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  1. This 40 games is not a true reflection. As you say many were 5 minute chameos at the end. From what ive seen from Norwich fans they were quite happy with him.
  2. Or like Abdi never go on or off the pitch just take the wee wee.
  3. For us Waddle a magician. Against us in one game Collymore for Forest. Against us regular Shearer. Always seemed to score.
  4. D taxis now the official owner of the ground. New taxi rank to be set up in megastore car park.
  5. Totally underated on here by many. The lad has the little bit extra. Scores creates works hard , what more could you ask for. Would be a mistake to sell .
  6. 10 million + can have him. Strange that the Poundland Prince and Mcsow are in court this week arguing ownership so whos coughing the brass up ?? Yet another nothing story on here.
  7. If only , the pigs give us the cash to rebuild the squad. Total joke journalism.
  8. I agree we wont have a massive budget and picking up proven quality championship players is the way to go. Some on here dont get we wont be in for 5 and 6 million pound players. We did that and got in a financial mess which we are paying the price for now.
  9. On Bbc this morning a football journalist said the penny has now dropped and teams are bringing in expert coaches in England rather just buying superstar players and the european results show the strides made.
  10. Yeah agree to me as a free transfer he aint that big a risk. Consistent record 3 years left in him will score goals. Pity he's a pig. Sure there will be more attractive players on list but at what cost and how consistent. Sure SB knows far more than any of us.
  11. Millwall cant compete with parachute payment Stoke.
  12. Not forgotten by me or the money we waisted on him when we should have signed Vernacio.
  13. Top scorer and player of season got a feeling the leaving part was his decision.
  14. Plenty of none scoring forwards. No 20 goals a season ones.
  15. Must be someone out there we can uncover or take a chance on. Even that kid at Donny or the lad at Tranmere . Vardy grabbed his chance at Leicester bought from Fleetwood.
  16. So did Everton thats why they took him back and sent him to Leeds to keep there bench warm.
  17. Problem is so is 99% of the league. Lets hope SB has a finger on the pulse. Maybe then a young raw loanee from premier league . Trouble is they never seem to work here Abonghalor , Barkley , even Slothroyd (not young or raw just bone idle). All were or became England players.
  18. Yeah him Suarez and Coutiniho all took plenty of stick on tuesday sure there in our price range. One thing is for sure we need to find a goalscorer.
  19. We need to find a goalscorer. The question is what can we afford. United signed Mcgoldrick and he has been excellent . Norwood would walk into our side. Diamonds in the rough found on the cheap or free. We havent got millions to throw away so we need to look whats available and take the odd risk.
  20. Not a rumour maybe garbage to you but this site is about opinions not just yours. Who do you think we will get Messi ??
  21. Is he a Utd fan ?? One thing is for sure we need a 20 goals a season forward not 5 6 or 7 as we seem to have at present.
  22. Where are our 13 goal a season strikers ?? Would agree Fletcher Jao are better. Rhodes probably but if FF isnt a forward cant think of anymore.
  23. Available on a free 13 goals this season in a poor Millwall team. Averages a goal every 3 games last 3 seasons.Player of season . Maybe a cheap scoring option if moneys tight.
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