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  1. Think Monk is better quality than Jos and Carlos. Hopefully he is more loyal than Mrs Brown. Given time I think he has the ability to get this club back where it belongs.
  2. We have no god given rite to be promoted and at present there are teams with much bigger spending power than us. We are at a crossroads for the squad (many in last year of contract ) so anything better than a top half finish would be good. This isnt Monks squad he has to make the best of it and people have to be realistic.
  3. Bang right. Monk has lifted the whole atmosphere at the club. If he gets us anywhere near promotion he will have done a good job.
  4. Iritable bowel syndrome or as someone has quoted bad shits.
  5. Great on here one thread stating Iorfa should never play centre half as he is always out of position ,another then appears saying he is that good a centre back he could be worth upto £30 million. Got to love Owlstalk.
  6. Are they cross gender females these bell ends ??
  7. Yep Reach must go.... Top of the list for auto starters. Showed again what an impact he can make.
  8. No chance can get a pie on the kop now.
  9. Top 6 totally delusional. Thought some on here were bad. Must be bladesman culture.
  10. Looks well used and loose never been tight in last 15 years.
  11. Only if you get near his armpits in summer.
  12. This season could have more twists and turns than a series of Peaky Blinders. Should have Tommy as chairman the league would be won now.
  13. Heard it is Rhodes favourite read and Morgan Fox swears by it as unbiased and factual.
  14. FA cup maybe, league cup even in our heady days of challengers attracted mid 20s until semis and final.
  15. The super fan attends every game no matter what . Surely you know that from owlstalk.
  16. Plus the smell of brut and deep heat mixed with old mens farts.
  17. No such thing as partimers there Wednesday fans. Lets slag them off so they never come again or bring their kids again. Then we can have a ground with 15000 real fans and shut down half the ground. Suppose it will save some electricity.
  18. One good game that was about it. Far too lightweight and soon dropped down the leagues.
  19. I agree we bought one who 18months before we signed him scored for fun. Now he cant even make the Wednesday bench. Who scores the goals is a major concern. Problem being strikers are expensive and we have little or no money. We may have to risk one from the lower leagues in the January window .
  20. Bannan could be squeezed out of side if we went with a rigid 4-4-2 . This would allow Luongo and Hutchinson to lay a solid base and play with 2 wingers and 2 forwards. I am pretty sure under Monk nobody is guaranteed a shirt.
  21. Nuhui doesn't have the vision or arial threat of Fletcher. (I know he scored on Saturday with a header ) Fletchers team play is better as Nuhui tends to run up blind alleys. What he is good at is holding the ball in the corner when we are defending a lead and he does seem to perform well from the bench.
  22. Thats wete Luongo can bomb on as it seems Lee has lost that ability . We may have to accept with Lee that the injuries have taken there toll and we have seen the best of him.
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