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  1. Hardly failed finished 8th and 13th under his management. When he went back to Bournemouth they were in division 1 with gates of 7000 think he has done remarkably well there.
  2. Well he can do one back to the stye. Too many porcine sticking their snouts in.
  3. Seems many dont agree but thats owlstalk. We are on the up again with players picked on ability. Long may it last.
  4. Totally agree but a minority still want to dlag these players. That is my point. Anyway onwards and upwards.
  5. No problem dont do dummy spitting. Everyone has an opinion. Mine is that people are still having a pop at certain players. When they should be behind them.Westeood has now been berated on twitter. It wasnt there fault Jos didnt pick them. They arent dead wood as is often quoted on here they were frozen out .
  6. Yeah Lotus Esprit de Corps. Thought it was a foreign legion phrase maybe wrong.
  7. Problem is unless you are premier league your manager if he does well will be looking to manage there. With the ridiculous amounts of money available it is a total mismatch. Got to praise Eddie Howe who has been very loyal to Bournemouth.
  8. To be honest managers tend not to do 5 years in modern football. I would be happy with a manager who plays entertaining football but gets the basics right as well. Lets hope Bruce is the man to do this.
  9. Yeah proper yawn as the usual suspects are still berating Hutchinson in particular. The truth is if Jos had picked the outcasts we would be in the playoffs or very near.
  10. They know who they are . Bitter that the flying dutchman crashed and burnt . They can be found sniping and spitting on any Hutchinson or Westwood post. Much gnashing of teeth as they sit in denial at the mess Jos was making of the job.
  11. Well Leeds top of league maybe the best pay day available to us as they invest to stay there. Doubt many others willing to pay a fee when he is available for free in the summer.
  12. Was actually laughing along with you. No need for dummy spitting.
  13. Phil Oakley and the Premier league . Good sunglasses though
  14. This season we cant spend . Any outgoings maybe sorted out already.in truth we only have 3 or 4 players who would generate much revenue. May well not sell anyone.
  15. If we have no money to spend wont matter if Bruce was here for the transfer window or not. Maybe he and DC have decided to keep the powder dry for the summer and think we have enough in place to be ok this season.
  16. Positivity on here more like stupidity from some. We arent going to make the play-offs a top 12 finish would be a giant leap forward from where we were heading under Jos. The summer break will be time to take stock and rebuild. DC may yet lead us to the promised land of premier league but it wont be this season.
  17. Pie in the sky time again. Its more likely that there will be outgoings than incomings this January. Pure fantasy that the likes of Snodgrass Maupey and Horihane will be rocking up at S6. Summer will be time to take stock and see what we can invest.
  18. If we get 60 points I will be happy after the mess Jos made of the job. Top 6 is a fantasy that wont happen this season. Top 12 maybe.
  19. The man was useless had no clue about english football. His lack of ability and knowledge would have taken this club into division 1 and back 5 years.
  20. Just glad to have him back in the side. Too many reading far too much into very little.
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