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  1. A player gets what a club is willing to pay . Relevance is a player is not to blame if he gets a good deal. The blame does not sit with the player but with the club.
  2. The squad Francis built was upgraded how many of the league cup winners played in the FA Cup Final? Ron laid the foundations without a doubt but we had grown into a major player under Francis.
  3. Thats what players get. We offered the deals they didn't write them.
  4. Ron Atkinson won the league cup not Tricky Trev. The squad we then built was top 3 , the best I have seen at Hillsborough. Under Paras logic they would be highly paid and deserve vitriol for failing. Think you have missed the point. The joy of watching us dismantle Blackburn , hammer the Pigs at Wembley all ended without trophies but left great memories.
  5. Time we looked at the Tricky Trev squad highly paid never won anything.Or how about the mid sixties squad. We have won one trophy in 50 years so with your point of view all these players have let the side down and deserve vitriol. Utter utter bull poo .
  6. We didn't buy either Hutchinson or Westwood......
  7. I wonder about contracts weren't we meant to have offered Nuhiu new terms but he signed for a Cypriot team instead.
  8. Or do we look silly Pelepussy still here Hutchinson gone ?
  9. No think they changed what was aloud in dog food. Mine only eats pedigree chum loaf or it dirty protests.😂😂😂
  10. Like comparing fillet steak and white dog poo.
  11. Twice a season maybe but dont hold your breath..
  12. To be fair Hutchinson had hardly been in there last 2 seasons. Spent more time in the dog house.
  13. Agree but lets see if the penny drops and he moderates his behaviour. He is welcome back as a Wednesdayite but the welcome will be shortlived if he behaves like a tool.
  14. Ask the mods they changed it from 4 letters.😧😧
  15. Can't dispute he is a Wednesday fan but also can't dispute if you have the misfortune to sit anywhere near him he is annoying as ********.
  16. FF turned out to be a total mercenary available to the highest bidder, the only stumbling block for him was DC wouldn't let him go. Looking back now how much better off would we be if he had. FF hasn't turned a wheel in 3 seasons and walked away for nothing.
  17. We are work in progress but I would agree the early signs are looking better.Still think we need an out and out striker , plus a defensive midfielder as minimum requirements. The team spirit seems to be there and the workrate.Just need that extra bit of quality.
  18. We dominated them with 50% possession. 1 shot on target opposed to 3 for them. I am happy with the start but Neil you are talking absolute boolucks. Good start lets keep it going. The new Barcelona we aren't.
  19. I would have taken 4 points from first 2 games no matter how we played. We do need an injection of talent upfront (to be fair Windass has looked good) and a defensive midfielder as Luongo is not that type of player. The target is 4th bottom and we are looking a reasonable bet to be able to get that at least , so far anyway. The worry is the squad has little or no back up , if we hit a run of injuries we could be in serious trouble.
  20. If hes going to be more defensive this year he needs to learn how to tackle. Think we will look decent going forward but may get opened up by the better teams. The team still lacks a proper defensive midfielder. (JP is not good enough).
  21. I know they've gone bud , but a tshirt with one of them on would be worth buying just for the memories.
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