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  1. 2 minutes ago, parajack said:

    Really dont understand such comments...would you like him to be running at a tired Wednesday defence at 80 minutes plus,for another Championship side? with us starting -12?...no thanks,We might need those 6 points...On his money,with only 1 recognized striker,it would be good business for us.I still think if he doesnt stay,he will go abroad,but if not,i would be happy for him to stay.

    Running a strange word to use in describing an attribute endorsing the threat Nuhiu brings. If they both accepted 1 year 5k deals a reasonable shout anything more its a No from me.

  2. 10 hours ago, DJMortimer said:


    We're not seriously still buying into this simplistic nonsense that our post-Christmas collapse was no more complicated than one or two players being removed from the team are we (especially when a closer examination of the actual results does not demonstrate the neat, clean break implied here).

    Who knows what caused the split , I don't claim too. What I do know that replacing Hutchinson with Joey or a couple of U23 players did not work. We were steam rollered in a number of games with a total lack of bite in midfield. After the lockdown missing Fletcher and Fox also had an impact.(FF and Winnall not really missed as not involved most of season ). People on here still pedalling the Hutchinson injury prone myth (basically fit last 2 seasons). The problems at this club are deep lying but not helped by a manager who (like Jos before him) puts his own ego first. If you don't use the best assets at your disposal don't expect to achieve the best results. Says much to me about Monk that when he put up the rallying cry that we must win the last game at all costs (against a very poor Boro side) we failed to even get a point. 

  3. 19 hours ago, parajack said:


    Thats rocknroll..'innit'? ha ha..we are in FFP trouble,partly as a consequence of said 'wages'.But to answer your Q..Time will tell if these players are sought after,Foresteri & Big Dave i expect to move abroad for their football.


    Fletcher not wanted by Aberdeen,a Club he has recently been linked with,depends on his wage/contract lenth demands,& if he can pass a  medical,at a new Club.WE shall see...


    Fox,may have some offers,a few were linked to him,pre Covid 19,i believe? Winnal,not the same player since his injury at Derby,may get a Barnsley offer out of sentimentality,without that i think he may drop a division.,(Rotherham maybe fancy him? if he is cheap on his wage/contract wants?Thats why i raised it.. might see him in the Championship after all? )


    Hutchinson,may have some London contacts to call on,but to me frankly he looks like a player approaching the end of his playing career.He may be better off looking(or maybe training) for his coaching badges ,if he fancys it.


    Only my opinion,good luck to all,who have worn a Wednesday shirt,at their next Clubs,or ventures..

    Hutchinson will get plenty of offers far from past it.(check our results when he was in the team and then post fallout) . FF and Fletcher may have to significantly lower wage demands to get fixed up, while Fox more than likely will be hunting a pay rise as he left with his reputation at its highest and allegedly a host of clubs interested. 

  4. 21 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


    That's not true

    Radio Sheffield and it's presenters can't express a view either way

    I listened to the football heaven show were the presenter defended the action and said the Bin Ladins couldn't be accountable for the actions of 1 member of the family. Obviously he was well wread as the number of Bin Ladins convicted with acts of terrorism is in double figures.

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  5. 1 hour ago, TrueOwl said:


    The Premier League is run by the elite clubs who have blocked this bid because if it went through the likes of Spurs and Arsenal would no longer be part of the conversation and it would unseat the current top four.


    EFL are more of a horse and pony show who would have no vested interest in the deal and a club like us in the championship would be considerably cheaper and easier to get over the line. If they are looking to revive a formerly great club in a deprived area then there would be plenty of takers down here.

    Long time since Arsenal were a top 4 club. They haven't got the money to compete since they bought the rarely full new stadium.

  6. On 28/07/2020 at 01:07, TomtheOwl95 said:

    I think in that instance he's expected the whistle to go and it hasn't so it's already a second behind the play. I don't think it's laziness that, it's a lack of anticipation.

    First lesson in football. Play to the whistle, less thats not coached anymore.

  7. On 28/07/2020 at 00:04, Therealrealist said:

    Bruce was the only ‘coach’ to choose which players he wanted ..I’m also told monk was behind the Wickham but had no input at all on da cruz

    Monk claimed he had been scouting Da Cruz for 2 years , strange if he had no input..

  8. 38 minutes ago, Animis said:


    Fox to Coventry is a good move for him and perhaps Coventry. A promoted team who will want some Championship experience around. He's steady and considering our perceived predicament it perhaps would have been a safe option to give him another year, but I wouldn't have wanted him on a 3yr+ deal. Like Palmer, I'd like to think we could improve on Fox, but clearly time will tell.


    FF is 30 and after one last pay-day. I really can't see that NF were going to sign him should they have got into the PL. He really isn't PL standard. he'll be ok with them, but he can't assume he'll be in the first team week after week. He could spend a bit of time on the bench as an impact sub - not sure he'll like that!


    Fletcher is 33, and suffers injuries, so a pay as you play deal is probably all he could achieve. I think Blackburn have enough forward options but who knows, they may give him a year, but certainly not on the wages he was on with us.


    Hutch needs to retire - again maybe QPR would offer him a play as you play. He was done with us anyhow and a crock, and with Monk in charge next season there was no way we would even want him.

    Yet more rubbish about Hutchinson not injured all season , hardly missed any games the season before. The results with him in the side top 3 form without him bottom 3. Wants to play in London sure he will get offers.

  9. 2 minutes ago, owlsdreamer said:

    We were in a better place under MM than this bloke

    This is the worst position we have been in IMO for many years.

    We should have been more careful what we wished for

    Relegation beckons whether its this year from the EFL,next year from the EFL or through our own efforts.

    What a total clusterfukk

    As I said I liked MM but in the end he had taken us as far as he was willing to bankroll. DC has opened his pockets but his judgement has been awfull. We will bounce back we always do.

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