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  1. That upset he will have to go home and butcher his sister.
  2. Waddle would be worth 80million in todays market. Hirst 60million.Des Walker 60 million. Nillson 80 million. These guys were world class not champuonship level. No comparison a team that came 3rd in top division to one that has an outside chance of reaching 2nd division playoffs.
  3. Think we all know Lee is on a hiding to nothing, but he wants the job so has to earn it.
  4. Think Atkinsons and Tricky Trevs squads were somewhat stronger....
  5. What fitness regime ? See how many we can get in the treatment room The difference was at the back our portugeezer had Leuvens who could play a pass. The flying dutch man tried to get Lees to pass it out.
  6. Plan B was Joses way to conquer the league . Fortunately that ship has long sailed out of port.
  7. Better start planning for life on the south if the first seeds of senility are setting in. Wilcos do blankets and thermos . Outdoor gloves and handwarmer.
  8. Fulham cant be skint as they will have the failure payment in place. Just fake news the Sessengon tale.
  9. We wont pay a fee for Hector now less its peppercorn. The lads available for nothing in June.
  10. 2-0 we have the speed now to breakdown the high press and put Barnsley on the backfoot.
  11. 8 only missed a left back and maybe a pacey forward , cant moan big strides made. If Bullen managed this window maybe he is the man for the job.
  12. Fletcher wont be able to play 2 games a week so Rhodes must be a better be than Nuhui.
  13. Make sense for Chelsea to release him from his contract now as they have over played their hand and come up with nothing for a player they dont need or want. Pure greed at 5 million now they have to pay his wages to January at least. Can see him rocking up here next June on a free.
  14. So you say 5 teams would survive in championship. I have to beg to differ. The team that finished 4th last year were knocked out of europe by a part time welsh outfit. As for playing decent teams in europe how many qualified for later stages of Europa league ??. I would say 2 at best are championship standard. Celtic really the only team that would be lower end premier. Aberdeen and 7million pound players not a risk I would take.
  15. Would you throw a 7million dice I know I wouldnt.
  16. Bury could be the new Darlington. Wound up and playing on council owned pitches about 10 leagues down.
  17. Good that lad should add a touch of class to a fast improving squad. This could be the best window in years.
  18. Has the Murphy deal fallen through ???
  19. Plays 4 games a season against championship level opposition, rest league 1 at best (unless Rangers find some cash ). May look great at that level but no real guide to how he would fair in England. Stevie May springs to mind.
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