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  1. On 25/01/2020 at 08:16, acquiescefc said:

    Embrace the positives

    When does Welshowl ever embrace the positives? Hutchison has had a mych improved fitness record over the last 2 seasons and has been well worth his contract.

  2. 26 minutes ago, adelphi1867 said:


    These players have been together for 4-5 seasons and they were not good enough then. so why blame the bloke who has been here only 6 months and to work with the group of players that no one else got any consistency from.

    Evet one knows that the players leaching a wage out of the club will be gone in June, maybe then we can begin to run the club properly and efficiently.

    This will mean there will be no 'Marque' players coming in, no more fancy dan players coming in and hopefully players who WANT to play for the club, prepared to get physically hurt and to physically hurt the opposition too, to win, players who have got pace and not just good at keepy uppy, players who are direct and positive in their out look.

    Lets get away from the crap played by 'Kick-a-ball' and play ENGLISH football.


    More like 4 months not 6 for Monk. The knives out again. Last week he was great and this week people want him out. The over reactors should get a grip. We are top half on edge of playoffs with plenty to play for. The squad can be overhauled in the summer and then we will see a real Gary Monk side. The guy has done a decent job so far with little room for manouvre . We should back him not call for DC to sack him.

  3. 3 hours ago, sheffwed1 said:

    Strong pacey with an eye for goal. 
    Can’t understand how you wouldn’t be pleased with Che Adams. Strange. 

    Because if he turned out to be a great signing and we went up Welsh Owl wouldnt have anything to moan about. So he has got his moaning in early. If Monk really wants Adams I for one trust his judgement over Welsh Owls.

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  4. On 04/01/2020 at 23:05, gurujuan said:

    I’d take Ronaldo everyday, instead of Murray  Seriously though, do we never learn, we have one ageing centre forward, who needs backing up with somebody younger who can get about the pitch, and Murray gets mentioned Madness

    Where do you think the moneys coming from. As for Fletcher been in the form of his life seems you haven't noticed. Still blinded by thoughts of throwing money at kids like Onohmah who never did a thing here but you loved cos he was a Spurs loanee. Or Slothroyd who you championed even though he was dogger. I call that madness.

  5. Were that bad we sit in the playoffs.  Many on here should listen to themselves. We have no given rite to beat anyone. Football is unpredictable and can change in a second thats why its so popular. Anyone offered me playoffs position at xmas in August I would have snatched their hand off.

  6. On 26/11/2019 at 19:32, handworth52 said:

    another one comes on tonight and says it was a huge mistake letting hooper go? really 30k a week for 18 months doing nothing apart from playing golf. he is in new Zealand now and he is back playing golf with nothing happening on the football side .either not making bench or an unused sub in a total sub standard league . I bet they wished they never took him on. why do some supporters always live in the past. 

    The guys finished as a profootballer his body just cant take it anymore. Brought some class to the side but time to move on.

  7. On 12/12/2019 at 10:03, sherlyegg said:

    Don't think we could attract any ' known' players, if say they had a choice between us and any top 6 team.

    Except by paying over the top wages..and so the big wheel keeps on turning.

    What would DC do, if say someone came in for fletch at say £6 / £10m...or maybe bannan...

    My guess is he would say no thanks..


    If we could get 6million for Fletcher at his age I would grab it. He is important to the team but time is not on his side.

  8. 2 hours ago, mattitheowl said:


    You can sell players and you can buy them, they just have to be approved by the EFL and have to fall within certain wage restrictions.  Basically you have to sell your jewels and replace them with glass.

    Thought we cleared a lot of wood in the summer and replaced with a couple of jewels in Harris and Borner.:ph34r:

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