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  1. More likely wearing it so he doesn't have to pay for new whilst he finds the next gravy train, sorry I mean club.
  2. No one can argue DC sticks his hand in his pocket but sadly much of it has gone to waste.
  3. Been pretty quiet that the poundland prince has taken out a loan to buy out Mcsow's control of the ground and doss house. Strange that a supposed rich Saudi Prince has yet again failed to stick his own money in but hocked the curly tails into a loan to the emirates bank. DC at least throws his own money at it even if it is ill judged.
  4. Who shall we rip to bits next ?? Fox has gone so we need a new scapegoat. The owlstalk way.
  5. Not for the last 2 seasons or have you been watching someone else ??
  6. We have needed a pacey fox in the box for the last 2 seasons at least. We just aren't clinical in front of goal. Think we need to take a chance on a couple of divisuon 1/2 raw talents, if there ever was a buyers market it will be this summer.
  7. DC's future surely depends on the sustainability of Tuna and its market price.
  8. May well have but not announced . Very sad ending to Fletchers time here with his supposed injury against Forest. Always liked his touch of class on the park but its not a very classy ending.
  9. Offered him and Fox new deals , both declined. We are in the position of a lot of clubs with the extension but the likes of Kieren Lee and Athde Niuhi have agreed to see the season out so a bit of loyalty shown there.
  10. Sadly some of our key players decided they wouldn't extend contracts for another 6 weeks. Even though the likes of Fletcher had been stating their love for the club. We don't have the biggest of squads now and further injuries would take us to the brink. Like division 1 and 2 the season should have been ended .
  11. Wouldn't want one of those in Brighton...😲😲😲
  12. All grounds with character and atmosphere. Villa have shown with there ground how they can be maintained and modernised.
  13. Had a lot more pace than Shearer thats why I always thought he had the edge. Shearer though recovered better from injuries than Hirsty thats why he had the better career. (Signing for Newcastle curtailed the medals though).
  14. Alex Ferguson thought so and he isn't a bad judge.
  15. Highly touted then gone.. We never seem to hit the jackpot with the kids.
  16. Too right , like the 3 horsemen of the apocalypse watching over us. Once its done we can concentrate on the football again.
  17. Fair enough. Honest at least. Hopefully longer it takes the less likely we are of being found guilty.
  18. Does anyone actually know when the verdict is due ?? This thread seems to gone off on various tangents not related to the subject.
  19. Sadly not correct information. Did you get the information from the Stir ???
  20. Be great if king pig took Gibsons mardy army down with the super Cowleys and the toy tigers.
  21. All games included Monk averages higher then ? To some the Cowleys were world beaters hasn't worked out that way.The ex-premier league squad and parachute payments should have given them an advantage surely.
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