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  1. He was at St Johnstone so he has stepped up a notch if hes at Hearts. Stevie May is at Aberdeen now.
  2. Who knows. What is funny is that when we signed him I watched it on sky and they thought it was the then current Brazilian international of the same name. I was gobsmacked.
  3. Remember that was the joke at the time .No one seemed to have a clue what was going on.
  4. Just seemed to go off the radar. Looked good the bit I saw of him.
  5. Always wondered what the real story was with him. Looked a fair player the few times I saw him play but then got injured and vanished. See he now plays in portugese top flight did we get a fee or did we release him?
  6. Think the board lost its bottle just before the big money of the premier league came in. DC is the first real football rich owner we have had since those high flying days
  7. Top goalkeeper here. Was a Wednesday fan. Did his best as manager but we were in dark times. Good luck to him.
  8. Great days great memories and we were on the verge of greatness. How we threw it away i still dont know.
  9. Remember the league cup semi was snowed off originally at Blackburn. The rearranged game was the best I have seen a Wednesday team play. Truly outstanding that night.
  10. True he had a great game but we still should have scored 4 or 5.
  11. It was a defence that ruined David Hirsts career. They clattered him every time as he had too much pace and power for them. His career defining injury was against them. One he never really recovered from.
  12. Arsenal were hard and ruthless . Had Ian Wright upfront and played to the chant 1 nil to the Arsenal as they won games that score on a regular basis.We could open up any other team apart from them. The semi final was like the alamo for the blunts.How it ended 2 1 only I still dont know.
  13. Not very mystic . As for things looking up thank goodness. Long may they continue.
  14. If I were them I wouldnt be worrying about us. Never gave them a thought when we were flying high. Just enjoyed the ride. Maybe though deep down they know the balance always shifts are way in the end.
  15. Venancio maybe a cheaper Option. Getting no game time at his new club.
  16. Hardly failed finished 8th and 13th under his management. When he went back to Bournemouth they were in division 1 with gates of 7000 think he has done remarkably well there.
  17. Well he can do one back to the stye. Too many porcine sticking their snouts in.
  18. Seems many dont agree but thats owlstalk. We are on the up again with players picked on ability. Long may it last.
  19. Totally agree but a minority still want to dlag these players. That is my point. Anyway onwards and upwards.
  20. No problem dont do dummy spitting. Everyone has an opinion. Mine is that people are still having a pop at certain players. When they should be behind them.Westeood has now been berated on twitter. It wasnt there fault Jos didnt pick them. They arent dead wood as is often quoted on here they were frozen out .
  21. Yeah Lotus Esprit de Corps. Thought it was a foreign legion phrase maybe wrong.
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