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  1. You are right with the burnout comment on Leeds. Bielsa teams have a record of major changes 2nd season as many struggle to get over fatigue from the previous season. Will be very interesting to see how Leeds cope next year. Showed signs of fatigue I thought at end of this season.
  2. Shocking book that 8 teams under 5/1. Wide open league favourites should be 5/1 minimum. Think I will be looking for 14/1 to back the Owls e/w £5. Never back big on us.
  3. We should have blown Huddersfield away but were far to negative. Sadly the Hull game they bossed us for 85 minutes only in the last 5 did we look anything like. They still had 7 or 8 premier league players and it showed on the day.
  4. If he shows the form he has whilst on loan here and the same work ethic he will be lucky to have 5 more years. If you dont want it at 22 then you never will. Look at the youngsters in the England squad theyve got there through effort and hardwork. Talents no good without application. Not seen much of either from Onohmah. Pipe dreams saying he will be worth millions in profit to us in 2 or 3 seasons.
  5. Matias after new contract puts in shift shock horror. Re Athde Nuhiu style. Onomah will make us no money. If he is premier league quality why arent premier league clubs in for him. This guy has done little here dont get why some on here think he is suddenly going to improve. His career is going backwards or he would be staying at Spurs. As likely be in league 1 plying his trade as premier league in 3 years.
  6. We got promoted with those players or have you forgotten.
  7. Would agree but Onohma showed very little and to get out of this league its more about attitude and effort. Thats why the likes of the Pigs, Cardiff, Burnley, andHuddersfield,have been promoted. We need players who give there all week in week out.
  8. Some on here stating we will make millions on his future potential and is premier league quality. If you see that you must be watching a different player to me. I think he has shown very little whilst here. Another Matias type poor effort living on supposed potential and was out injured for long periods. Thought we had our fill of those type of players as it has proved very costly in recent times.
  9. I dont understand why people are championing actually signing Onomah.His loan spells have been underwhelming to say the least. His attitude is questionable what does he actually bring. If he has so much potential why are Spurs happy for him to go ?.
  10. Wouldnt pay a penny for Onomah . Did little while here and struggled to get in the team. All new signings need to improve the side or no point in signing them. Hector 5m look elsewhere then better value than that will be available.
  11. Interestingly how many bids have we had for him. Yes he is a decent player but if we want to up the tempo in attack his tendency to drop back and then dwell on the ball will allow teams to reset defensively as we have seen for the last 3 years. It is not all down to Bannan but to score goals we need to move the ball quicker.
  12. We have too many midfielders of similar quality. Forestieri and Bannan in my opinion only 1 should play. What we need is a John Sheridan to thread those passes. For all Bannans huffing and puffing his assist count is fairly low and he tends to dwell on the ball. Reach outscores and assists him. If Lee can comeback in fit then our midfield is far more mobile with Hutchinson mopping up. Speed of movement and thought is what is required. Joa must be at last chance saloon and he needs competition. If we can find a 20 goal pacey forward our prayers would be answered.
  13. How about pace down either side provided by overlapping full backs. Rather than 30 yard toe pokes into the box by slow defensive defenders . Or 25 pass moves from our box to the oppositions and then back again caused by a lack of width and pace.
  14. Wouldnt question SBs judgement think he probably knows a great deal more than you. Thats why he is on a 40k a week contract and your voicing opinions on here.
  15. Palmer not good enough the cover even worse. Hector unlikely to be coming back. I think SB is right to build from the back.
  16. Doubt very much if Mattias and Pudil were on 25k each. Maybe between them. With all the players gone including some youngsters we might save 150k a week.
  17. More than a head he was after. A bit of gristle and groin but wanted to avoid the crab stick.
  18. Only seems like yesterday walking up wembley way for the playoff final against Hull. Stopped near Croydon at a mates after but was a somewhat low key evening as the disapointment sank in The introduction of SB to Hillsborough seems to have brought back hope of a return to those days and hopefully a better result. Lets hope this time next year we are contemplating a trip to Wembley again for the bank holiday or even better have already clinched promotion. Onwards and upwards WAWAW.
  19. Go get Kollali SB looks a player. Plus claims dirty Leeds are in as well.Be great to rub their noses in at moment.
  20. Seems Westwood has really enjoyed his time here. His kids are big Wednesday fans as seen on last day of season. Think this will turn out well for all concerned.
  21. The first signing will be done before the end of August. He will be male have 2 legs and 2 arms. All guaranteed in the pub by the Penguin.
  22. Plus a short taxi ride to the delights of Pitsmoor and the Manor. A holiday up there with Syria Beirut and Afghanistan. A total culture shock guaranteed.
  23. 60k a week . 12 million fee. Yeah just add him to the squad. Sure he would be desperate to come as well. Total no brainer and when he signs lets put a bid in for Redondo as well as Newcastle havent snapped him up yet. Great being the best club financially in the championship. Oh wait a minute ....
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