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  1. Hardly think Windass has been our worst signing when 1 isn't good enough to get in the matchday squad and another is out with an injury he had before he even came here.
  2. In your opinion does he walk on water and can he turn water into wine Neil . Is he any good with fish and loafs as it would seem you think he is the 2nd coming. In reality his name is more likely to be Brian......
  3. But its his squad . He kicked out the old wasters and bad apples and brought in at least 6 players , including one with a broken leg. Those tools as you state he threw out of the box.
  4. Yeah Gary only thing keeping you in a job. Silence is golden but it wont last...
  5. You not been on the kop and heard the booing. Over the years heard quite a few managers and players berated constantly.Even some booed onto the park. Lately fans fighting amongst themselves in the seats, if thats not toxic what is. I get were your at with the apathy as the crowd often sit there in silence these days as opposed to not so distant games such as Brighton and Hull at Wembley. The negativity at the moment would rise quick enough at home games if were not playing well im sure.
  6. As ive put in other threads who can we attract? We can't afford top wages , have a season long relegation fight ahead and the atmosphere surrounding the club is toxic. If and when crowds come back a two thirds empty Hillsborough with the crowd baying for blood , be it the managers or players is hardly what most will be up for.
  7. A very good midfield ?? 10 games a season maybe.Brown and Luongo are injured 50% of the time. Take them out and we are threadbare.
  8. Agreed Windass and Patterson at 500k each isn't bad business. They might not be world beaters but they are championship standard. The realisation to some on here that we are no longer a big draw and have to cut our cloth accordingly is still not registering. Whether or not Monk can motivate or manage this squad to survive this season is very much open to debate. The next 2 games should tell us much.
  9. Problem with Brown is he is injury prone so few would take the chance on him, hence why he was at Luton last season and joined us this. FDB was sold as this great talent on arrival but in reality is he or was he overhyped. Windass and Patterson are championship proven players and for what we paid I can't complain. When you look at other targets one joined Birmingham, another Millwall, and one hasn't even got a club yet that to me says we have problems in attracting. Especially when the likes of Millwall can get things over the line that we have been looking at for weeks.
  10. Richards got cold feet and pulled the plug. If we had built on what we had who knows. The major problem we have always had is little or no commercial money coming in and low level sponsorship think that was major problem in competing long term with the big boys . Also to be factored in our youth system produced very little in the mid nineties to bolster our squad or bring in fees.
  11. This spot on. Sacrificed results for personal battles that weakened the team. Hard to believe but Monk could turn out to be worse than Jos, worrying times indeed.
  12. The transfer window represented what the position is were we are at the moment. Low cost recruitment and the odd youngster who was deemed surplus to requirements at a level above and was willing to join us. The key being who was willing to come here. Even relegation players from Hull City didn't want to come, confirmed by Monk. Peoples expectation of who would sign were way too high as most with other options took them and others linked we couldn't afford. Without a doubt the next 2 seasons are going to be tough as the likes of Bannan and Reach can leave on free transfers at the end of this.
  13. Owen Morrison would have been lucky score 50 in his career never mind in a season.
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