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  1. Some on here its claimed already upto the rounduns on Rowett ITK information. Nothing left for the double. We should all be rich by end of week and Billy Hills announce their closure due to Owlstalk insider info. In other news.......
  2. Penguins got multiple logins this year I see.
  3. Reach shouldnt go for less than 9 million. King Pig muddying the waters again....
  4. We wont be getting Hector at 5 million. If he was coming he would be here by now. Think Chelsea have priced him out of a lot of clubs interest.
  5. Out of the sunshine someone always comes spreading gloom.
  6. Jamie Vardy Wednesday through and through.
  7. Moaning about new signings before they have played a competitive match. Only on Owlstalk.
  8. Reading my favourites to go down. Poor club poor support poor team. 2-0 to the Owls and cufk Steve Bruce.
  9. Or no club in there right mind would pay 5 million for a reserve team player who is out of contract at the end of the season.
  10. Thats right and Gayles catching the next one off the rank.
  11. 5 million I will get the car and drive him. Another who believes his own hype but rarely delivers.
  12. More kfa than itk. Nearly had a £20 spot myself then thought its on Owlstalk......
  13. Bruce knew nothing. about it and had no contact......
  14. Been championing him all summer. Would be a great value signing.
  15. Wouldnt loan Thorniley anywhere that lad will get plenty of game time at Wednesday. He is the future but lets no one down now.
  16. Mrs Brown had the perfect face for radio up there with Ian Dowie as the main man. Lock up your daughters time.
  17. Without a doubt we need to sell. Even with the ground money we only scraped a a profit. The real books were a 30+ million loss. We will struggle next year as well while we clear the big earners out.
  18. If we were offered 10m or above then I agree but not for 5 or 6 million.
  19. Reach best player at club totally underated by many. Haircuts a bit dodgy though.
  20. Just checked article again Fry clearly states 2.5 triggers his buyout clause. Questions Hulls ability to find the cash. Says Peterborough trying to change contract. At 2.5 he is good value.
  21. Got a 2million buyout clause as quoted by Barry Fry when Hull were sniffing. One good season he would treble in value.
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