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  1. This man has to go. One forward against a team 3rd bottom. Dark dark days. DC must act whatever the result.
  2. Sums up the mind set of our not so great manager His motivational skills are zero .Think all confidence in him has totally gone from the team to the fans. I hope we win tonight but have no confidence in the result with Jos in charge.
  3. Would be no problem sacking this manager unless it wasnt done quick enough.
  4. Fans don't pick the team . We dont make the signings. We just hand over our ,in most cases , hard earned cash. We present ourselves at the stadium, more in hope these days , and suffer disappointment after disappointment. Yeah must be our fault.
  5. Totally agree and Milan somehow brought the love back to the club after the Dave Allen era. Hoodwinked us at times but had the support behind him. Sadly DC is taking us back to the us and them. (Honestly think he doesnt realises it ).
  6. Then we are going down , gates will fall and we will be in another world of hurt financially. We can not afford to go down.
  7. Voice their opinion. Cheer the team but let DC know Jos has to go. If we struggle in our next 3 games we will be bottom 3 with the worst manager since Irvine.
  8. The simple solution is Jos must go. Heard enough wind and pee he cant do the job and DC must grow a pair and act now.
  9. Might be right but we might not lose all those 3 games as he is better than whats playing now.
  10. In other news Nero fiddled as Rome burnt and the band played on as the Titanic sunk.
  11. Well its the first attacking line up of the season. At least we will be having a go today.
  12. Rather keep FF and pay Jos up and ship him out any day of the week. If the storey is true Freddie Mercury must go now.
  13. Thought it was good news for us that he is stuck in the Australian outback so cant apply for the managers job if we get mullered by Derby and DC ends the misery of the not so flying dutchman. No wages into his dogs offshore bank account paid by the club . Keep the tax man away at least.
  14. Bit of an exaggeration none in the Motherwell team. You are rite though that scottish football went down the toilet yeats ago. One team league for the last 6 years at least. That team is then embarrassed every season in europe. Always followed Rangers when I lived in Glasgow for 4 years but the demotion has crippled them. As for super Celtic would be in bottom 5 in premier league. They have no top class european level players. As we under perform with an out of his depth manager. Oneil is not the answer though.
  15. Plus they all pulled together . They knew what position they were playing and trusted the coach and the team sheet /tactics didnt change every game.
  16. He spends to much time worrying about the opposition rather than focussing on our strengths. Rather than building confidence this undermines it and the players go out scared to play. We need to change our approach and go out with positivity.
  17. Shocking treatment and DC doesnt understand why the fans arent happy. Customers should be treated with respect and the club seems to have lost the empathy that MM brought back to the club.
  18. Dont go over the FFP by having to pay the London charges as you drive into the west end.
  19. I agree with many of your points but in reality how long can we afford to let this current manager steer the ship before we runaground. You may well be right about certain managers being out of our price range and likely to be after other more lucrative positions. In my experience if you shop at B and M in the long run you are likely to be disappointed.
  20. Doubt I will make more than 10 games this season at £40 + a game before transport beer and a bite to eat. Joses selections and tactics just dont inspire a £100 + outlay. Havent felt like this even in darker times. Somehow DC and Jos have managed to dampen my enthusiasm at present.
  21. Think CC lack of knowledge cost Gray his job. Thought you could buy promotion playing football like the dutch 1974 world cup team. Hang on is that why he brought Jos in. Maybe he thought he was a disciple of the great Johan Cruyff rather than Dave Basset.
  22. Bang on no Gray and they have leaked goals. People underestimate the great job he did here.
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