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  1. Very much doubt we will be anyones promotion rival next season.
  2. You and I both commented on the lack of activity in June last year. I again raised this in July but was shot down by many on here, the signs were there though other clubs were recruiting while we did next to nothing. In the end we bin dipped for has beens, never going to bee's and even a player with a broken leg. The loan signings were awful and now we reap the knock on effect. Just can't see there being any change in DCs approach.
  3. The only reset if DC is still here will be a relegation battle in league 1 rather than the championship. The planning or lack of it for this season after players left is likely to be repeated. We will have a smaller budget and be less attractive to players than last year. Why do fans expect it to be any different next season ??
  4. Think the days of 20k contracts are gone at S6. DC is now more of a bin dipper on the transfer market.
  5. Just hoped on hope. Run out of hope now. The worry is next season could be even worse unless we start planning the recruitment now, and based on this season when there were obvious gaps in the squad positionally all season (never addressed) I don't have high hopes.
  6. After yesterdays inept display it has finally sunk in that we are down, there will be no miracle run to save us from the drop the team hasn't got the fight or the class to keep us up. DC needs to hang his head in shame what he has done to this great club. Please stop blaming everyone else, drop the excuses and just go....
  7. More like vultures and grave robbers. All waiting to pick the bones.
  8. It was a few years ago , an awful lot of sh1 t has flowed under the bridge since. Bannan has been average at best this season.
  9. Utter crap spouted from yet another loan player who isn't good enough to wear the shirt. He has been dire since he got here and has put little or no effort in from day one.
  10. Even thinking of picking Marriot is what scares me...
  11. We paid around 500k for Windass and 450k for Patterson. Wouldn't say they have been bad value but hardly awe inspiring either.
  12. When we concede we look like a team of condemned men staring at the gallows just waiting for the inevitable.
  13. Was it the recruitment team or has DC called time on any spending ?? All the signings should have been done in the summer but we brought in very little and only bottom rung fees. The loans have been a disaster this year none have made any sort of impact. Think yesterday confirmed we are heading to league 1 and who knows where the season after. Sad sad times at S6.
  14. Could well happen with at least 12 players out of contract in June and looking at our shocking recruitment policy( or lack of it ) this season.
  15. This demise started with CC running out of ideas and DC. blowing money on players past their best or with no sell on transfer walue.. He then appointed a series of poor managers or ones who were never interested in the club.He has let talented youngsters walk for free out of the door and now has run the squad down so much we only have 1 out of form recognized striker. None of this is Neil Thomsons fault he has been asked to turn water into wine as DC fiddles while Hillsborough burns. I can only see years of struggle being DCs legacy.
  16. No goal threat whatsoever in that team. Rhodes on his own uptop does not work.
  17. Tough as teek no nonsense defender just what we needed , instead we bought the bottling dutchman probably the weakest tackling centrehalf in the EFL.
  18. Id bring him in now.Even if its only to the end of season, at least we would go down attacking if he didn't keep us up.
  19. Without a doubt. We have missed his pace and his ability to chip in with the odd goal. Was are most marketable player but think that boat may have sailed now with the injury.
  20. Vernacio should have been snapped up rather than Van Disaster. Far better defender and much better value.
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