spurs looks like hes on his jolies. Saying that they all do.
  11. Absolute rubbish. If we had a game plan did any of the players know it. Things look to be going down hill with no brakes to slow us up.
  12. Yeah barganing 9 months from the end of contracts not a great strategy as was shown last season. if you think thats the way to roll we will have to beg to differ.
  13. Has DC learned any lessons ?? Penny and Preston out of contract at end of season . Are we going to have 2 more young valuable assets walk away for next to nothing. The Hirst situation revisited. No club can sustain all its talented home grown talent walking away season on season for little or no reward. While frittering away millions on journeymen and past sellby date players. We need DC to learn fast.
  14. Always top live show from Tim and the lads Think they may play a few more oldies at Leeds. New album is a grower some top tunes when you get into it.
  15. James with Charlatans as support Leeds arena december 9th. Saw James at Scarborough in august new album tour was excellent.
  16. Loved Wallace in his pomp but think time had caught up with him at this level.
  17. FF is a class act but we have coped without pretty well this season. Time to give Jao a run of games his form deserves it.
  18. If one had to go it would FF as his contract is running down and his age. In real terms if Reach keeps his form he may well be worth a bigger fee. Im sure premier league teams are starting to take notice of his abilities and if Madine was 6million who knows what Reach is worth.
  19. Hector seems to have added a bit of steel in the back. Onohoma not sure yet where his talents are best used. A bit more steel in the middle of the park and the Blue side of steel city could be celebrating in May. Without this i think we may struggle to finish top 6.
  20. I worry about a true beast in midfield as without Hutchinson we seem to lack this. Pelepussy seems to go missing at times and this exposes our defence. In attack we have some of the best options in the league but we really need to tighten up at the back. That beast in midfield is the key in my opinion.
  21. Owls talk has yet again swung from 1 mood to the total opposite. The feel good factor has driven out of town the merchants of doom. To be honest im firmly sat on the fence. Lets get through the xmas period then a true picture of where the season is going can be seen.Well done to the team on its present run but more is needed.
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