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  1. Half the lads Jack brought through would have been Facebook legends lol.
  2. Your right my apologies think he was injured within the first few weeks. Problems have mounted up ever since. I wonder if we will ever see him on a regular basis.
  3. Jack Charlton never worried and lifted us out of the mire and placed us in a position to build from.
  4. A goal scoring centre forward/target man. A fox in the box finisher. A natural pacey leftback. A defensive holding midfielder. In that order of priority. .
  5. No he isn't but would shore up the midfield.Pity we haven't got a forward in the whole squad who looks 15 plus goals a season. That would be an answer to a lot of our problems.
  6. Proof ??? Only attitude I saw on the pitch was commitment and a will to win...
  7. Hasn't been on the park long enough for us to break him. Check the number of games he has actually played. Was injured when he arrived. Then check how many games Hutchinson missed through injury in last 2 seasons. There is no doubt we miss his presence in midfield and haven't replaced him. Luongo is not a midfield holding player and never has been, he is a box to box player when played in his best position.
  8. Played last than 50% due to 2 very poor managers sidelining him , not through injury. His record of injury in the last 2 seasons was good.
  9. The old myth Hutchinson always injured. Last 2 seasons hardly injured. Now if you look at Luongo there was a real car crash of a signing he is threatening to become the new Abdi.
  10. Slag him off and he will score... Exactly like the Boro game .....
  11. Pixies and elfs are real though and a unicorn lives in Hillsborough Park....
  12. Maybe he thinks Santa will drop 2 forwards down the chimmney . Someone needs to tell him xmas has gone and Santa doesn't exist. Doubt anyone will though as they may get sacked....
  13. Think the collapse started about 12months before Pullis arrived.
  14. Windass looks like the only threat upfront would be madness to sell for 400k. If we are selling him for that then prepare for league 1 as thats were we are heading.
  15. If we can get him for 10k a week then its a no brainer. Far better than what we have at present. 18month deal and give him a proper send off this time. Without a doubt he would improve improve us over night.
  16. Also interesting that 2 of the worst managers in our history both isolated him from the team and results were dreadful.
  17. Palmer is probably the best player we have produced in the last 10 years. (Hirst I can't judge). There lies the problem.
  18. The youth system is there to develop and bring through talent to the first team squad. It has consistently failed at S6. Wether it has been down to players or management this can't be disputed.
  19. How many of the u18-u23s have progressed into the first team on a regular basis in the last 25 years ? If you look at our noisy neighbors up the road then we have always been light years behind in youth development since the Jack Charlton era. How many youth players have we developed and then sold on for a six or seven figure sum. (Hirst may have been the first if we hadn't messed it up ). The quality of those who have been on the peripherals of the first team in the last 3 seasons has been nothing special with only the goalkeepers getting regular gametime. The successful u18 team of 2 years a
  20. Set us back years from what ? Bottom of the championship, up to our eyes in debt, a team with little or no assets to sell. Pulis is a good appointment , it would be a financial disaster if we were relegated and he gives us a very good chance of avoiding it. This club has been going backwards for 25 years so I wouldn't say appointing Pulis will set us back. As for style of play tell me when we last had one ?
  21. Last 2 games 2 draws , much better attitude and work rate. We need a goal scorer but we will have to battle while thats sorted. What do people expect ?
  22. We will see. Pulis record is pretty good even if his style of achieving results is not not so pretty.
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