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  1. So why would you throw money away in wages for a player who managed 2 hours of actual game time last season ? Sadly the Whickham of 7 years ago has long since disappeared and turned into a physio room regular more likely to breakdown than a 20 year old ford.
  2. Decent signing at this level. People on here would moan if we signed Ronaldo and Messi.
  3. Lets hope its Windass as that will mean we have scored plenty and that will likely mean we are up in contention.
  4. Preseason and the negativity already sets the tone. Friendlies mean nothing lets wait for the season to start before calls for change or self harming begins.
  5. Goal scorer now required that has to be the focus. We look decent at back , solid in midfield , but limited up front. Goal keeper many moaning but the 2 we have are upto this standard . Prefer Dawson but not much in it.
  6. Thats were the problem lies, Bannan is a good player no more no less. He is over 30 so has little transfer value , but has just hit the jackpot with a lower premier league contract in division 1. Utter madness on our part.
  7. We have to recruit to our budget. The days of silly spending are long gone. (Excluding the money reported over Bannan's contract ). Sadly that contract could well cost us 3 or 4 decent players in our rebuilding plans. If we don't go up this season it will be a waste of resources.
  8. One thing is for sure when the gates open the fans will be there, as we all love this club. If we have a decent start the numbers will increase game by game.If though the start is poor Hillsborough could be like a town centre during lockdown and the financial pressure would be huge.
  9. So who was better upfront last season ? We aren't Barcelona and for what we paid for him he was excellent value. Solid championship player.
  10. Mmmm Watkins not good enough for Brentford but has played for England since leaving....
  11. What is Windass worth to a team looking to take him. If we get around to the 2million mark then it becomes a real dilemma. He proved to be an above average performer at championship level in a poor Wednesday side. Other sides will have noted this and may well have not played their cards yet. If we really owe 12million in wages then we are well and truly ducked and will have a breaking point in what we can turn down.
  12. Some on here wouldn't rate Messi or Ronaldo. Windass more than covered his fee last season and is championship quality at least.
  13. He is that average that 5 or 6 top end championship clubs are interested in him. Was our main threat last season in a poor side. Think in a better team he would be very useful.
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