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  1. Di Canio always the victim according too Di Canio. Why would I believe him ??. Why would you believe the word of him over anyone ?? Matter of opinion seems yours differs to mine. Not like Di Canio hasn't had a history of trouble throughout his career .
  2. Wrote of his transfer value with us as did Di Canio. Players who should have generated millions for this club walked away for next to nothing. Im no great fan of Richards but the truth is both forced their ways out and cost this club money it could not afford to lose.
  3. Already filled his pockets . More interested in what he did at Wednesday. Demands were way out of our league and forced a move. Bradford were desperate and agreed to meet them, their choice.
  4. Not a team player . Not part of his ego. Waddle always played for the team that was part of personality. Di Canio played for himself not really what is required at national level. What about West Ham and bettering himself ????
  5. Waddle Warhurst Hirst all did it with more success. Di Canio never played once for Italy that should tell you much about his personality. I agree the talent was there but not the attitude. You didnt answer the moving on to a bigger club West Ham ?? Really? ? At that time. Some over your argument rings true but other parts are laughable.
  6. West Ham were hardly a bigger club at the time. You probably believed it when Di Canio kissed the club badge . Sadly not a man who I would put high on my men of truth and scruples as he zieg heils to his audience. More self indulgent and ignorant.
  7. Refused to come back from Italy from what I recall. Should have sat out his ban and then got on with what he did best (apart from looking after his own interests ) playing football. Wilson was out of his depth but Di Canio wanted the bright lights of London. Would have walked just as he did at Celtic. I see you don't mention Carbone or GLB as he was nicknamed by the fans. Would have opened a set of toilets for £££. So talented yes , skillfull yes, loyal No.
  8. Skillfull yes , talented yes , loyal to the club NO.
  9. The best player I have seen in a Wednesday shirt by a country mile. Only disapointment was we never won a trophy while he was here. The memories though will live forever.
  10. Only player in a Wednesday shirt I have truly disliked as a player and a person was Slothroyd. A waste of human skin.
  11. Be difficult as Luongo has only played about 5 games.
  12. Got more game time than Vardy. 100% trier. As for Vardy up there with Jaap Stam, Eric Cantona, as players we should never have let slip through our finger tips.
  13. Surely its not hard to replace someone who hardly plays and when he does has little or no impact. Its time to move on all those that dont contribute.
  14. Five years ago definitley now I very much doubt it.
  15. Never get a run of games out of him either injured or suspended. The FF of 5 years ago was the best player in a talented squad sadly those days have past and its time to move him on and build with young hungry players.
  16. Far from our best player now. 5 years ago maybe but done nothing for nearly 3 seasons.
  17. If only Bannan could tackle like a centre half.
  18. Teams walk through a combination of Bannan and Lee. They need a tackler in with them.
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