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  1. 4321 bit like England might work. Gregory uptop with 2 playing round him like Kane with Sterling and Rashford.
  2. Hasn't been that good in the time he has had. Windass back soon so will have even less chance of game time. If he isn't going to figure get him off the wage bill.
  3. Sadly Luongo hasn't had an extended run since he signed. Think Hutchinson and Windass will be automatically back in soon as fit enough.
  4. Been poor at the back since Moore split the Hutchinson/Iorfa partnership up. Think we really miss Hutchinson and his leadership at the back. Let's hope he is back soon. (Getting him and Windass into the starting 11 could define our season ).
  5. Put his career back 3 years going there. Offset by tripling his wages. Could be the next George Hirst career ruined by 22.
  6. 8million payout I'm sure Bruce won't be crying into his beer , more likely crystal champagne. His job jumping career has finally netted him the jackpot his talents have never merited.
  7. Nope just checked . That's less clubs than I thought.
  8. Legend ?? More of a super fan . Was OK here but hardly got in the team. Always been a fan of the club since leaving though. Good luck to him but a bit early in his career to bring him here, we could kill his career.
  9. Hardly been a success at Cardiff or any job of recent memory. Why would we want him here ??
  10. Have to agree that after 2 seasons (nearly 3)of car crash results a playoffs place would seem like the tide has turned. The start we have had has been reasonable if not mind-blowing so we need to push on from here. Onwards and upwards.
  11. 5 points off top , 14 new players, injuries to key players but still people moan. Get a grip , support the team and watch the team improve as it will.
  12. Not a chance. They will want the feel good factor and that would be compromised if Bruce stays as the fans hate him.
  13. Wouldn't have been here for another year it's in his management dna , always walks when a better offer comes in. Chose the wrong club in Newcastle and despised by the majority of fans. Sure he will walk with a pocket full of cash to sweeten the blow.
  14. No thanks , why would we employ someone who has publicly stated he doesn't like us ??
  15. Never was an Owl Jordan. Always a dogs fan.
  16. But if we drop to league 1 should we pay league 1 prices....
  17. Good defender at his best, went stale here and it was time to move on for both parties.
  18. Plenty on here already questioning Moores ability. Scapegoating players after 6 games and negatively assessing the start we have had. You aren't being accused personally, but you are right about 1 thing "deary me" .
  19. Got a bad record against lots of teams over the last 25 years but it has little bearing on this season in reality. They are just yesterday's results. Too many negative posts after 2 defeats in 6.
  20. Some on here would have a new manager in on the Monday after any loss. We have had a reasonable start so far and 1 bad performance doesn't change that. We are still work in progress and will get better. Judge the manager and team after Xmas when things hopefully will have settled in. Long season ahead and little can be judged after only 6 games.
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