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  1. Waddle in shock return to S6........ If only......
  2. Top 10 realistic Top 2. Doubtful (but Norwich Pigs and Cardiff were as well.)
  3. But what a debut he had. I thought we had signed the new George Best.
  4. Suprised that as an italian nazi he hasn't got both arms up in surrender....
  5. List of nazi/racist possible applicants Di Canio Trump Robinson Mogg Seems Di Canio is the best of a bad bunch
  6. Be less loyal than Bruce . Anaconda of snakes. Just what we need......
  7. Bigger snake than Bruce. Badge kissing two faced tawt.
  8. Saying that we have scored a few preseason and seem in decent form.
  9. Looks like FF is breaking wind
  10. Nuhui 30 yards behind Harris as the ball is whipped in.....
  11. Thought he made that aniseed drink which you put in cider and blackcurrant when your 16.
  12. Old school Tory. Wealth and privilege by birth. Racist bafoon by mouth.
  13. Was well flagged up Pigs Palace Wigan x 2. Harder to hold onto than a conga eel.More slippery than a wet turd.
  14. Just goes to show what we already knew Bruce has no loyalty to anyone. Need to move on now and be ready for a new season 9 days away.
  15. That includes a 3 month lay off imposed by dross. So he would have been higher up than that in reality without that mistake. Cant stop the haters and bandwagon jumpers on here though with stats and facts.Were they think we are getting the money from to replace him is another question.
  16. Most impartial views of the tackle are that it was a 50/50 ball there to be won.
  17. Check last seasons results when he wasnt playing and then when he was. This myth of his poor disciplinary record doesnt hold true. He is the best defensive midfielder at the club unless you know better. Sub for who Joey , dont make me laugh.
  18. You maybe right but can only see Reach fetching in decent money. Bannan and FF around 3million and Joao similar.plus Rhodes 3 million. If we sell for those figures how would we replace them. For some reason nobody seems willing to pay top dollar to us . While clubs like Brentford seem to be able to ask what they want. In 45 years of watching the Owls we never seem to have got true value for anyone.
  19. No useless Welsh conker. Bring in the Holloway.....
  20. Does anyone actually want to buy any of our players ???
  21. £40 a week according to Wilder with there wage bill £500 a week and 5 tonne of swill.
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