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  1. If we have 4 million to spend I think other areas need addressing before we spend it all on one defender. We still need pace on the wings and central midfield cover for Hutch. Good though he is I dont think are whole budget would be spent on Hector.Loan is very doubtful as his contract with Chelsea is up in 2020. Think Thorniley could be a major player next season and there may well be decent centre halves released at seasons end to back up the squad.
  2. 9 goals 7 assists pick players of that quality up every day of the week. Penguin will return with at least 5 replacements. Then in the real world as these goals dry up and we make less chances people start to realise Reach was actually quality.
  3. Mighty Mel was my idol all arms pumping legs flying hard as nails. Plus he loved the club and it showed. Nillson was world class but never got the adrenlin pumping like Zico so he gets my vote.
  4. But much better than some would imply on here.
  5. Doesnt matter if it hurt us or not cant have one rule for one and then apply another to others. EFL maybe worried though as Derby and Villa would drop out of play offs.Court judgements would follow im sure.
  6. Would agree with this. If owners put in place financial guarantees to the EFL that they pick up the tab not the club. That would be then be upto owners what they were willing to risk much as what DC has said in the past.
  7. In someways would rather it happen now so if any penalty is to be enforced regarding points it would be enforced this season like Birmingham Cities. Would have no real consequences to us. That is if the EFL are even attending this. There have been rumours that Leeds and the Pigs have also been making noises in the background which is a bit like pot calling kettle as both have got away lightly in the past. Leeds on more than 1 occasion under Ken Bates.
  8. Snort beast alert. Please take more care of peronal hygiene before visiting this site.
  9. Penguins taking a hell of a beating is that one of Neils moderators laying the law down
  10. Been great these last 4 months. Looks hungry for goals and tries every game. Pity are season didnt start until mid december but next season to look forward too.
  11. Quality player before joining us. Been a total waste of space from day one. If only he had Hutchs attitude towards grabbing every opportunity and pushing yourself to the limit.
  12. Mother I can feel the soil falling over my head. Better go and watch the Wednesday win the cup. Not the worst way to go im sure. Next thing this will be part of bladesman culture all dates and names changed.
  13. Been a let down in my opinion. Injured for much of the season and when fit not good enough to force his way into side. Need to look for better next season. Loan players are not free and need to earn there fees by bringing extra quality to the team.
  14. Is this a Village People thread? ? Hope the hotel isnt the YMCA or it might not be the wife who is sore this morning.
  15. Warnock must have been on whisky to pay 6million for Madine.
  16. 3 games a season he is. Done next to nothing for last 2 seasons. 3 years ago he looked a world beater but sadly now its rare when he has much impact. Would take 3 million from anyone and save another million plus in wages.
  17. Been plenty of games where Reach has carried us. Without his performances before Xmas we would have been in the bottom 3. If any offers above 10 million come in I would take it but not any less.
  18. Has a year left wont be going anywhere. Time for him to recover and be ready for the battle next season. One of the major reasons for the upturn in form since Jos was sacked.
  19. Have to agree. Dont think Juventus or Monaco have been in for Hector. If Cahill came for the love of the club and say a 25k a week fee would snap him up. In todays football world dont see it happening though. He could be the new Mick Lyons.
  20. Need more than 1 in a pigs car need a full case.
  21. Rangers cant match championship wages so cant see him going there. The days of them signing superstars on big money are long gone.
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