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  1. Not at 30k a week. Think he will need to half that after his injury record.
  2. Having a wild day Guru comparing Waddle and Onomah now this drivel. If Rhodes got 20+ goals he would have done his job as a striker. It would also mean we are creating chances.Yet again its prejudice against a player the same as his view on Fletcher. I dont think Rhodes will/would get 20 as his best days may be behind him but if he did I couldnt blame him for the team underperforming .
  3. The 3 youve quoted dont come with multi million price tags. Onomah does.
  4. All about opinions. I know i wouldnt risk millions on him. If hes that good how come no prrmier lesgue teams are interested.??
  5. He was somewhat better than Onomah. I believe Spurs bought him not off loaded him. There lays your answer.
  6. Total joke comparing Waddle and Onomah . One was world class the other is being let go from the premier league. Onomah has shown very little here while Waddle is the best player I have seen in an Owls shirt.Judgements are made from what players do on the park and the facts are Onomah has done very little here.Bull him up all you want but what he has done here has been less than adequate. To compare him to Graham Hyde would be far overating him never mind Waddle.
  7. Yet more money on a player with a bad injury record. Also very questionable work ethic and attitude. I really hope not .
  8. I agree that the fee for Hector could be out of our price range in an area we have got a few options with Borner signed up. Good player but other areas need attention as well. Pace is required all over the park.
  9. He was captain. May well speak english most western europeans seem to.
  10. Has Hector signed then ??? Or is he potential as well as Willis ??
  11. Dont think Borner has come to England to sit on the bench. Hector probably not coming as Chelsea want a sizable fee so I wouldnt let Thorniley go anywhere.
  12. Always look on the bright side of life .... Who really knows who or what weve signed or got in the pipeline. No one in this thread thats for sure. Me included.
  13. Looks quality the bits ive seen and willing to work. Could be a steal at the buy out price.
  14. Says on BBC football Maddison has a2.5 million buy out clause at P/Boro and Hull are sniffing. Would rather risk a punt on him than Onomah.
  15. On his performances for us do you really think he was worth a place in the team ?? Do you think his attitude and work ethic is what we are looking for ?? If you do fair enough but I certainly dont.
  16. Yes hes definitely seen enough. Thats why hes out on loan and available for transfer.
  17. Pochetino rated one of the best managers in world. Plenty of youth in his teams. If he cant play for him why will he suddenly improve here ? Think Onomahs career aspirations are in a negative state. Much of it down to his application and work ethic. Why would we take a 3million risk on him ???
  18. Most reviews I have seen about Onomah are hardly raving about him. Where is this myth that he is a top top player coming from ? From what I have seen he would be lucky to make an average rating. Has had about 3 good games in his time with us and far more stinkers. Just because he is based at Spurs seems to blind peoples perceptions of what he has actually produced.
  19. Too me could be an expensive risk and the warning signs are clearly there as many have picked up on the same points.
  20. Should you need to question the desire and work rate of a potential signing ??
  21. In reality he wasnt good enough for a starting spot in the side. When he did start he had little impact.Really dont see why people want him back as weve signed enough duck eggs in the last 3 years.
  22. You said name a club. Think they have signed 5. Sure we will be in for similar numbers when things are announced.
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