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  1. If players are good enough to get in the team play them. If they aren't up to it then no way do you throw them into a relegation fight. Hutchinson improves the side he is better than the options available at present. When we develop or recruit better he will no longer be required but at this moment in time that is not the case.
  2. I would if it keeps us in this league. There is a time to develop but it isnt in the middle of a relegation fight. Neither of the 2 are ready and playing them regularly at this stage would be foolhardy. The financial implications of relegation are dire and its the time for experience not development.
  3. Hunt and FSB nowhere near the standard required at present. If they were it would be a real bonus but the facts are they aren't ready yet.
  4. Better than what we have , will improve team. Keep the haters with a target win win scenario.
  5. Exactly this. Reach is a left winger play him there and he will produce goals and assists.
  6. So would I , but I fear its too late in the day now. (Sure he will have been made aware of what is available if he goes on a free in the summer). This should have been sorted out last summer if not before.
  7. The same ones who name multimillion £ transfer targets. Who would want us losing £20000000 a year and don't even own our stadium.
  8. Would think Reach and his agent have a fair few options in the pipeline. Just starting to show his true form now played in his correct position. Will be our loss as he moves on from the madness that is DCs Sheffield Wednesday.
  9. Don't spoil it for the mythsters. He got sent of every game and then punched the manager.
  10. Lot bigger failures than Windass or Patterson. Kachunga ,Brown , Marriot and the lad from Man City have all failed to make an impression. To be honest I don't see where all these players better than Windass or Patterson freely avilable are ,and if they are there would we be their club of choice ? I definitely think you underate what Windass has to offer.
  11. Think the latter don't you. It is scandalous that we started the season with only Rhodes as an out and out striker, just think DCs lack of knowledge about the game means we won't get what is required. This season really could go ******** up.
  12. Too many on here go for the myths rather than the reality. Hutchison and Abdi are like chalk and cheese. One player fought back from career ending injury to comeback at a decent level through his own determination. Another player sat on the treatment table with little interest in playing for 3 seasons.
  13. The results after he was frozen out don't back up this statement. Without him in the team we became wide open down the middle and teams just walked through us. We had a total lack of bite in midfield and just got swept aside.
  14. Change the record, Hutchinson injury record in last 3 seasons was better than most. Movement was fine when we were sat 3rd in league before Monk froze him out. That really worked out well.
  15. Is he better than Pelupessy? In my mind he is far superior and can cover other positions. Long as the wages aren't a problem the deal is a no brainer.
  16. No comparison Fletcher was light years ahead of Nuhiu, your anti-Fletcher bias clouds your judgement yet again. Nuhiu was good at falling over his own feet , rarely made assists , and had a poor goals ratio. Fletcher was the complete target man, good in the air and on the floor. (Injuries did cloud his time here but when he played he offered a genuine goal threat)
  17. Would be a non starter with Covid restrictions as no money coming in, how would we absorb the costs ? Looks like were stuck with DC short term at least.
  18. Bring in Ollie at least his press conference's would be fun and he plays attacking football.
  19. Don't think Marriotts return is by our choice. Has looked about as interested as Jay Bothroyd. Says a lot when Derby are willing to send him back to a relegation rival.
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