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  1. I wouldnt know about german muck movies. Now fake taxi. ....
  2. German fashion mate. Always looks like something out of the 70s.
  3. Is he out boozing on the strip at Albufeira or in the casino at Vilamar ??
  4. Gray was outstanding settled us into a solid championship side with basically league 1 players. Should have been given a chance to carry on his good work.
  5. So you think Nuhiu or joa would get 20 a season ??? Not a chance in hell Nuhiu and Joa would need to find some hunger.
  6. Sign Theresa May like a poor mans Peter Crouch.A face to frighten any defender.
  7. We can only get whats available and within our financial range. The days of spunking money are long gone.There will be no Messi or Ronaldo heading to S6.
  8. Gibson waiting in wings watching every move desperate to complain to EFL.
  9. Could go 4 1 4 1 Hutchinson in the hole at the back gives Bannan the defensive cover he needs and play further up the field.
  10. Yep too think Hirsty was happy with 4k and a merc. Those were happy days.
  11. Could well be must admit we have too many forwards at present. Need rid of 3 to make room for 1.
  12. Not at the price they are quoted as wanting. Seems we are still cash shy. Only way we will buy is if we sell and there doesnt seem to be a que heading to S6.
  13. Think weve signed Harris so he had better find his shooting boots. As for the other new signings think your a bit harsh saying there not upgrades on what we have. Borner I dont know but German imports tend to be good buys because of their attitude.
  14. From Bruces interview doubtful we will be buying anyone. Freebies and loans order of day.
  15. Henderson Madine theres 2 without racking brain. Probably more not big on piggy squad set up.
  16. Finish like Paula Radcliff in olympic marathon Good old Leeds.
  17. Leeds are building a right team if all the loans go through. Still trust them to blow it though.
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