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  1. If you have Onlomah in front of Reach it must be a right pint in your local.
  2. Yeah Abdi loved the fresh air of Dore and the open spaces of Abeydale Park. It invigorated him that much he didnt feel the need to partake in the game of football.
  3. Fletcher 3 times the player Nuhiu is. No comparison and unless im mistaken he was first choice when fit all last season. D taxis required if someone is willing to pay a fee for Dave but likely to be fake news.
  4. No mate hes been gash most of the time. Not even worth a spot in the team. Why we would want to buy him is the million dollar question. Along with those on here who spaff all over about his talent. Must be better options out there.
  5. Loved the time under Francis. Played the best football seen at Hillsborough I have ever seen. We were that close to the big time. Some on here criticise him but I think he got us so near to being a top top club.
  6. Westwood will be staying one way or another as we have a years option. In reality though i think he is happy here anyway.
  7. Derby saved us a fair bit of money to be fair. They bought that dodgy forward from Reading when we thought we had him and he was never heard of again. Name slips my memory he was that good. Hold on was it Blackman ?
  8. Apart from him its pigenomics. Budget £1 from poundland prince. £3million Bin Ladens. Nothing from Mcsow. Self destruction mode in place.
  9. His dad Freddie was better known for light fingers than ability with his feet.
  10. Does anyone really know about Borner. Not complaining though as SB must have been tipped off about him.
  11. That Kolloli would straight away but doubt hes coming to Hillsborough.
  12. Sadly Downings about 6 years past any star rating. Been a good pro but well past his best.
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