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  1. Whose bid for Reach or FF in the last 12 months ?? If you sell all your best players you go down not up. As for Brentford when were they in the playoffs? ??.Made money not much progress.
  2. Thank goodness for Gray or we were heading back down. As you stated Jones had lost interest or the plot. Gray turned us round with no money just graft and solidity.
  3. Guaranteeing to bring back the feel good option to the club would be his gift. Fans would love him. Well while we were winning games.
  4. Jones never worked again. Somehow Jos has got a gig in Germany and has a proud record of a 17% win ratio at his new club . Must have the best agent in the world.
  5. Have to earn respect Steve and sadly you failed that test. Badly. . ... Now do one.
  6. The one player we have who could play at premier league level. Has touch vision and an eye for goal. Lets hope he is staying.
  7. Think he was well aware of the situation when he joined if you look back on some of his interviews.We don't know he had showdown talks with DC , just a rumour on here. He was aware money might not be available again in his interviews on joining club. This is not of DCs making it is Bruce doing what he has always done throughout his management career jumping ship when a better offer comes in. Loyalty is not high up on his agenda. If you want someone to blame the buck stops with Bruce.
  8. Who chose them though ?? Finally added sime pace and width . Preseason has actually gone well so far. Morale wise I think Bullen would be great. Needs a good tactician to work with. Is Gray available? ?
  9. Not been that good in the past. Bullen could probably do better anyway.
  10. 9million 500 thousand over from what ive seen. Good luck with that one Tottingham.
  11. Borner no fancy dan he will be fine. The German mentality will allow him to adapt and his size means he should be ok physically.
  12. Only job I would give him is human beday in kop toilets on match day. Plus give Fishcake a box of laxatives to keep him busy.
  13. Winnall needs to go to get first team football , Nuhiu sadly never made the grade also should go. If Joao wants away cash him in. That frees up 1 space for a forward. Rhodes if we can get 4 million sell as he has gone backwards here but if not use him as super sub. Bring in 1 pacey forward and buy the attacking Maddison from Peterborough who can get 10 goals and 10 assists from midfield.
  14. So someone shows a total lack of respect towards his place of work. He basically breaks his contract of employment and walks out. He states he is off too his dream job and he has arranged to take 2 managers with him. No notice period given by any of the 3. Seriously you need to ask would we take him back ????.
  15. Not the one I would want but way in front of Zola.
  16. 1 Honest Harry. Rednapp 2 Sam the bung Allardyce 3 George back hander Graham 3 to cost us a few £.
  17. Take 4 million for him and buy Maddison at Peterborough for 2.5. We have loads of forwards but are short in midfield.
  18. Step up Ian Holloway, a man who would love the job, if Zola is any were near the top of the list.
  19. More chance of Shergar winning grand national this year than Zola being appointed. A record that is only matched by Alan Shearers. Great players sh 1 t managers.
  20. Wednesday reapoint Jos Lukhay after his stunning 17% win ratio in Germany Jos states he has unfinished business here. (This time he will get us relegated ).
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