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  1. Monster Mash This town aint big enough Two steps to heaven Just my tiger feet
  2. At a club that has been in administration twice and blatantly flouted the rules under Bates. Leeds have built well but its been on other peoples money that this was forged.
  3. Yeah Fish Cake for 1 . Can empty 2 rows of seats with the whiff off his clothes.
  4. Might as well of been Helmans Mayonaise with Jos.
  5. Thats arranged for March so it fits in to year end accounts.
  6. One of the darkest days as scum won the league with a old owls xi and manager.
  7. The fact that Birmingham had some big units up front also dictated the way they played.
  8. This is bang on . Monks record stands up way past what we have averaged over the last 20 years. Did a good job at Swansea Leeds and Birmingham. What do people expect Pep or Klopp ?? Well sadly they aint interested. Give the guy a chance and lets see.
  9. People screaming about inaction by DC and when he takes some people moan again. The owlstalk way.
  10. Lot worse options out there. Reasonably pleased and he likes his sides to play football rather than hoof could be a very good move.
  11. Less the EFL use special dispensation as Fulham are a London team.
  12. So they have agreed to sign him in january and basically Chelsea have said you can go now. No more tales of how he loves this club then. End of day he has probably got a better offer than we could put to him. Does it state a fee ?? Just checked no fee mentioned.
  13. They must have thier own transfer window then. But suppose they are based in London so it could be allowed.
  14. Well wish them good luck. No takers at 5 million not a cat in hells chance at 8 million. Wait till June and see if he wants to sign for us ot not.Its in the Daily Mail though so its probably total boll rocks.
  15. Best laugh ever 8 million for a player out of contract 5 months later. Where does the great tory rag get its info from Theresa Mays brexit planner ??
  16. I agree would have been far easier for any incoming manager at the end of season as quite a few players are out of contract.
  17. A new manager needs respect.We have a team of mainly old seasoned professionals if they would accept the Cowleys on their record so far is open to debate.
  18. We need to get BB playing where he should be further up the field. He also needs to release the ball quicker as he often takes a touch and strolls for 10 yards. He has the quick killer pass in his locker he needs to distribute it more to the wide men. If we dont move it at pace no point having Harris and Murphy.
  19. Would agree the pricing for walk ups is horrendous. As for midtable mediocrity its better than fighting relegation year on year. Are time will come again I am sure of that but we have reign in the spending first.
  20. What the ones who couldnt treat players and we had 15 professionals out injured. Think I would change the medical team as well. Bet you were screaming about embargo when we were at Wembley. Look around the championship and see how many teams are in or have been in the sh1 t. The price of challenging is if you fail then you have to rebuild and refinance for 2 or 3 seasons.
  21. Surely upto the manager to manage the players not the chairman. As in the job title.
  22. Not many on that list with any success stories of late thats for sure.
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