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  1. 6 hours ago, 33 said:

    I have criticised Jones because he ain’t great, but he is better than Joey.


    Jones got a lot of stick when he was paired with Buttercup because one is limited but capable of doing a role next to a more positive player such as Bannan or Lee whilst the other was even more dogshiit than Bothroyd.


    Jones playing a holding role next to Bannan is one he could do okay whereas Joey is just not good enough at anything.


    Jones can assist at set pieces meaning Bannan not doing everything.


    If Jones takes corners we have an extra man between box and centre circle to attack second or third phase ball in Bannan rather than Joey stood watching BB at the corner flag.






    Pishpoorpussy makes James Oconnor look a world beater. His contribution to the team is that low he may as well not be on the pitch. Jones is superoir in effort and contribution. Hutchinson is on a different planet in comparison. Jos needs to go and his lad can go with him. A shocking signing , if its cheap theres a reason and that is easy to spot with the Joey what that reason is. He is gash.

  2. Yeah finger on the pulse Jos the clueless on you go Sam you have the look of a right winger about you. Westwood coming back as a centre forward next.  If only Joses lack of knowledge about players was a laughing matter. Similar to Boyd as centte forward at Millwall .

  3. 2 hours ago, mr moody said:

    Without a doubt,  i believe that jos needs to go. But is there more to this than we are being told? Iv heard the rumours that we cant play certain players due to bonuses having to be paid etc. Plus we were put under the transfer embargo which suggests that ffp is an issue. Please correct me if im wrong, but the club have kept their cards very close to their chest on this issue. 

    If it is the case that we cant offer new contracts to our best players, and pay bonuses. Would that then mean we couldnt afford to pay the cash to sack jos and then pay the wages to bring in a new manager. 

    Like i said correct me if im wrong cos im not very clued up on ffp or anything like that. Its just very unsettling when our chairman turns round and says if we dont get promoted this season we are basically buggered. 


    We cant afford not to sack him in my opinion. Relegation would cripple us financially. 

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  4. Chansiri has put his money in and backed the club. Sadly though he has been badly advised or he doesnt listen. He will come in for critcism as he has failed to embrace the fans or realise the working class area the club is based in. He has alienated the fanbase with ridiculous prices for 2nd division football charging more than the premier league champions. Now the promise of premier league football looks further away than ever. He has appointed 2 leftfield managers 1 who had some success the 2nd looks totally out of his depth. He needs to act now or we are heading for a relegation battle at best and catastrophe at worst. 

  5. Inept in man management,  tactics , cant even set the subs bench up evenly. Does not use all the resources at his disposal and picks or drops players as often as he changes formation. This side has no style no formation and no confidence.The club need to act as we are in freefall. No more excuses his time must be up or we will be in league 1 next year.

  6. Hutchinson far better footballer than Pelepussy . If its just about football Sam should start on Saturday. If Josh is not allowed to pick his best starting eleven he should consider his position. If he hasn't worked out his best eleven and formation by now then we really are in trouble.

  7. 11 minutes ago, Birley Owl 1867 said:

    Westwood isnt playing because of a chansiri decision not Jos.


    How do people still think Jos would rather him not play.

    Because Jos is the manager and picks the team. If he doesnt then his position is untenable and he is here just for the wages.

  8. 8 to 10 million drive him there myself. Bannan is a true pro , works hard every game but his end product is not that great. Goals scored and assists are very average at best. Would thank him for his efforts but we should look at the bigger picture and take the money if its offered.

  9. 2 hours ago, M Royds said:

    Oh dear.


    Loved it when BR was at our club. Put us in the map.


    Wow, some people.




    Seems Carlton doesnt see Ron as a racist and sure he knows him better than you to pass judgement. Met him once found him to be a top bloke. Get well soon Ron.

  10. Settled teams have understanding. They know and trust what their colleagues are doing. Tinker with the side every week and you will never get the players to gel. This has an adverse effect on results. Hard to believe only a season and half ago we had one of top 3 defenses in the league. This season we cant buy a clean sheet. Something is badly wrong in our defensive play. This comes down to the manager and his coaching team.

  11. 1 hour ago, billyblack said:

    Is a winger not a forward? I thought boyd and wallace were classed as forwards.


    Whos clapping bell end? Have youbgot the clap? Syphillis rotting your brain.


    Dog poo

    Another 14 year old keyboard warrior. If you think Boyd and Wallace are strikers then it shows how little you know. As for insults time to grow up springs to mind.

  12. 43 minutes ago, billyblack said:

    I did check the facts. Boyd, stobbs and wallace are all forwards arent they (wingers maybe but still classed as forwards)

    You could join Josses coaching team if you think those 3 are forwards. Deluded if you think any other manager would play those 3 as the strike force. But keep on clapping as we fall down the league. 

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  13. 13 minutes ago, billyblack said:

    So the whole one game is that? One in 40 games, a whole 2.5%, and we were actually winning that game. He had 3 forwards on the pitch, not recognised number 9s but forwards nonetheless.


    I guess its just easier to get the knives out

    Please check your facts we started that game with Boyd Stobbs and Walace in advanced positions. We actually brought on Nuhui and Joao after 70 minutes. In a game we lost . They are the hard facts. 


  14. Sadly we have a manager who doesnt know his best team his best formation and it would seem cant even set up an even spread of cover on the subs bench. The signing he has made is liliglightweigt and not upto the Job but starts most games when there are better options. He has started games with no recognised striker on the pitch and fails to pick possibly the best keeper in the division. If you trust in this and feel he is the best option then we must agree to disagree. Please dont dictate to me though that I must cut this well paid manager some slack. We maybe 2 points from 6th but reality is its the other end of the league we need to watch on the last 2 inept performances.

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