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  1. Last 2 games 2 draws , much better attitude and work rate. We need a goal scorer but we will have to battle while thats sorted. What do people expect ?
  2. We will see. Pulis record is pretty good even if his style of achieving results is not not so pretty.
  3. They have the pace of Jamie Vardy be interesting to see how they do when he is finished.
  4. So far from a master tactician as you could possibly get. Unless playing players out of position and getting hammered home and away are top tactics.
  5. United look like replicating Huddersfield a solid first season followed by an absolute mare second. Interesting to see if all their best players run for the hills if they get relegated as happened at The Dog ........
  6. RIP Maurice and thanks for what Jack and you did at S6.
  7. Luongo replaced Hutchinson , on the treatment table ? To be fair to Hutch he was fit for his last 2 seasons here .
  8. He has been dogger , may improve us if he doesn't take up a squad place.
  9. Its questionable who had the attitude Monk or the players. Maybe they saw through him quicker than the rest of the squad.
  10. Legendarily for his lack of goals in his 6 year stay...
  11. Simple Rhodes can't get in the team. Manager after manager can't be wrong. He isn't good enough.
  12. I agree here Pulis is no mug. I might not like hoofball but a few wins will sweeten the taste, and TP is known for getting points.
  13. Monk made Jos look attacking. You are right though that the squad looked totally shot of confidence.
  14. Again it comes down how many games will Brown and Luongo actually play ? My guess is around 50%. We need some fitness and steel adding to the midfield.
  15. Rhodes was a very good goal scorer past tense. We have seen nothing from him in 3+ seasons. Out of the forwards we have I would say Windass is the most likely to score based on current form not 5 seasons ago.
  16. His record here is appalling for a striker on 35k a week who cost circa 9 million . I remember the Huddersfield game in division 1 ,sat watching and thinking wow he is destined for the big time. He went to Blackburn and did well there but from then on he has done little or nothing. One cameo a season is a absolute garbage return on the outlay we have invested in him.
  17. I would be suprised. He has hardly ever looked like scoring in his time here. Sadly he is a shadow of what he once was. This second coming is repeated week on week on here but never happens.
  18. Sadly have to agree has been a goal threat in about 5 games in his total Owls career. Was out of the Boro side when we signed him and his career has been in decline ever since.
  19. How many games have Brown and Bannan managed together ? Add Lunogo to that and yes the midfield on paper looks good, in reality its average at best as Brown and Lunogo will struggle to play 25 games each. The backup is a division2 standard defensive midfielder and various youngsters who aren't as yet upto the job.
  20. Wouldn't go within 100 miles of him. He has had chance after chance and blown them all. Much better than Slothroyd but with about 75% of the effort (if that is possible). Would just milk the club for money with nothing in return.
  21. Pulis brings hope in my opinion. It won't be pretty but thats not my major concern. If he keeps us up this year he will have my respect. Good luck TP.
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