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  1. Man United Leeds biggest rivals maybe to Leeds. Reality Leeds well down pecking order to Manure. Now if you were Liverpool then may warrant the title rivals. Leeds should stick to Huddersfield as main rival then punching at right level.
  2. Dont think the fans were that stupid in calling for Jos to be sacked. Think it hss been proved to be more than justified.
  3. Think it was more of a hissy fit from DC than reality. Anybody who tried to buy would have to meet DC price and if his transfer activity is the bench mark then no one will meet his valuation.
  4. Missed out the tactical genius who swapped players and formations game by game.Light years ahead
  5. Like comparing a Rolls Royce and a Ford Mondeo. A Mondeo is good at its own level but a Rolls is iconic around the world.
  6. His injuries will never be over had them throughout his career. The question is what walue will we get by giving him a new deal. If we manage him a bit like Sam Hutchinson then there would still be value in retaining him. Hutchinson has been great since coming back. Hooper hopefully would be the same.
  7. Signed by Jos think that says it all.
  8. Think next season the championship will be the weakest in years as Cardiff Huddersfield and Fulham look likely to be coming down. No major name who are awash with premier league money.
  9. Why would they give him away as he cost them 4 million ? Think we will be looking elsewhere at cheaper options.
  10. Dont think anyone will buy into another share offer or season ticket scheme. Most fans feel enough is enough with these type of DC offers.
  11. Would always take 6th a no brainer. What would be interesting if the Pigs were to go up would be the open civil war between Mcsow and the Poundland Prince. Pigenomics could implode as they fight over 1 seasons worth of Premier league money. Could cost the whole lot in legal fees.
  12. Pissed himself while asleep.Stewards removed him to save further embarrassment. South stand STH by all accounts.
  13. Jos will be forgotten in the near future.We now have a real manager and things are on the up. Time to look forward and forget about the Dross.
  14. Villa big club but so what?? Reality is they are on the edge of the playoffs no more no less. Seems the egos are bigger than the performances over the last few years. If they dont go up this year then the FFP melt down will start for them. Just hope we rub their Brummie noses in it tomorrow.
  15. Have to agree that the clearout maynot be as great as some on here seem to be expecting. Most of the out of contract players may leave but I cant see too many teams lining up to take the likes of Winnall . Jao , Van Aken Rhodes or many more. If we are going to sell likely to be Reach or Bannan or bargain bids for FF who looks past his best and in reality has done little for 2 seasons.
  16. Peppercorn rent could be arranged to satisfy this and DC agrees to give the ground back to the club on his departure would allay all fears. Whether this is plausible who knows. Would be interesting to know exactly what Derby have done and how they have explained it to the EFL.
  17. Surely not all these schemes have been white elephants. Dont think the fan base will get onboard with anymore.
  18. Problem with this is as it stands we are due to show another big defecit. The reduction in wages would show a year later. Unless we sold in January the playing side costs were set.
  19. Dont disagree. Feel DC would still chuck money at if allowed and he would put his own monety at risk not the clubs future. Just cant see SB coming here if there isnt a plan for next year.
  20. Seems that the bigger clubs in the championship are starting to look at ways to work round the FFP restrictions. Derby are the first to come up with a solution. Wonder if Chansiri has his own plan of action in place. Maybe those who said months ago about the ground being sold arent that far from the truth. Could be that owners willing to chance there own money at winning promotion are now looking to rebel against the guide lines.
  21. Any deal for Hooper or Lee would have to be on a heavily waited pay as u play. basis. If this cant be agreed the risks are to costly with our FFP position. Remember when we signed Hooper it seemed to be tough to reach an agreement.
  22. Westwoods return along with Hutchinson has been in my opinion the catalyst for our upturn in performances. From being wide open at the back we are a solid unit again. Bruce must also get plenty of praise. The only question left unanswered is what the hell was Jos doing.
  23. Carrying a knock seems to be the consensus. Carried the only attcking threat we have had from midfield for most of the season . Could well be due a rest but doubt its coming if Aarons is injured and Matias is the other option available.
  24. Seems some on here will slate Reach no matter what he does. They will only realise what he brings to the tesm when hes gone.
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