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  1. Now he would be a great signing. No news on Hector signing today thought one of itk had heard it from his dog walkers aunties brothers uncles dads mothers father...
  2. Got to worry about their knuckles though , dragging on the paths and road from Hoyland to Hillsborough.
  3. Too much for us to pay for a CB when we are crying out for a LB CM and DM. Hector was good from xmas last season but premier league he isnt.
  4. Must be a south stander Waldorf and Stadler style. Rather dirty protest with trumps , scat or self urination than battle with away fans. Now if it was over a broken thermos flask the gloves would be off....
  5. Already bet the house and next doors shall I try the other neighbors? ??
  6. Well Jos had lots of strange ideas while he was here. If thats the bench mark the kid may well be the new Ronaldo.
  7. I hope so as they seem pretty good so far.
  8. Not about Hector , no one can argue he was very good last seseasonThe question is do we need another C/B or would the money (if available) be better spent on other positions ??
  9. Hope your wrong but no manager appointed whose making recruitment decisions. Not DC or Doyen I hope.
  10. We should get all the kids (over 20 years old ) out playing league football. Makes or breaks them when playing against seasoned pros. If they are to make it here they need to be upto league 1 and 2 levels at 20.
  11. I agree CB is not our major problem area . Left back a natural goal scorer and a box to box midfielder are greater needs.
  12. Your forgetting Thorniley. Definitley up to it last year and a more experience under his belt now.
  13. But not our best performer on the park. Sadly inconsistent and often off the pace. When on it was very good but that was 1 in 4 at best.
  14. Fee is set at 2.5m . Time we stepped in before someone else does.
  15. Dont think the fee is that big a risk one good season at our level be worth 10million. We need to start making these type of signings , young with energy and pace rather than past there best looking for a last payday.
  16. Go get Maddison cheaper than Hector younger and offers more value. We have ample cover at centre half but short in midfield.
  17. Go get Maddison from Peterboro 2.5 buy out clause could rip this league a new one.Goals assists energy everything we need.
  18. Abdi diagnosed with a club foot rather than signing for one...
  19. Not expecting much for any of them. Dont agree on Fletcher though as we have no one to replace him. Joao cant play the target man role and that seems to be the way we are setting up. As for players dropping down leagues not while we are paying fat contracts here. They wont go playing or not.
  20. Poor value signings been made but no real interest in our players in last 18 months. We have made mistakes but for some reason Wednesday have never got top dollar when selling in the 45 years I have been going.
  21. Wouldnt want rid of Fletcher as he leads the line and is key to our offensive plans. Fox and premier league not a cat in hells chance.Winnall league 1 at best as no team in the championship is interested since his bad injury.Then in that league only Sunderland and Pompey got any money. As for the dutch pair only Ajax have money in that league these days. Dont think they will be very interested. To sell a player we need some interest and it seems very lacking in the above. We would have to let them go for free basically even then their contracts may put other teams off.
  22. Question is whose daft enough to take these players ???? Do you honestly think clubs are queing up to buy Fox Nuhui Winnall Pelepussy and Van Aken .
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