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  1. Only get 1 card at chase the ace unless you have your own rules .
  2. Jos could have been dealt 3 aces would still #### it up.
  3. Agree Rhodes used to work the keepers hard before games now its lethargic in comparison.
  4. We actually pay them to take him. They request if he is a success can they have Nuhui next as they are short of litter pickers.
  5. The Sideboard as he was known. Slowest player I have ever seen on a football pitch he was awful but at least he seemed to try.
  6. In a results based business if you dont produce expect the flak. Grow up Jos this is the real world.
  7. To me Zico was the spirit of Wednesdays rebirth . Some good local talent mixed with some seasoned old pros. Every game was a cup final to Mel he loved pulling on the blue and white stripes. Scored some great goals and created more. My two favourite memories are of him smashing self proclaimed hardman Mark Dennis of the pitch and into the perimeter wall with a great timed tackle. The look on Dennis face was pure disbelief. Priceless. The other was when we were promoted as we spilled onto the pitch a lad from the Manor caught Mels eye and he shouted out allright Plug mate flipping brilliant. That to me summed Mel up.
  8. Best player i have ever seen in a Wednesday shirt. Just had so much class. A legend in my eyes always will be.
  9. Potential champions league. Where do you buy your booze from. I need a crate for xmas.
  10. Utter rubbish if we play badly week in week out we have the right to boo. If you were happy with 1 shot on target in the first half clap away. Obvious the majority weren't.
  11. One Dawson error doesn't make a season. The bigger picture is we are a disaster zone. No set tactics a team that changes every week and a manager who has no motivational skills sits glued to the bench as we get overrun game after game. If you dont understand why the fans want him out maybe there some of the reasons.
  12. Utter crock . Jos is out of his depth and the squad know it. Get a new manager and results would take an upturn. This team is midtable at worst if you pick the best 11
  13. Sadly we are not Holland circa 1974. If only......
  14. We have found our level under this manager. Under most with this squad we would be a comfortable midtable side.
  15. Outplayed now by Rotherham and Bolton at home roll on Ipswich. Things need to change and fast.
  16. Sadly Milan wouldnt have us back think his football days are done. I agree though it feels almost as bad as the Dave Allen days. We need some inspiration and soon. Come on Wednesday we shall overcome.
  17. Think hes been fit for 6 weeks. In that period i believe weve picked up 4 points.
  18. Will that be as high in division 1??? Wonder how many half season tickets is he going to shift with this clown in charge.
  19. A chairman has to listen to his paying audience or lose them. Dont think DC wants to lose a large percentage of his revenue.
  20. Who has said we cant play Westwood officially ?? As for Hutchinson he should walk into this team.
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