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  1. Both of them and Derby as well are good at falling away after easter. The problem is only Hull seem to be making any kind of charge up the league. Could be a year of low points total for autos and playoffs.
  2. Stick to Gazelles these days. Used to like Stan Smiths in the 80s.
  3. Aye Big Ron liked his suntan and a bit of bling. Top bloke though.
  4. Big untapped market America Pulsic is their superstar Chelsea will tap into this with his purchase. Bit like the Italian clubs signed Japanese players . He may turn out to be a good signing financially and on the park who knows. 41 players on loan is ridiculous and just shows the cash divide now in football.
  5. All about shirt sales in America rumour has it. German press calling the fee madness for a player who cant get in the Dortmund team.
  6. No one can question his financial backing of the club or the commitment he has shown. The question is what is the next step as we are in the biggest debt the club has ever been in and on the FFP radar. I hope it works itself out and DC takes us to the premier league then he really will be due some credit.
  7. I think like you . Take stock this season as the horse has already bolted. Then look in the summer with at least 7 players out of contract/leaving. With his contacts and the money freed up bring in 4 or 5. Still dont think we will have millions to spend unless we sell. The Bruce factor though will attract decent out of contract players and quality loan signings.
  8. 7.5 Could be the man . Only concern is he failed to get Villa up with a good budget. We are on the way up can we make the big step who knows but it looks like were going to try.
  9. The whelm monitor is plugged in. Just waiting for the story to be told.
  10. Think before Milan we were 26 million in debt and couldnt pay all are creditors. Milan did a great job but he was never going to be here for the long term.
  11. Have to agree with this Hector cost 5m yet has never played a first team game for Chelsea. Clubs should be restricted too how many players they can have on the books. The system is totally set up for the biggest and richest clubs even the likes of Arsenal cant really compete.
  12. Trouble is they dont and these rules are in place to safeguard clubs. It was only 7 years ago we were teetering on the brink of administration.
  13. Cleaning bill at their end of ground would be too big a hurdle for any agreement.
  14. Poundland Prince and Mcsowe shoes off protest in the stye car park. Then fight to the death to be the bacon king.
  15. Last time I had Bovril at the game i had squitters for 2 days. Never had it again in 3 years. So Bovril bathwater its all a no from me.
  16. The rules are there to stop clubs going to the wall. Not for owners to manipulate and accrue more debt.
  17. 30million doesnt cover the debt created in the last 3 years.
  18. You didnt answer the next part do you think these debts are sustainable and if we failed to get promotion what would the next step be ??
  19. Sensible in your eyes not mine. No other chairman has ever felt the need to sell the ground and no other chairman has got us into such a large amount of debt. I think the jury is very much out on DCs financial running of this club. I do not doubt his passion or his commitment just his lack of understanding of the financial side of running a football club. These kind of debts are not sustainable. Where do we go next if after selling the ground we still dont achieve promotion.
  20. The club has haemraged money under DCs control that is why we are under FFP restrictions. It is likely we will have further debts in the next set of accounts. Where do you think we could jump ship to because we havent got the finances to build a new stadium. I would rather steady the ship and keep our main asset than have one last throw of the dice at promotion.
  21. The value is what someone is willing to pay.
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