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  1. Even thinking of picking Marriot is what scares me...
  2. We paid around 500k for Windass and 450k for Patterson. Wouldn't say they have been bad value but hardly awe inspiring either.
  3. When we concede we look like a team of condemned men staring at the gallows just waiting for the inevitable.
  4. Was it the recruitment team or has DC called time on any spending ?? All the signings should have been done in the summer but we brought in very little and only bottom rung fees. The loans have been a disaster this year none have made any sort of impact. Think yesterday confirmed we are heading to league 1 and who knows where the season after. Sad sad times at S6.
  5. Could well happen with at least 12 players out of contract in June and looking at our shocking recruitment policy( or lack of it ) this season.
  6. This demise started with CC running out of ideas and DC. blowing money on players past their best or with no sell on transfer walue.. He then appointed a series of poor managers or ones who were never interested in the club.He has let talented youngsters walk for free out of the door and now has run the squad down so much we only have 1 out of form recognized striker. None of this is Neil Thomsons fault he has been asked to turn water into wine as DC fiddles while Hillsborough burns. I can only see years of struggle being DCs legacy.
  7. No goal threat whatsoever in that team. Rhodes on his own uptop does not work.
  8. Tough as teek no nonsense defender just what we needed , instead we bought the bottling dutchman probably the weakest tackling centrehalf in the EFL.
  9. Id bring him in now.Even if its only to the end of season, at least we would go down attacking if he didn't keep us up.
  10. Without a doubt. We have missed his pace and his ability to chip in with the odd goal. Was are most marketable player but think that boat may have sailed now with the injury.
  11. Vernacio should have been snapped up rather than Van Disaster. Far better defender and much better value.
  12. Wasn't the fee quoted for Iorfa £250000 at the time ? The worry is he won't play again this season and then sits out the last year of his contract and walks for free. The injury couldn't have come at a worse time as potential buyers may want to see if he is back to his best before offering a fee and the nearer to the end of his contract the lower the value. Could well be we lose millions yet again.
  13. Thompson doesn't give any of them commandments on the last 3 displays.
  14. Monk was responsible for the recruitment or lack of it preseason. He should have told DC what was required to stay up. The fact we didn't recruit a targetman was ridiculous and too bring in a centrehalf with a broken leg scandalous. In the end Monk didn't have a plan A never mind a plan B. Rivals Jos for most inept manager in 40 years.
  15. Can see a Bolton scenario were the club is millions in debt with no way of paying and the team freefalling down the leagues.
  16. Play players in their best positions usually works out best in any team sport. Reach has been forced into every role apart from goalie. It has been a criminal waste of his talent and not beneficial to results.
  17. Sure that when he leaves on a free the new club will have signed him to play wide left. Not a centre mid ,not a right sided midfielder, not a centre forward , not a 10 , just plain and simple wide left. Pity manager after manager here has never worked that out.
  18. Round pegs in round holes, square pegs in square holes Simples....
  19. Play Reach on the left wing he performs Simples...
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