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  1. Didn't Sibon go to PSV and play in the champios league after he left us ??
  2. Hutchinson will get plenty of offers far from past it.(check our results when he was in the team and then post fallout) . FF and Fletcher may have to significantly lower wage demands to get fixed up, while Fox more than likely will be hunting a pay rise as he left with his reputation at its highest and allegedly a host of clubs interested.
  3. No we would be in league 2 at the sports direct stadium. As he took everything he could out of the club while investing nothing.
  4. Just about survivability next season 61 points is achievable. The team needs the right mindset and its upto Monk to earn his corn, no more excuses.
  5. I listened to the football heaven show were the presenter defended the action and said the Bin Ladins couldn't be accountable for the actions of 1 member of the family. Obviously he was well wread as the number of Bin Ladins convicted with acts of terrorism is in double figures.
  6. Well the snort beasts got in bed with the Bin Ladins and radio Sheffield could see no problem with that. 😧😧😧😧
  7. Long time since Arsenal were a top 4 club. They haven't got the money to compete since they bought the rarely full new stadium.
  8. People fighting to get a Joey P matchworn. Bids at 7p.
  9. First lesson in football. Play to the whistle, less thats not coached anymore.
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