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  1. Too true mate people slag Hutch but we have players with worse records. Plus when Hutch plays he makes a huge difference.
  2. Princes Hooper and Lee may well argue that Sam is behind them as well in the pecking order not just Abdi .Hutchinson has been outstanding of late and we need him if we are to do the near impossible and make the playoffs. Still loads to do in my opinion but we are the form team after the porcine ones in this league now.
  3. No mate winning is the name of the game. In my job though reality is also required I dont believe in Leprechauns or Unicorns but feel free to do so. Credit were credit is due and this team is on the up but realistically we wont make the playoffs this season.
  4. Would be great if we could start a season well every year it seems we need 4 or 5 games to get going. Lets hope SB can change this next season.
  5. Have to say I agree with this. With Bruce in charge we have shown we can hit promotion form. With a summer of wheeling and dealing we can hit the ground running. We may not have a lot of cash available but SB will have contacts that open doors to good young loanees. Seems to me he has worked out we were crying out for pace and brought in players with this attribute. Could be we are not that far off challenging for the playoffs at least next year. The other bonus is teams coming down could be Cardiff Huddersfield and Fulham sides who arent run on massive budgets and wont be awash with money.
  6. My expectations were very similar. After the poor run we had in October to mid December I think top half is a good finish. Then see what finances we have and what SB can do with his contacts preseason. It may involve player wheeling and dealing rather than cash , plus loan players.
  7. Onwards and upwards buddy. Think Bruce will wheel and deal and the signings he has made show he knows what is required. We look far more mobile already.
  8. Seems some people on here think a point at Derby is a bad result. Seems to me expectations from some are set a little to high for this season. I am just glad the car crash we were heading for in December has been averted. Bruce has had a good start and the signs are good for next season. Enjoy the remainder of this and we can well and truly challenge next season.
  9. Makes Hutch look like a saint. Decent player 3 or 4 years ago but injuries seem to have caught up with him. Need to be looking a level up on him in my opinion.
  10. Warnock aint nothing to me has the odd joke to tell but deep down is only hiding his true piggy aura.Like the West Brom game when he tried to cheat and get the game abandoned. Not a cheeky chappie in my eyes.
  11. Be a tape player in a tramps car. Goes with the top of the range vhs video player that plays When Saturday Comes 24/7 because in Bladesman Culture that film is based on fact and all events were real.
  12. Wilder is the new Warnock smug as .... Pig who thinks it will be a walk in the park for the snouted ones. Lets hope they are in for a massive shock
  13. He then wakes up in his prison cell smelling of stale ale with bruised and cut knuckles wondering is it groundhog day as he is a pig now or is he in the smelly stuff again.
  14. Our run in looks one of the hardest. We would have to have some luck to get anywhere near , the improvement though bodes well for next season. I would have taken top half finish in January anything else would be a real bonus.
  15. Today is the day when day meets night , good meets bad. We are the daylight lets cast them beaten and distraught back into the darkness where they belong.
  16. Biggest game against them since league 1 Megsons last stand. In many ways we need to win more than them. Anything can happen but its all up for grabs. Brave hearts and cool heads will win it.
  17. You must think your the school teacher setting the agenda. A real owl strange how often that is a test you must take now as 45 years ago when i first started following the Owls this wasnt in place. The right decision was made in december and we are now going the way we should have been all season. If real fans like you dont like the fact Jos being mentioned as a mistake tough. I and most on here deal in facts and this one is undeniable. If that means im not a real fan so be it. Not really going to worry me .
  18. Shame some think they can impose their will on open forum and dictate what can be posted and not posted. All about opinions .
  19. Think we moved him on. Not soon enough though.
  20. It could be won or lost before a ball is kicked. The mental side of the game is vital. Bruce needs to instill belief and passion into the lads. No fear just attack.Thats where the Pigs have been good in the past . If we get them on the backfoot early the crowd behind us doubts will set in and they could crack.
  21. In answer to the opening question and would suggest Hillsborough stadium.
  22. More like an enema. Big slow and clumsy. Tried hard but out of his depth. Was the beginning of the end of the best side I have seen in 45 years of following the Owls.
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