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  1. If only Bannan could tackle like a centre half.
  2. Teams walk through a combination of Bannan and Lee. They need a tackler in with them.
  3. When were 14 points above 22nd how are we 5 points from being relegated? ?
  4. I wouldn't want him anywhere near the place.
  5. Think you have missed Adam Reach of that list. Has scored a list of worldies in the past.
  6. Sense some sarcasm there..... Monks decided we dont need the only tackling midfielder we have. Obviously thinks thats not required in the championship.
  7. This guy is league 2 at best. Monk must swallow his pride until end of season and play Hutchinson. A midfield of Bannan and Pelupessy is disastrous. Lucky it was only Barnsley yesterday as most sides would tear them apart.
  8. All have been slagged off on Owlstalk....
  9. Give Kev Pressman a ring and I here Shezza is available. Maybe Tricky Trev fancies player manager role again ??
  10. Groundhog day . A certain dutchman did that before.
  11. Exciting lineup . Would be improved with Hutchinson for Joey but looks like Monks not for changing. Good fast start could see this team smash the Dingles.
  12. Hutchinson has given his all time after time. He is the only tackling midfielder we have. (Joey not good enough for regular first team action). Results have shown in the past when he plays we are tighter at the back and dont get overun in midfield. The problem is he offers little going forward and Bannan for some reason often drops back at the side of him when they play together. Im sad to say maybe it is time for Sam to move on and im sure there will be plenty of teams interested. Its now we need to rebuild and get a younger more mobile midfield unit capable of attacking and defending. Others will leave as well but that is football teams have to keep up or stagnate and plummet down the leagues.
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