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  1. Crying out for a pacey finisher. We really arent that far off in a wide open league.
  2. Totally agree. 3 good loans or purchases in January and we will make the playoffs. Only problem is do we have the finances to bring these in.
  3. Results don't back this up. Monk is hindered by the lack of quality and variation we have in the forward line. Lets see what January brings.
  4. Cheers thats the guy. Has his progress slowed as some on here were touting him last season for a place on the bench. Guru mentioned Hammoud think he left in the summer.
  5. Talking of young strikers whats happened to that Bulgarian lad in our under 18/23 who was banging them in ??
  6. Monks defensive tactics may well be down to a lack of quality or variety from our forwards. Crying out for a pacey finisher to play off or in the hole with Fletcher.
  7. Why get uptight over the defensive midfielder picking up yellow cards ? He is on the park to disrupt and breakup opposition attacks , bookings are a occupational hazard. If he didn't get booked regularly he probably wouldn't be doing his job.
  8. Think a pacey forward is what we require most. The defence is doing well enough.
  9. Thought he was helping disabled fans back to their seats whilst swearing at and abusing two female stewards. Conduct which he has admitted too. Somewhere his stories /versions of events dont quite tally up. Despite alleged previous warnings his conduct has not improved so he has been banned. If you do the crime be ready for the time.
  10. I can report theres an active windmill at Boston Lincolnshire next to the river.
  11. Cant compare Abdi and Onomah on talent. One was a seasoned international player of the year at his club , the other a Spurs reserve team player. Onomah could have turned out though to be another expensive disaster.
  12. The same as we were paying Mrs Brown then.
  13. Bielsa has a history of burning out players. He works them so hard many never refind the form of the first season.Be interesting to see how Leeds fair in the avalanche of games in December and January. Or if the wheels come off in April like the last few seasons.
  14. Missed nothing on the tv and not drinking Carlsberg. The adverts much better than the reality of the product.
  15. Would have to disagree Hutchinson is our only truely defensive midfielder. His reading of the game and the bite he adds to the midfield no other player in our squad can match. Luongo reminds me more of a Kieran Lee up and down the pitch player. To swap them could leave us open in the middle of the park and take away Luongos attacking threat.
  16. Sort the defensive side of the game and the rest falls into place was one of Brian Cloughs old sayings, and he wasn't a bad judge.
  17. We are short of a pacey goalscorer a fox in the box. That should be the priority in January. We may have no natural leftback but we seem to be coping with that.
  18. Agree Murphy should go back to Newcastle. Just doesn't seem interested.
  19. No brainer Lees is on the bench until required. The defence at present is winning us games. Second best record in the league so far this season would be madness to change it unless injury forces us to.
  20. Pity Carlsbergs weak as knats and is probably one of the worst beers on the planet.
  21. Tough month but confident of Monk to have stratagies for each game. Would be very happy with 8 points.
  22. Saw that myself Sky Pundits had us down for relegation.
  23. I agree it is disappointing if we havent got a midfielder ready to push Joey for 3rd choice in the academy squad. The only one pushing looks to be Thorniley in defence and he hasnt had much of a look in lately.
  24. No team in the premier league would have Joey in their squad. You may have your opinion that he is good enough for us , which is open to debate , but premier league that really is verging on the ridiculous.
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