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  1. 55 minutes ago, sherlyegg said:

    Think we should get bruce and cc back anall,

    Then with Bullen as manager. Bruce, gray and cc in the coaching dept we would prob go up with record points...jos could drive the coach..bus i mean

    Jos would  crash the bus and injure the team. This would complete the job he didnt finish , getting us relegated.:ph34r:

  2. 11 minutes ago, alanharper said:


    If he's still there.  1 point from 3 games this season, following his haul of 5 points from 6 games after he joined last season. 


    Bundesliga 2 "promotion expert" though...

    Must have hidden talents........ About 5 miles down.:ph34r:

  3. 20 minutes ago, Harrysgame said:

    Not this again prices too high bla bla.

    If you dont like it fomt go  sick of all the whining about prices of everything.

    Get in the real world. Prices effect everybody. This club is in league 2 based in South Yorkshire yet the fans are expected to pay Premier league London prices. Its ok saying if you dont like it f... Y...but when that message spreads and your sat in 3 quarters empty stadium you may reflect. Football is a working class game and the Owls a working class family club. Strip that away and there wont be much left.

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  4. 1 hour ago, toppOwl said:


    It is but only about 500 people out of a crowd of 20k + will be paying it.

    Is that good then . We are managing to totally wipe out the walk up support. The mind boggles at some peoples views on here. Many walk ups used to bring the kids who are the future of the club. Lets remove that future part of the fan base. Very short term thinking and economics.

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  5. 2 hours ago, toppOwl said:


    He couldn’t spend his own money from day 1, FFP still had to abided by.


    It’s to encourage the few walk ups that there are (less than a 1000 per game) to invest in an ST or Members card, if you only attend a very limited number of games the cost isn’t going to stop you.

    Utter garbage why should any group of Owls fans be fleeced. I work various shift patterns so cant attend 1 in 2 home games and im sure many other Owls fans are in this situation. Why does that mean we should be exploited ??. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, WelshOwl74 said:

    Was just a stubburn manager and wanted to do things his way ie play the kids 

    Give him credit for that tho 

    Sure he didn't do it to get the sack

    Better experienced managers have done worse than jos in this league ,its a tough league .

    If he was totally useless he wouldn't have got teams in Germany promoted.

    He was a half decent manager as his first 8 months showed ,it just went t1ts up eventually

    He was gash and would have taken us down. Let his ego run wild (not selecting Hutchinson and Westwood ) to the detriment of the team. Thank goodness DC saw sense and realised.

  7. Weve had no pace since Antonio left with it obvious to all thats what was needed. Teams cant high press us now for fear we will play in behind them.No more camped in the last third of pitch with no outs and the ball coming back on us.

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  8. To be honest unlike Rovrum find Barnsley quite entertaining. They know deep in their hearts they wish they were Wednesday and heading down Penistone Road every other saturday to watch the biggest club in their down trodden town. Once a season if there very lucky they can visit the great metropolis of Sheffield and stand open mouthed in awe and wonder outside the Leppings Lane turnstiles. In groups of 10 clubbing together for the price of a bag of chips. If only they could be Wednesday nagging away at the back of their empty heads. Lets hope they stay up so they can have their day out next year. Obviously wont be at s6 as we will be premier bound, but at their porcine cousins in the unwashed part of the city were dingle and pig can share tales of their joint family trees.

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  9. 8 minutes ago, Mr Farrell said:


    I don't. Good at the time, but couldn't compete today.

    Waddle would be worth 80million in todays market. Hirst 60million.Des Walker 60 million. Nillson 80 million. These guys were world class not champuonship level. No comparison a team that came 3rd in top division to one that has an outside chance of reaching 2nd division playoffs.

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  10. Just now, Bagarri said:


    Yeah, that ‘Wednesday way’ and years of following them has me thinking the other way ‘round:


    ...Wednesday 0-2 Barnsley and people become less passionate about Bullen getting the job.

    Think we all know Lee is on a hiding to nothing, but he wants the job so has to earn it.

  11. 11 minutes ago, dorian gray said:

    planB was used long before jos came, uncle coco fetched that, along with his fitness regime.

    What fitness regime ? See how many we can get in the treatment room The difference was at the back our portugeezer had Leuvens who could play a pass. The flying dutch man tried to get Lees to pass it out.

  12. 4 minutes ago, dorian gray said:

    let them high press, when they lose it either A) quick release the ball to our forwards to counter attack and rip 'em a new 'un.

    or B) square pass it about amongst the back line as it attempts to crawl to halfway, giving them the chance of catching us on the ball 30 yards or less out from our goal.

    at least one of 'em should be a good tactic.

    Plan B was Joses way to conquer the league . Fortunately that ship has long sailed out of port.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Mycroft said:


    They are very patient with us old fogeys, just keep handing them the tickets and you will get the right one eventually, keep that separate in your wallet, once you get home put the others in your man draw.


    Don't forget your flask and rain proof jacket.



    Better start planning for life on the south if the first seeds of senility are setting in. Wilcos do blankets and thermos . Outdoor gloves and handwarmer. 

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