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  1. All go wrong ?? It didn't really start. Young master Hirst seems to have been treading water for the last 3 seasons. We will never know what could have been but neither will George. Old history that is best left in the past.
  2. Guy Whittingham and Taylor were both decent signings.
  3. The original Captain Slow. Solid trier who worked his balls off to make up for his lack of pace. Not the best we have had but far far from the worst.
  4. Not been sighted for 3 years. So its a no from me.
  5. He was different gravy. Had never been a fan until he came here. Wish we could have seen him in his prime in an Owls shirt.
  6. You forgot the inbetweens. The Blackburn aways the Blunts at Wembley coming 3rd in the league. Great days that will probably never be repeated. As I said you are welcome to your opinion but you cant take those days away. Football is a rollercoaster of good and bad. Thats what keeps it interesting, but in 40+ years of following the Owls they were without doubt the best football moments of true quality I have seen. You may argue whatever you like but on a footballing note they are the facts.
  7. Francis built on big Rons legacy and produced the best Wednesday team I have seen. For 3 seasons we were up there with the Man Utds Arsenal and Liverpool. As some have said on here we failed to build on this and sell players at peak values. I for one will remember Tricky Trev with fondness and thank him for the memories his team gave me . Sadly I doubt I will see anything like again in my lifetime.
  8. Have to agree with this. Monk may have been better waiting to the end of the season and then letting them go rather than side lining them and playing inferior players in their positions.
  9. Maybe because we have blown at least 60 million in the last 4 years and have been under FFP scrutiny for the last 2.
  10. Has made Hutchinson's injury record look trivial in comparison. May well be we have signed another injury prone player. He is not a ball winning centre midfield player in the Hutchison mould from the little I have seen of him , looks more mobile and attacking . One thing that is definite is he needs to get fit and figure much more next season as we may be losing at least 3 midfielders this summer.
  11. We weren't winning games before he came so thats not his fault. Of the 3 january loans he has looked the most likely and at least he drives forward and scores a goal or two.
  12. Surely nobody thought that. The EFL are gunning for us and will be eager to show their might if they win the legal case against us. They wouldn't waste their time if they were going to offer an olive branch.
  13. If only you were joking. If these guys cant report whats really going on at S6 and get a ban then might as well officially make the "Stir" Uniteds partner and fanzine.(Not far from that now ).
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