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  1. Its Bladesman Culture. Pol Pot was next on their list of preferred business partners.
  2. Hope people ring up tonight and ask about the Poundland Prince saying there is nothing wrong dealing with the Bin Laden family and he would be open to do further business with them.
  3. If players were rated on talent alone he would be one of the best in the last 20 years. Gerald Sibon would be my choice a player good enough to play in the champions league for a very good PSV side. The problem is talent has to be matched with attitude and effort and Nando could be questioned on both. These are the reasons he has never made the step up to the Premier league were talent alone is not enough.
  4. Long season to come . Its what happens at xmas and easter that tests squads as the games pile up. Happy with Monk but far too early for promotion predictions.
  5. If only Nando loved the club as much as the fans love him. Sadly think his best days have gone with injuries adding up. He was outstanding that first season but injuries, on and off field spats and poor referees mean we have seen less and less of his wonderful talent.
  6. If you go into the boardroom forum it lists the accounts for 2017-2018. We show a profit of 2.5m year end. These figures include the sale of the ground for 38m. Take that away and it would have been a 35.5m loss for the year. We can only sell the ground once so its worrying for 2018-2019 figures. We have cut the wage bill but not by 30m.
  7. 10 million a drop in the ocean. We have been losing 30 million a season. We need to cut the wage bill thats the only sustainable way to keep losses down until we get the academy producing some real talent.
  8. Totally agree . Some on here seem to think you just whistle down the pit and a scoring midfielder pops up. Sadly the pits are gone and players of this type are expensive if available.
  9. The pigs not making europe now then ?? Early season calls were totally deluded.
  10. Touted by some on here as rubbish and poor defensively. Personally think he is the best player we have. If played in his correct position he could well be worth more than 10 million in todays crazy transfer market.
  11. They arent unbeatable the Dingles managed it. We often play better against the better sides and lose to the dross its the Wednesday way.
  12. We looked much more of a threat in 2nd half. Pushed further up and basically nulified Huddersfield.
  13. Hardly on a plate thought it was a neat finish.
  14. We actually look threatening. Played well in 2nd half.
  15. Felt sorry for the Cowleys not offered Wednesday job then hammered by us in their first game in charge of new team.
  16. Get another 25 wins and Monk will have us up. Well done Gary lad.
  17. Agreed no point writing them all off after 6 games this season.
  18. Yeah if only we had Jamie Vardy when he was a lad.... Hold on a minute.....
  19. Took an age to get him on the park and when we did within a month he was gone. Looked at times a cut above the rest of the team. Probably should have had a much better career but sure he made his money at Real.
  20. Dont know how you think we will all have got it wrong if Monk succeeds. Many on here have been quite supportive. Mainly the usual moaners who have slated the move. In the cold light of day Monk is far from the worst move we could make. Time to support Monk and give DC a bit of credit.
  21. Monk has done well short term at all his clubs even Boro were sat 8th. Not really his fault he got the push at Swansea (a team in decline when he took over ). Birmingham and Leeds more to it than footballing matters. Boro never seemed to gel there. Now are we going to be another short stay or will he get real time to build here and make his mark. Hope its the latter as I think he has much to offer.
  22. Reach always seems to be the one who has to move position. If we let him play in his natural position think we would find he performs week in week out. The guy is are most saleable asset but we shuffle him all over the park.
  23. Monster Mash This town aint big enough Two steps to heaven Just my tiger feet
  24. At a club that has been in administration twice and blatantly flouted the rules under Bates. Leeds have built well but its been on other peoples money that this was forged.
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