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  1. Think the next season will be more about staying up not going up if we are in the championship. Any incomings are likely to be free transfers and loanees. The financial mess has to be controlled and that could take 2 seasons, maybe more depending when Covid 19 is sorted. Tough times ahead but we have been there before and comeback im sure we will do so again.
  2. You have definitely made some of those here Gary and todays is another one to chalk up.
  3. 2 seasons ?? More like 6. We could be in league 1 next year if the EFL win their case against us or if Monk cant find 3 wins out of 9.
  4. This looks like a squad filler for league 1 never mind challenging in the championship. I wonder if words out the EFL are going to hit us with a big points deduction before the end of the season. Resigning Joey even for league 1 is just throwing money away.
  5. The squads going down faster than the Titanic if JP is the standard we are looking to hold onto. He brings nothing to the table but the fact he is cheap. The problem is its not financial sense to keep a player who is not good enough for league 1.
  6. Not likely in reality as we have breached FFP at least twice. Even DC realises we have to cut our costs.
  7. If he picked these 3 it doesn't instill much confidence. I was pro-Monk when he came but something has been very wrong since xmas.
  8. Think we saw the best of Wickham 5 years ago. Injuries have added up and we would be lucky to get him on the park for 15 games a season. Sadly this was always doomed to failure.
  9. Monks January transfer window activity leaves me very worried for the summer. Cruz could turn out to be a top 10 worst player seen in the blue and white stripes. Wickham looks finished and Windass average. That is if they were Monks picks.
  10. Looks like the megastore cleaning job has gone then.
  11. Who would Bothroyd and Sidibe play for? The Sideboard was without doubt the most immobile player I have ever seen on a proffesional football pitch. Forgive him everything though for the crucial winner against Bolton that helped us stay up in a very tight season. Unlike Bothroyd he tried but his body just couldn't do it.
  12. Brad Jones a truly awful keeper who somehow has played for various premier league sides. The mind does really boggle at this.
  13. Bothroyd made Leon Clarke look like a choir boy in comparison. Without doubt the biggest toilet ever to pull on the Blue and White stripes.
  14. Met big Ron in hotel after we played Rangers Ian Durants testimonial. He had his Mrs in tow but still had time for a 10 minute chat and thanked the fans for making the 200 mile plus journey for a mid week friendly. Was a top bloke with loads of banter and time for 2 blokes he had never met before. Will always be one of my top 3 Owls managers in 40+ years of supporting the rollercoaster that is Sheffield Wednesday FC.
  15. No good if hes only good for 6 games a season. Think we have walked that path a few too many times already.
  16. All go wrong ?? It didn't really start. Young master Hirst seems to have been treading water for the last 3 seasons. We will never know what could have been but neither will George. Old history that is best left in the past.
  17. Guy Whittingham and Taylor were both decent signings.
  18. The original Captain Slow. Solid trier who worked his balls off to make up for his lack of pace. Not the best we have had but far far from the worst.
  19. Not been sighted for 3 years. So its a no from me.
  20. He was different gravy. Had never been a fan until he came here. Wish we could have seen him in his prime in an Owls shirt.
  21. You forgot the inbetweens. The Blackburn aways the Blunts at Wembley coming 3rd in the league. Great days that will probably never be repeated. As I said you are welcome to your opinion but you cant take those days away. Football is a rollercoaster of good and bad. Thats what keeps it interesting, but in 40+ years of following the Owls they were without doubt the best football moments of true quality I have seen. You may argue whatever you like but on a footballing note they are the facts.
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