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  1. Leicester square buddy £4 a pint of average lager.
  2. Yeah was that bad went to PSV and played champions league football long after leaving us. Had all the talent maybe not the drive for english football.
  3. Wednesday fans arent born to enjoy themselves. We are on this earth to suffer disappointment bad luck and sense of disillusion or delusion.
  4. I agree with you. We may want 14million but realistic price 6 million with the lack of football over last 2 years plus a questionable attitude. Do rate him but I would take 6 million rather than nothing in 18 months.
  5. As Foxs header hits the back of the net a cow jumps the moon and 2 leprechauns dance in front of the Wednesday dugout.
  6. Always reminds me of the muppet show the 2 old codgers Stadler and Waldorf.
  7. Average on what he has shown so far. Dont think he will be getting in the Spurs side as he couldn't get in our bottom half championship team. Yet more rubbish from the Star. Think we could find better value for our money.
  8. Hallelujah by the Happy Mondays when we score.
  9. That summed up Jos and the Millwall game last season with no striker picked.
  10. Some games ???? Think you are understated there
  11. I would settle for top half. A month ago things were looking much darker.
  12. Thank goodness for that how many times have we conceded possession in bad areas this season. Do the simple things right and the rest will come.
  13. Bruce also has an eye for lower league players. Something we have not tapped into for the last 4 seasons. There are diamonds out there look at Vardy even though it is embarrassing for us.
  14. Think youve done your bit but it shows the love you must have for the club. People like you make me proud to be a Wednesdsyite.
  15. Rather sell Bannan. Reach has more goals and assists without him where are they coming from ? Sadly he is the most likely saleable option due to being younger than Bannan .
  16. Sadly I have to agree. Reach and Bannan are only worth what anyone is willing to pay. The rest of the squad has little sale value. Maybe one of the young keepers could attract a bid but the squad looks old and slow not what other teams are looking for.
  17. Dont think theres any doubt he cares but likewise he has also been very naive in some of his dealings. It seems to me the only option is to sell our main playing assets Bannan and Reach for 18 to 20 million if we can find buyers. If we dont sell then we could be in serious trouble in squad numbers for next season , taking into account how many players are out of contract at the end of the season and probable FFP restrictions on the clubs ability to recruit replacements. Think its time to bite the bullet and plan ahead for next season by letting clubs know we are open to offers for any player on the books. How many would attract reasonable offers is open to debate.
  18. Tango is ready and waiting likes his gnosh
  19. Great news and a chance to make a few bob. Who knows Bradford won there.
  20. Nuhui needs dragging off. One morr foul we will be down to 10 men. Liability.
  21. Massively in the shodder with FFP. Seems expectations will have to drop for a while.
  22. Bruce isnt starting until Feb 1st maybe the club has decided with him that summer will be the time to rebuild. Cant see much happening in January with the manager not in place.As for loan signings how many can we have ??
  23. With what ?? Were is this pot of money coming from ?? Only way is to sell our prime assets. Thats if anyone wants them. Could be a long January.
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