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  1. 7 hours ago, DJMortimer said:


    I remember a couple of games when we were losing and he came on from the bench and just dominated proceedings the rest of the way like Waddle would a couple of years later. Every time he got the ball, effortlessly drifting past defenders and setting up chances. And by then he was an old codger. Always felt he should have scored more often for us, but still a big difference maker.

    He was different gravy. Had never been a fan until he came here.  Wish we could have seen him in his prime in an Owls shirt.

  2. 4 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

    It's absolute fact whichever way you look at it mate.

    The squad he left us with, and every other aspect of the club was far worse off than what was left by Big Ron

    You're just applying your happy memories to the facts and trying to say forget the facts remember the nice stuff

    The facts all point to Sheffield Wednesday being way worse off on the day Francis was sacked, then the day he took the reigns

    You forgot the inbetweens. The Blackburn aways the Blunts at Wembley coming 3rd in the league. Great days that will probably never be repeated. As I said you are welcome to your opinion but you cant take those days away. Football is a rollercoaster of good and bad. Thats what keeps it interesting, but in 40+ years of following the Owls they were without doubt the best football moments of true quality I have seen. You may argue whatever you like but on a footballing note they are the facts.

  3. Francis built on big Rons legacy and produced the best Wednesday team I have seen. For 3 seasons we were up there with the Man Utds Arsenal and Liverpool. As some have said on here we failed to build on this and sell players at peak values. I for one will remember Tricky Trev with fondness and thank him for the memories his team gave me . Sadly I doubt I will see anything like again in my lifetime.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Bluesteel said:

    I think we will need a mix of experience too. Hard to judge Monk in my view as he had us up there and then when the usual suspects were sidelined we plummeted just like under JL

    Have to agree with this. Monk may have been better waiting to the end of the season and then letting them go rather than side lining them and playing inferior players in their positions.

  5. 11 minutes ago, gurujuan said:

    Again, can only go on what I see, and to date, I’ve not seen much evidence of Longo’s tackling ability. 
    No doubt he can tackle, in fact he’s a pretty decent all round midfield player, but whether due to injury, I don’t know, but I haven’t seen him yet impose himself on games

    Has made Hutchinson's injury record look trivial in comparison. May well be we have signed another injury prone player. He is not a ball winning centre midfield player in the Hutchison mould from the little I have seen of him , looks more mobile and attacking . One thing that is definite is he needs to get fit and figure much more next season as we may be losing at least 3 midfielders this summer. 

  6. 22 hours ago, gurujuan said:

    All about opinions I suppose, but playing games for a side that can’t win a championship game is hardly a ringing endorsement None of the January signings have improved us at all, and I wouldn’t touch any of them

    We weren't winning games before he came so thats not his fault. Of the 3 january loans he has looked the most likely and at least he drives forward and scores a goal or two.

  7. 43 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



    And there we have it

    For anyone thinking Wednesday will get off simply because of Covid-19 or that people might go easy on us because of it think again

    Surely nobody thought that. The EFL are gunning for us and will be eager to show their might if they win the legal case against us. They wouldn't waste their time if they were going to offer an olive branch.

  8. 23 hours ago, gurujuan said:

    I suppose they both did that, but in different ways. Jones tactically and perhaps not being able to install the correct mentality, and Megson did what he always does, self destruct His personality is such, that he always ends up falling out with people, rather like Monk.

    Megson fell out with MM and lost the battle and his job. Always have a soft spot for the ginger one as he is a Wednesdayite. You maybe right though as no other club has taken a chance on him since and his record is better than many who seem to bounce from job to job.

  9. Whether he wants to go or not it is time for us to move him on. Doubt many premier league clubs would want him but if we dont sell this summer he can go for nothing next. Not sure who would be interested but some championship teams would be I would think.

  10. 1 hour ago, steelerian said:

    Yes this is what he is capable of, but this is what he rarely does. Hence many fans have lost all patience with him now. 

    He used to play this way a lot more. Pass and move. Mayking runs and 1-2's. Now he just stands way too deep, plays Hollywood balls, and is then out of the play.


    Just look at his scoring stats suggest. Wiki says 188 games played, 10 goals scored. Incredibly bad for a midfield player.

    Bang on he can't score from half way line with his hands on hips shaking his head. He plays far too deep and often slows the attack up. 4 years ago FF was outstanding but its in the past. We need to move these players on.

  11. 7 hours ago, shandypants said:

    Who have we signed since Waddle that could get us out of our seats regularly by beating a man? I can only place JJ as that type of player and we all know that he didn’t have the end product but I’d take another JJ anytime if it meant we got a fair bit of excitement each game. 

    Are there any players around that can dribble the ball and if so, could we afford to buy them? 



    Think youve forgotten Antonio what a gem he was. Pace and power, in reality we were just a stepping stone but was great while he was here.

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