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  1. We can only get whats available and within our financial range. The days of spunking money are long gone.There will be no Messi or Ronaldo heading to S6.
  2. Gibson waiting in wings watching every move desperate to complain to EFL.
  3. Could go 4 1 4 1 Hutchinson in the hole at the back gives Bannan the defensive cover he needs and play further up the field.
  4. Yep too think Hirsty was happy with 4k and a merc. Those were happy days.
  5. Could well be must admit we have too many forwards at present. Need rid of 3 to make room for 1.
  6. Not at the price they are quoted as wanting. Seems we are still cash shy. Only way we will buy is if we sell and there doesnt seem to be a que heading to S6.
  7. Think weve signed Harris so he had better find his shooting boots. As for the other new signings think your a bit harsh saying there not upgrades on what we have. Borner I dont know but German imports tend to be good buys because of their attitude.
  8. From Bruces interview doubtful we will be buying anyone. Freebies and loans order of day.
  9. Henderson Madine theres 2 without racking brain. Probably more not big on piggy squad set up.
  10. Finish like Paula Radcliff in olympic marathon Good old Leeds.
  11. Leeds are building a right team if all the loans go through. Still trust them to blow it though.
  12. Just frustrates to see us pass the ball 10 times let the opposition get everyone back then pressure us all the way back to our keeper. No quick incisive early balls or fast counter attacks. How many worldies did we score last season. All needed as we so often failed to breakdown opposition due to our tempo. Not going to blame the forwards for that its how we were set up and the lack of true pace.
  13. We might not though if we could actually get the ball in the box and add pace to our approach play. 30 pass moves dont work pace is the key.
  14. My mates big Celtic fan said they had talks but once Hooper named his price that was it.
  15. 4 1 4 1 would suit us with the squad we have to choose from.. If we could get 2 pacey wide men with goal threats would really work.
  16. Not at 30k a week. Think he will need to half that after his injury record.
  17. Having a wild day Guru comparing Waddle and Onomah now this drivel. If Rhodes got 20+ goals he would have done his job as a striker. It would also mean we are creating chances.Yet again its prejudice against a player the same as his view on Fletcher. I dont think Rhodes will/would get 20 as his best days may be behind him but if he did I couldnt blame him for the team underperforming .
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