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  1. Who is going to take +30 years old players on 20k+ wages who have been injured all season. The wish lists of people on here to exit the club are dreams. Footballers dont lose wages and no one will take them.
  2. Knew Hidey from Donny used to sup in the holly bush every sunday and play cards with a couple of his mates and 3or 4 of us regulars. Never big time Charlied it but had awful taste in clothes.
  3. Hutch has a year left why would he walk away ? When he is playing we look a far better balanced side. The argument about letting him go should be at the end of next season. Who knows Jos may manage him so he plays 70% of games and that would be in our benefit.
  4. Seems one or two scouts at premier league level would disagree with you . But what do they know.
  5. Provided value for money and was always up for the game. Like Loovens can hold his head up high for the time spent at the Owls.
  6. 30 minute cameo one last wave to the kop and down the tunnel for the last time. Has been a great servant but time has caught up with him. Onwards and upwards we have to move on.
  7. Todays result shows how close we could have been. Look forward to a full squad and more look next year.
  8. Leeds truly living up to their name Scum. Maybe games in Syria next sponsored by Putin.
  9. If we could get 3million for him think that would be good value. Has had a number of injuries over last 2 seasons and the 2 youngsters we have have proved their worth. Likely if ee dont cash in this season he would go for nothing at the end of next. Would free up funds for a new left back or right winger.
  10. Brave but limited very similar to Joe Jordan. Was well worth his fee but not on the same planet as Hirsty.
  11. Remember going to Everton away and he was brilliant that day. Sadly he was a flawed character and probably never reached his full potential. Unlike Chris Waddle who was the ultimate pro and is the best i have seen in a Wednesday shirt. Plus I think Waddle genuinely loved it here.
  12. Interesting stats the more he plays the higher we finish in the league. I think that is an issue to be considered
  13. Has at least a year left on his contract so should be no debate. Brave as a lion the question is can he bounce back again . No player at the Owls wants it more than him.
  14. Without doubt the best centreforward i have seen in a Owls shirt. Great days great memories.
  15. Dont ever think Hutchinson just takes his wages. Sadly for him and us it seems the minds more than willing but the body just can't take it anymore. I would never question his desire or his passion to play.
  16. Its footballs loss as now only 4 or 5 teams can compete for the title. The big money men and sky have ruined football. Even clubs like the Owls are milked of any talent given little compensation and the gap continues to grow. Football is just so predictable now.
  17. Having Warnock as manager would be like Israel having Hitler as president. A definite No..........
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