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  1. Could be the only option to move forward. Many wont like it but we may have to take drastic action. The question is who is willing to pay fees for them.
  2. Why would he go there ? They are all but relegated and the Pigs look playoff certanties at worst. Sadly he will be there till the end of season at least.
  3. Would be the new Nuhui with that kind of scoring ratio.
  4. Yeah theirs loads of free scoring midfielders who also supply lots of assists. Easy to replace Reach especially with our unlimited funds.
  5. Did we ...... Agnew out . Been here a week whats he playing at.
  6. Bruce isnt even here yet and its started. This season is a writeoff. Lets accept it as such. Next year will be the time to make an opinion when we have had a preseason and made squad changes. People berating coaches who have been here a week is a joke
  7. Bannan is poor in the tackle and plays far too deep. He has a less than average conversion rate of chances and his number of assists is at best average. He is busy which many fans love but I honestly believe that the team would be better balanced without him.
  8. This season is a rite off . Long as we dont go down as looked likely under Jos I think next season will see lots of changes. The squad isnt good enough at present and the new manager is not in place. If things dont improve once he is settled in then will be the time to complain.
  9. Always up against it today. Hull are the form team in the championship. Won 7 out of last 8. Bad day at the office but this season is about taking stock. Those who thought playoffs were still on were deluded.
  10. Can see Hull making a charge for the playoffs. Hopefully nip the pigs for 6th on final Sunday of season.
  11. But somehow supported Jay Bothroyd when he was here. By far the laziest and disinterested player I have ever seen in a Wednesday shirt.
  12. Got a feeling Jos will still think he was right. That was the problem with his management style. Any who disagreed were frozen out no matter what the consequences.
  13. First cup semi went with about 10 others on train from Donny. Remember going round Leicester square and running into a mob of geordies. Think they were playing Chelsea. Game seemed to be over in a flash. To be honest thought it was fairly even. Remember the disappointment still.
  14. So desperate to sign for them 5 years ago that he put 2 of their fans in hospital. Who knows what he would have done then if he didnt like them.
  15. And been pretty poor in reality. Pelpussy tries hard but at this level that is not enough. JVA over hyped and in truth out of his depth.
  16. Wouldnt recommend any idiot having a pop at Madine.
  17. Even dafter when signed JVA and let Venacio go.
  18. Palmer and Lee are at different levels. Lee has vision a calm head and an eye for goal. Palmer has none of these attributes but is an honest trier. To me there is no comparison.
  19. Forestieri hasnt hardly played for 2 seasons . His value from the play off final to now has shrunk greatly. Be lucky now to get 5 million. He needs game time and some goals to increase his value .
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