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  1. It looks like were stuck with DC in the short term at least. No one in their right mind would buy a non premier league football club with the present restrictions. The question is when it all goes back to normal will DC look to sell ? Who seriously would want us , as we don't even own our ground anymore and are multimillions in debt. DCs reign has turned into a full horror show.
  2. Confidentiality clauses written into contracts at a guess.
  3. Different set of recruitment team , the early signings mostly worked. Now it looks chaotic and desperate. Bruce managed to bring in some quality but its been mainly downhill since.
  4. Or is question do we even want him back here. (Had been shocking in his displays before injury).
  5. He hasn't played a game every 3 days here either, more like every 3 months in his case. He has been a disaster fitness wise.
  6. Bob Bolder was a fair keeper as well , and Chris Turner . We have been blessed with the stoppers.
  7. A cynic might think that DC is holding back on appointing a manager until the transfer window closes. Especially after Pullis told him what was required and then sacked 2days later.
  8. If we were planning on selling Reach it should have been done in the summer. His value now would be next to nothing as he is available on a free in June. Sadly it looks like the squad will be even weaker next season if Reach Bannan and Lees leave on frees and no money to buy adequate replacements.
  9. Reach starting to hit form again needs signing up as others will take notice. Silly to let him or Bannan go for nothing but rather keep them until end of season now we are starting to show a bit of fighting spirit.
  10. Please god not Wickham a broken down shell of what he once was...
  11. A bin liner and a used cat litter tray...
  12. Half the lads Jack brought through would have been Facebook legends lol.
  13. Your right my apologies think he was injured within the first few weeks. Problems have mounted up ever since. I wonder if we will ever see him on a regular basis.
  14. Jack Charlton never worried and lifted us out of the mire and placed us in a position to build from.
  15. A goal scoring centre forward/target man. A fox in the box finisher. A natural pacey leftback. A defensive holding midfielder. In that order of priority. .
  16. No he isn't but would shore up the midfield.Pity we haven't got a forward in the whole squad who looks 15 plus goals a season. That would be an answer to a lot of our problems.
  17. Proof ??? Only attitude I saw on the pitch was commitment and a will to win...
  18. Hasn't been on the park long enough for us to break him. Check the number of games he has actually played. Was injured when he arrived. Then check how many games Hutchinson missed through injury in last 2 seasons. There is no doubt we miss his presence in midfield and haven't replaced him. Luongo is not a midfield holding player and never has been, he is a box to box player when played in his best position.
  19. Played last than 50% due to 2 very poor managers sidelining him , not through injury. His record of injury in the last 2 seasons was good.
  20. The old myth Hutchinson always injured. Last 2 seasons hardly injured. Now if you look at Luongo there was a real car crash of a signing he is threatening to become the new Abdi.
  21. Slag him off and he will score... Exactly like the Boro game .....
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