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  1. Just now, HOOTIE AND THE poo TU said:

    He was good for us


    What a lot of people always conveniently forgot


    When we were under pressure which was quite often, we could give JJ the ball and he'd take it half the way up Herries Road, which give the back four a breather

    Yeah when he got his head down and ran with the ball he was unstoppable. If only he had a finishers touch he would be a Wednesday legend. I loved him and the effort he put in.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Owls-Fan said:


    Fair enough, from what I’ve seen and heard of Willock I think he will be a top player for someone next season on loan. 

    I’m still not sure about Reach, the fact fans can’t decide on his best position says it all. I’d be using him as an option for the middle three with Bannan, Lee, Onomah etc whoever is fit/on form at the time 

    If you have Onlomah in front of Reach it must be a right pint in your local.:duntmatter:

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  3. 9 hours ago, gurujuan said:

    At least we have a ready made replacement in Fletcher It’s useful to have that type of player from the bench

    Fletcher 3 times the player Nuhiu is. No comparison and unless im mistaken he was first choice when fit all last season. D taxis required if someone is willing to pay a fee for Dave but likely to be fake news.

  4. 3 hours ago, Craig enock said:

    Bit random but wanted too know why he wasnt at the 150 year anniversary doo last year . I was only 6 or 7 when he managed us but I loved going with my dad to watch us play at that time . I've read 1 or 2 negative opinions on him on here over the years and just wanted some feedback on your thoughts on him as our manager . 

    Loved the time under Francis. Played the best football seen at Hillsborough I have ever seen. We were that close to the big time. Some on here criticise him but I think he got us so near to being a top top club.

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  5. 43 minutes ago, Junk Smuggler said:

    I can only imagine players like Westwood, Palmer, Lee, Borner and Odubajo are on holiday and more information will become available when they return about whether they are re-signing or joining the club. Another week or so and it will be clearer.

    Westwood will be staying one way or another as we have a years option. In reality though i think he is happy here anyway.

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  6. 36 minutes ago, Rogerwyldesmullet said:


    I thought first 15 and last 5 we had more snap than Hull but Hooper/ Wallace etc didn’t have shooting boots on when we got into the final third. Mind you. None of them had shooting boots on apart from Diame thank heaven!  I have no complaints about that result - they were a more experienced and cohesive outfit, more that even in the moment of victory it was clear there was summat not reyt behind the scenes there, Bruce left almost immediately and the steam went out of their trawler. I just think we might have had more of a chance of establishing a foothold in the Prem that time round than them and definitely more chance than Hudds who had a paper thin squad and no one even likely to score in the top flight.


    Then again, if we’d gone up and bought Abdi and Jones anyway we would have come down faster than a gigolos shreddies.

    Bang on with the signings.We may well have bought better though ig we were in Prem. Great day for Wednesday support at Wembley we did the team proud.Always think though Huddersfield was the major error. Should have blown them away at Hillsborough.

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