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  1. Id pay D Taxis to take them at those valuations.
  2. Flying pigs what next pigs in space ?? Suppose its more likely than pigs in Europe. 800 for the plane 5k to muck it out on its return.
  3. Under the last management we were heading to division 1.
  4. Cahill is a life long Wednesday fan why would he want to sign forUnited ? Sure he would have bigger and better offers than playing at the stye.
  5. Could be right half the league is looking over their shoulder due to FFP. The only ones with real cash maybe the relegated parachute payments teams.
  6. Nobody's seen him play the last 2 years as he hasn't got in the team either here or at Norwich. I am sure with the right service he would have done better here but that wasn't the system we played. It seems SB is looking at wingers and more pace but it maybe too late for Rhodes here. Nice bloke but just hasn't worked out for him.
  7. Class act at his best. Gave us 2 seasons of quality. Seems injuries have caught up with him but wish him all the best.
  8. Has to be the Pig Meister he is Bladesman culture. Horrible no class bellend who is more worried about scoring points of us than running the stye.
  9. Doubt he is on 40k a week and also doubt if he has much transfer value. Personally I would keep him as he only 1 year left and always gives 100%. Would be dear to replace and is worth his spot in the team.
  10. Most cant read so will fly over their heads. The ones that can cant afford to buy a newspaper. Poundland prince has ordered 5 crates of Pomagne for the team to celebrate on the back of dust cart as they parade down shoreham street.
  11. Just been reading about Real Betis in Spain they charge 74 euros for an under 14 season ticket. The benefits they gain are fans for life, merchandise , food and drink and a full ground. This season they have 14000 junior season ticket holders. Surely it would be better for Wednesday to charge say £115 for a under 14 ticket. Would help us reap the same benefits as Betis and invest in the clubs future.
  12. Wouldn't want Onomah back as he has shown little when fit and Hector for 500k think your about 2 million out at best. Sure SB has identified targets and may well be just waiting for window to open to tie some of these up. Doubt we will have much to spend but with Bruce in charge options may be better than in the past with loans and freebies.
  13. Doubt Jones is on 50k a week as he was released by Burnley and they are known to be frugal with their expenditure. Be suprised if he was over 20k a week.
  14. Time he went back to Spurs offers little.
  15. Think hes had his payouts off the club with contracts he has got for some very average seasons. He has the odd good game but in reality are far outweighed by average/poor ones.Does have some ability but to challenge we need much better .
  16. Well get fit and ready Sam for next season. Lets make it one to celebrate.
  17. Hodge got my vote as he was top class. Rated Pressman Kirkland and Westwood as quality but never saw either of the Springetts. In general though I think we have nearly always had a decent stopper between the sticks. Even Hirsty did a rate job.
  18. Probably because he wasnt chosen by Jos and feared for his job. Did a better job than Jos when caretaker and had the sense to bring back the senior pros.
  19. Maybe Dundee look after their kids and dont throw them to the wolves to lose all their confidence Jos style. Think Alex Ferguson set the tone at Man Utd and he didnt do that bad. Brought the likes of Giggs Beckham through slowly and then upped the anti when they were good and ready.
  20. On Lazaar cant see were it states he is on 32k ?? Think he has looked good and has the pace we require but again injuries have raised there head. Wouldnt want to shell out 30k a week on someone who isnt going to play. Not sure what his Newcastle record was ??
  21. Cant argue he has done well there but think he has a lot more to offer once he has a preseason under SB and his coaching team. Wherever he plays he is an absolute bargain.
  22. Has got the height and pace sure the rest can be coached.
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