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  1. Maybe it was Harrys dog. Oh hold on that was a different owner .
  2. Sadly this may well be the fact of the matter. I wont be holding my breath in January about signings with this hanging over us.
  3. You obviously are steeped in Blades culture thinking its good to borrow money from a family who have had at least 7 members of it charged with terrorism. Many of which involved British troops and citizens. Slither back to the sewer your stinking the place out.
  4. Oh was that when you brought the Bin Ladens in ?? Think I would rather be under embargo than go that low.
  5. Well uncle Milan told me it was a good deal and his mate Harry Redknapp said it couldn't go wrong.
  6. Lol with the ghost of William Wallace and Guido Fawkes for company.
  7. No probs . Just feels that yet again someone has just come up and stuck a giant pin in Wednesday's balloon.
  8. Hardly trivial this one though is it ??
  9. So Villa and Derby get no sanction/investigation but we go in front of the EFLs FFP breach panel . Sheffield United admit they were secretly under embargo but somehow still brought players in no investigation. Whatever this club does at present we seem to cover ourselves in the brown smelly stuff. I don't blame DC as I wasn't moaning when we were in the playoffs and looking likely to go up.(how that Huddersfield result comes back to haunt us ). The irony is for the first time in 25 years we have an owner willing to spend money but isn't allowed to. It is blatantly obvious the FFP rules don't work as the majority of teams in the Championship are deep in debt but it would seem some are better at disguising this than us. Im sure we will get over this in time but the worry is who would buy us if DC walked.
  10. Well weve got the Eton headless chicken in charge of country now. So Ed the Duck would be a step up. As for winning the league id take winning the playoffs.
  11. German football is far more technical than english. The pace of the game is far less frenetic and referees far less lenient with physicality.
  12. Different league different scenario. Football less paced and more technical far less physical. Doubt his improvement is down to Dross more the type of football played in Germany. Penney is technically sound and looks like German football suits him,the main concern is he doesn't agree a Bosman deal with the German side in January.
  13. A player who hopefully will get a chance on his return. Started well here but seemed to fall away as Dross lost game after game. Too much pressure was heaped upon players with very little first team experience.
  14. Exactly this. Luongo is our box to box midfielder with an eye for goal. Leave Iorfa excelling at centre half as he has been doing.
  15. Good in theory poor in practice. That midfield would get overrun every game. Reach and Bannan cant tackle and Luongo is more a box to box player than a defensive holding midfielder. Teams would have free reign to get at our back four.
  16. Sadly cant agree at all. Hutchinson is the only midfielder we have who can actually put a tackle in.Swansea had freedom of the park today.
  17. I thought one of them had let go an eggy fart and the other guy objected as he was eating his pie.
  18. Want glory follow Man City . Rollercoaster ride with the Owls , snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and victory from the depths of despair. Its the Wednesday way. At least its interesting.
  19. Neither of them can tackle. Acres of space for Swansea today. Missed Hutchinsons bite and Borners coolhead.
  20. Yep the bottle brothers Hutch and Borner. Both are winners and dont flap they were missed today.
  21. We played well against one of the promotion favourites no shame in the draw. Just sick it was yet another goal at the death.
  22. We dont have the cash for a major shake up. Due FFP will take us 2 years to have any transfer cash. Too many on fat long contracts.
  23. Agree a forward with pace and finishing ability plus a quality left back and the play offs are very doable. Held are own against both Leeds and Swansea who are both highly touted.
  24. Crying out for a pacey finisher. We really arent that far off in a wide open league.
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