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  1. Wont be missed because he hardly ever played. Best days long since gone.
  2. But we get no value from paying up contracts and releasing them. Rhodes will definitely be involved this season as basically we have no one else. All this talk of incoming strikers is just that at present . Seems to me we have left it very late to recruit and we may well end up scraping the bottom of the barrel. No way are we going to bring 4 forwards in before kick off next Saturday. Would be needing 4 if Rhodes was paid up 3 if not.
  3. I hope not Wickham . Another 20k a week for someone to sit in the stands and watch. The treatment table would get more ware than the grass on the pitch from him.
  4. Upside down cake . Pledges to get you to the top but you end up at the bottom.
  5. They didn't attempt to move dates on the sale and backdate it to a previous year. Thats the crux of the matter.
  6. Problem being we don't just need 1 forward in reality we need 3. Seems very unlikely that will happen.
  7. Argument based on what ?? Dont see any facts here just supposition. No foot stamping mentioned just thoughts on poor squad planning .
  8. Nobody's stamping their feet or demanding signings. What im criticising is the lack of foresight and planning. We knew in June last year whose contracts were up at S6. We knew in January which players would be available in the summer. No one expects top signings this season but a contingency plan should have been in place identifying who was available within our budget. I am sure your not that naive that you don't think players/agents aren't tapped up months in advance of being available. If we as a club go back in for the likes of Cruz we are doomed. Forwards already bought Lyle to Forest , Hugill to Norwich , Fletcher to Stoke. We have bought a young lad from Man City (could be good business , a centre half when we have at least 4 already and loaned a playmaker which could also be good business, but we are crying out for forwards.
  9. Clap on Buddy how .many clubs are down to just 1 forward on the books. Sure you will be claiming a master plan when we start with Rhodes and some unknown/untried youngster that we have signed on the last minute dot com. Think you need to take off the rose tinted glasses and look at the position we are in. Don't worry be raet wont be saving us if we don't get some forwards in.
  10. Would take Martin not Whickham , be lucky to get 20 games a season out of him.
  11. We Dont need 1 we need 3. If it was only 1 then I wouldn't be worried , and yes your right as we haven't recruited yet we will be in the race /auction with other clubs . Therefore paying over the odds or missing out altogether. Not the best scenario at all.
  12. Plans should have been in place in January not end of August. Many clubs have already brought in their major targets. Less than 3 weeks to get used to your new teammates and coaches if you think thats good planning with only 1 forward on the books I dont. You defend all you like but its far from a good position to be in.Prepare and plan or plan to fail.
  13. Definitely a better player than Da Cruz. I think he could do a job this season and maybe next as we rebuild.
  14. 3 forwards required hopefully 2 with pace. Clocks ticking so DC and Monk need to get their fingers out.
  15. I would take Windass on a knock down fee as a stop gap for this season. I think he would offer 10 goals over a season and with less than 3 weeks to kick off the only forward we have is Rhodes. I agree long term I wouldn't want him in the side as to push on we need better but this season is about getting some players in who are at a standard to keep us up. If we can avoid relegation we will be a much better option to a higher level player next season. Think it will freebies loans and the odd journeyman this season.
  16. Well if you watched Da Cruz and thought he was a better bet than Windass you saw something I didn't thats for sure. Headless chicken springs to mind.
  17. Realistically if we finish in the top 20 we will have done a decent job. I still worry were the goals are coming from but think we may just scrape by and come 20th. Think that would set us up for the season after to build the quality back into the squad.
  18. Strange logic as Windass scored 3 goals in less appearances while Da Cruz showed nothing. Windass seems to be a player who offers a threat and looked to me to be far and above Da Cruz who I thought looked out of his depth.
  19. More chance of the tea lady doing it than Pisspoory.
  20. Think you are looking 7 to 8 million fee rather than 3 million. Could be a bit of an auction with plenty of top end championship clubs interesred.
  21. Send me 2 of your special cigarettes or a litre of your absinthe please...
  22. Forget Murphy were well priced out of that one. Bargain bins , freebies and kids on loan is the way were going. If were going to spend its got to be on a goal scorer.
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