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  1. Brian Laws still has a soft spot for us as its obvious in his match commentaries. His softly softly aproach seemed to work most of the time and he definitley had the fans onboard. Think though his time in football management has long since finished but he was one of the better managers in the last 25 years at S6.
  2. Sulking , but most would if they couldn't get a game here at the moment. Think we need some bouncing energetic new blood rather than old swets seeing out time for their retirement or last move.
  3. Not at present with the risk of Covid the less attending the better. Look at Hull rugby league clubs predicament with 9 players or staff testing positive.
  4. Remember Donny Rovers beating Leeds in play off final .
  5. Was a proper no nonsense defender would have him back today. Would be double bonus no fee. Borner, Iorfa , Vernacio would be a back 3 to rival most in this league.
  6. Agree the 12 points is possible to negate and with teams such as Wycombe, Rotherham, Luton and Barnsley I think if we can get another 5 or 6 players in relegation is not the most daunting issue. Doing a Leeds and actually bombing the league doubtful at best. The Jury is very much out on Monk it is time for him to deliver.
  7. Leeds went into administration twice in the not so distant past but got away with it pretty lightly. You are right though they have sold at the correct time and sold for good money. They are a one club city which also helps their youth recruitment , while we have to battle with the Blunts (and its much vaunted accademy) for local talent.
  8. Oh well you fantasise over the wedge of money we have and the championship proven players we are going to recruit. While I believe it will be youngsters , free transfers , loanees and budget transfers. We shall see but I know which is the more likely outcome.
  9. So your happy with sustainability at the club. How long do you think DC can keep pumping 30million in year on year ? If we don't cut spending where do you really think we are heading ? That thought is not amusing.
  10. None we can spend to comply with FFP.We have been losing 30million a year but if you think we have money to spend we may not have a club if you were in charge. Do you not remember before MM bought us the wolves were at the door with a quater of the debt we are now in.
  11. Well thats why the EFL have been on our backs the last 3 years. Unless you know something different.
  12. So a quarter of games gone and were on 0 or 1 point. Thats 11 games which would mean were heading for 52 points -12=40. Sadly if thats a reason to back him he must have very little to offer us apart from relegation.
  13. We haven't got the cash for ready mades. We need to scout and take a risk or two. We never seem to look at the african markets were fast strong mobile players are the norm or in North Africa more technically gifted players can be found.
  14. Not bothered were they come from if there good enough and cheap get them in.At present we have about 14 senior pros.
  15. Murphy was poor until January but found some form from then. Did look quality at times but could vanish in games. Newcastle reportedly want a fee for him so we will be looking elsewhere not sure if thats good or bad for us in the long term as I was never totally convinced by him.
  16. Can't really include Bates played one game which we won. The real question has to be why did we even bring him here?.
  17. Can't really include Bates played one game which we won. The real question has to be why did we even bring him here?.
  18. Thanks but no thanks. Reputation far bigger than the talent. We need younger motivated players not old and on the slide.
  19. Met him once on a train from Waterloo station going to watch Wednesday at Palace about 83. Nice bloke happy to chat music and Wednesday.
  20. Wouldn't want Phil Neville or his horrible brother. Rather have Phil Silvers.😂😂
  21. Seems his injury when asked to play after lockdown wasn't career threatening then......
  22. 15 million at a very rough guess and the players who have left. Remove Rhodes and Westwood and would be nearer 12.
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