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  1. Going to Villa or Pigs according to BBC football. Never thought with the figures bandied about we would be involved.
  2. What we need is pace to play off Fletcher. He has a good footballing brain and more than enough ability at this level. If Jao had his application he would be a 10 milluon pound player. I agree we need pace but Fletcher is an ideal foil for pacey players around him.
  3. Fletcher who was totally reliable and had some excellent games at the end of last season. Think your prejudice against certain players blinds you from reality at times.
  4. Does one run into the other ? Its the one nearest town. People just sweeping crap out of shops onto path. An air of decay and seediness . wouldnt want to walk round there in dark.
  5. I agree very few germans who come over here fail to do the business.
  6. Derby has little in common with Sheffield apart from its working class heritage. Its a one club city about a third the size of Sheffield. Lived there for 2 years mid 80s good night out and plenty of pubs. The locals are very much behind their club the only other shirts I saw were Man Utd. Was always a good day out at the old baseball ground .
  7. Yeah its twinned. Drove through on way to flying saucer proper eye opener.
  8. Rawmarsh nothing compared to East Dean. Now you are talking squalid.
  9. We havent got anything at the moment as we are under a soft embargo. Dont envisage we will be cash rich when/if we come out of it.
  10. Buy Hector for 4 million and there will be no extra pace up front as we will have no budget left to bring anyone in. Rather have width and pace than hopefull punts upfield Sheff Utd/Wimbledon style early 80s. Hector is a decent player but we need to invest in other areas to move the team forward. The promise of we will bring them in on loans is pie in the sky. There arent lots of young pacey goal scoring forwards and wingers up for grabs.
  11. He did improve and he is decent at this level but I wouldnt spend all our budget on him.The return of Westwood and Hutchinson were major reasons for our defensive improvement.
  12. We need width and pace we are sterile going forward. These forward loan players rarely arrive here and even fewer are a success. Conor Wickham being the last 1 in my memory. Hector is good at this level but not good enough too blow all our transfer budget on.
  13. Wouldn't pay 4 million for Hector would rather invest in 3 players with pace. In reality he had a good second half to season but was poor first 4 months. His distribution is poor and there will be better cheaper options available.
  14. Doubt very much hes coming here. 4 million is well out of our current price range. Likes of Fulham flush with PP are much more likely to be in for him and can easily afford the fee.
  15. Not the title I would use for the place.
  16. In fact a swap deal Benjamin Kolloli for big Dave sounds good.More likely were looking at his cousin Bog Rolli.
  17. Well if living in Rovrum is lucky good luck to you.
  18. What happened to signing Benjamin Kolloli ?? Now he did look a player.
  19. Dont think he was ever coming back once a 4million fee was bandied about. We could probably recruit 3 players for that of decent quality. Thats if we even have 4million to spend.
  20. Sorry bud we should have got Judge 3 years ago .Who knows if he would have got injured.
  21. Still playing international football and Ipswich fans raving over him. Maybe not slipped as far as you think. Outstanding against us a couple of seasons a go.
  22. The one with the beveled head and one eye at 8 the other at 2 ??
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