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  1. 55 points I reckon should be enough. Then again with Wednesday's luck.....
  2. Play him on the left and he will get you goals and assists, l don't think I have seen a player more messed about with positionally than Reach in the time I have watched the Owls. (45+ years).
  3. Champions of europe their fans claim dont they ? They sing it at every game .
  4. Was good enough to coach at Chelsea with the youth teams before making a comeback.
  5. Just like 2013 . Jordan has remembered how to put the ball in the onion bag. Good lad .....
  6. He has been a crock since he got here. His record before coming was decent , but its awful here..
  7. Wont be missed, yet another overpriced import who has been poor value.
  8. Had the biggest influence on our points total with his goals so fully deserves it.
  9. Think the days of DC checkbook management are long gone. While he is still here it could be year after year of struggle. He needs to find a buyer and go.
  10. Well past his best when he landed here. Was a very good player earlier in his career.
  11. Ridiculous. Wednesday will be here long after DCs reign. We have survived dark days in the 70s, the Allen era, we will comeback from the mess DC has made as well.
  12. We need his money for now. Hopefully someone comes in for us in the summer, but unless were a bargain its doubtful. (Plus DC will think we are worth 200mill as we are promotion candidates)
  13. Neither are good enough at this level. By 26 they should not be looked as development options . Both are far too inconsistent to hold down the number 1 slot at a championship club.
  14. Then annonce tomorrow at 9am that he has a season ending injury.
  15. Don't think he will sign a new contract if we go down and Reach has been very quiet, may well have already done his deal . If we are to have any chance we need to bring in at least 1 forward and in reality probably need 2. I just think DC has no idea of the mess we are in.
  16. Looked finished last season. Be lucky to get 10 games a season out of him.
  17. Think we started the cost cutting 2 years ago. We are now likely to have about 12 senior pros on the books if the likes of Bannan, Reach, Westwood walk at the season end. Truly alarming times.
  18. The banks already broke , thats why players aren't getting paid....
  19. Utter garbage forward planning from our owner and his advisors. Contract should have been wrapped up before start of this season. We never seem to learn and the few prospects we do bring through walk away for nothing.
  20. To get us near the premier league would cost him millions again , im not sure he would reinvest that sort of money even if he could. We really are in the mire. You have to consider how delusional DC is with his play off target for this season even though most of his better players left and we invested nothing in reality into the team. Think he is kidding himself if he thinks he will get his investment back.
  21. Maybe thats where we have to go and start again. Build a team of young kids and drag this club out of DCs mire. I have lost total faith with him at the helm and im resigned now to relegation. No club can operate without forwards but all DC has done is pickup others non scoring cast offs and hoped theysomehow refind some form. DC must go but who the hell would buy us ??
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