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  1. Wouldn't disagree but DC needs to lower expectations on some and there resale value. If he doesn't its likely these players are staying.
  2. Yes 3 players in before preseason tour not bad early business. Plus a mystery one out there with the squad trialing so plenty of action.
  3. Agree with this Thorniley is ready for a permanent step up to the first team. He is solid and on the way up.
  4. Dont think hes underated on here. 2 years ago people were claiming he was destined for premier and worth 10 million plus.He is solid and this is his level but his lack of ball playing skills will always hold him back from the next step up.
  5. Was no councidence how results improved when Hutchinson returned. As for your Bannan quote check his assists and goals last season before Hutchinsons return and after. These would suggest Bannan got much more forward with SM on the park.
  6. With a 20% loyalty bonus for his contribution in the past 3 seasons.
  7. Trialist must be Gary Madine..... Oh not that kind of trial
  8. Him and Dave Allen (not the ex-chairman) funniest 70s comedians. With honorable mention to Les Dawson.
  9. Yeah does my head in. Dont mind debating signings but not rubbish like this. If the lad didnt want to sign for us why go to Portugal. People on here need to chill a bit . Sure SB has things sorted.
  10. Maybe he got bored there and flew to Portugal with Bidwell.
  11. 98% bull i reckon on here. Im waiting for the return of the Penguin.
  12. Been injured for long periods puts us in poll position. Well known for giving 3 year deals no quibble contracts.
  13. They were wrong or badly mistaken or just blatantly lying.
  14. Guru will be happy he said he was poo anyway.
  15. I wouldnt know about german muck movies. Now fake taxi. ....
  16. German fashion mate. Always looks like something out of the 70s.
  17. Is he out boozing on the strip at Albufeira or in the casino at Vilamar ??
  18. Gray was outstanding settled us into a solid championship side with basically league 1 players. Should have been given a chance to carry on his good work.
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