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  1. Leave Iorfa alone. The guy has been brilliant at centrehalf. Plus if premier league clubs are sniffing we need to showcase him in his best position not swap him about. God knows this club needs to gain every pound it can get at the moment and an eight figure sum for Iorfa would be excellent business.
  2. Top stats nearly 1 goal for every 2 games. Shows theres plenty of life in the old dog yet.
  3. Why would he double his money ?? Did he say he was selling if we went up. Even if he doubled his money now it wouldn't cover his investment. The only chairman in 25 years to try to compete and he gets slaughtered on here. He has made some big mistakes but he hasnt left and is still pumping money in.
  4. DC has always given his all for this club. The only problem with that is it has landed in trouble with FFP. Those who slate him should actually think how much of his own money he has sunk into the club. Whatever happens we will still be here and no EFL commitee can take that away from us.
  5. Way Boro are going we wont be in the same league next year and Gibson can argue with the likes of Rovrum and Donny.
  6. 15 million for someone who cost us next to nothing would be a brilliant bit of business. Especially as its in an area with plenty of options. Fair play to Iorfa though he has been outstanding this season.
  7. Hardly 7 easy games the first 4 are pretty tough. Be happy with 13 points from these. Brentford Forest Brizzie all up there Derby starting to stir. Cardiff and Hull far from poor. Stoke well on paper best squad in league but underperformers.
  8. Think Leeds and West Brom will go up automatically they both look a bit infront of the rest in quality and squads. Would agree the playoffs are there for the taking with around 10 sides in the mix. If we can aquire an inform pacey goalscorer then we can definitely be in the mix. That is of course with no EFL imposed sanction.
  9. The points deduction if found guilty could be applied anytime think Birminghams was February last year. What does worry me though is there does seem to be an anti Monk undercurrent brewing on here even though he seems to be doing a decent job. Even threads comparing him to Jos. Time people got behind the team and the manager.
  10. Dont panic dont panic are you corporal Jones from Dads Army ? There will be no firesale and DC doesn't do bargain deals. The summer will see a clearout with around 10 out of contract
  11. Top half of the ieague with a squad that has barely changed over the last couple of years and lacks an out and out goal scorer. Think he isnt doing a bad job. Monk is his own man and I believe he will get us in or around the playoffs this year. No team has embarrassed us all season and given a bit of luck we could have been 7 or 8 points better off.
  12. We need to look in lower leagues for a rough diamond. Plenty of other teams seem to find them we never seem to look . Young quick forwards are there if we were willing to take a risk.
  13. Head straight to A and E and ask for your medication. You should never let it run out.
  14. Seriously think DC picking the team ?? Or is it just a stupid ill thought out snipe ? We have played well the last couple of games. Think most people on here realise we need a pacey fox in the box. Rhodes, Winnall and FF are not the answer and they arent Monks signings.
  15. Waddle world class proven at international level. Di Canio talented but not at the same level. Not through lack of talent but more self indulgent attitude. Would always put Waddle above him. Plus Waddle had genuine feelings towards the club and fans Di Canio kissed the badge but loved himself.
  16. Maybe it was Harrys dog. Oh hold on that was a different owner .
  17. Sadly this may well be the fact of the matter. I wont be holding my breath in January about signings with this hanging over us.
  18. You obviously are steeped in Blades culture thinking its good to borrow money from a family who have had at least 7 members of it charged with terrorism. Many of which involved British troops and citizens. Slither back to the sewer your stinking the place out.
  19. Oh was that when you brought the Bin Ladens in ?? Think I would rather be under embargo than go that low.
  20. Well uncle Milan told me it was a good deal and his mate Harry Redknapp said it couldn't go wrong.
  21. Lol with the ghost of William Wallace and Guido Fawkes for company.
  22. No probs . Just feels that yet again someone has just come up and stuck a giant pin in Wednesday's balloon.
  23. Hardly trivial this one though is it ??
  24. So Villa and Derby get no sanction/investigation but we go in front of the EFLs FFP breach panel . Sheffield United admit they were secretly under embargo but somehow still brought players in no investigation. Whatever this club does at present we seem to cover ourselves in the brown smelly stuff. I don't blame DC as I wasn't moaning when we were in the playoffs and looking likely to go up.(how that Huddersfield result comes back to haunt us ). The irony is for the first time in 25 years we have an owner willing to spend money but isn't allowed to. It is blatantly obvious the FFP rules don't work as the majority of teams in the Championship are deep in debt but it would seem some are better at disguising this than us. Im sure we will get over this in time but the worry is who would buy us if DC walked.
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