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  1. ZicoSterland2

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Id send Onohma back to Spurs looks like hes on his jolies. Saying that they all do.
  2. ZicoSterland2

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Absolute rubbish. If we had a game plan did any of the players know it. Things look to be going down hill with no brakes to slow us up.
  3. Yeah barganing 9 months from the end of contracts not a great strategy as was shown last season. if you think thats the way to roll we will have to beg to differ.
  4. Has DC learned any lessons ?? Penny and Preston out of contract at end of season . Are we going to have 2 more young valuable assets walk away for next to nothing. The Hirst situation revisited. No club can sustain all its talented home grown talent walking away season on season for little or no reward. While frittering away millions on journeymen and past sellby date players. We need DC to learn fast.
  5. ZicoSterland2

    Should we have kept Wallace

    Loved Wallace in his pomp but think time had caught up with him at this level.
  6. ZicoSterland2

    FF out injured

    FF is a class act but we have coped without pretty well this season. Time to give Jao a run of games his form deserves it.
  7. Antonio pace power different class.
  8. If one had to go it would FF as his contract is running down and his age. In real terms if Reach keeps his form he may well be worth a bigger fee. Im sure premier league teams are starting to take notice of his abilities and if Madine was 6million who knows what Reach is worth.
  9. ZicoSterland2

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    Hector seems to have added a bit of steel in the back. Onohoma not sure yet where his talents are best used. A bit more steel in the middle of the park and the Blue side of steel city could be celebrating in May. Without this i think we may struggle to finish top 6.
  10. ZicoSterland2

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    Be a long season then buddy .
  11. ZicoSterland2

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    I worry about a true beast in midfield as without Hutchinson we seem to lack this. Pelepussy seems to go missing at times and this exposes our defence. In attack we have some of the best options in the league but we really need to tighten up at the back. That beast in midfield is the key in my opinion.
  12. Owls talk has yet again swung from 1 mood to the total opposite. The feel good factor has driven out of town the merchants of doom. To be honest im firmly sat on the fence. Lets get through the xmas period then a true picture of where the season is going can be seen.Well done to the team on its present run but more is needed.
  13. ZicoSterland2

    Forget promotion

    Have a feeling we may struggle to improve on the squad next season as money is tight and Jos may not know any diamonds in the rough available on free transfers. It is obvious who has advised Chansiri in the past definitley didnt. If Pelpussy is Jos idea of a good bargain buy I do worry as when the going gets tough he vanishes.In this league you cant afford that.
  14. ZicoSterland2

    Leeds fan in peace

    Players out we have kieran Lee Hooper Hutchison all out. Last season we had12 first team players out for the majority of the season. Believe me a fit Hutchinson would not allowed you the space you found last night. I agree that Pelepussy went missing and that allowed you to boss the midfield. In reality though you made very little clear cut openings just various half chances. On the display last night i wouldnt get to carried away if i were you as expectations at hillsborough are not that high this season.
  15. ZicoSterland2

    Leeds fan in peace

    Thought first half was fairly even but we ran out steam last 25minutes and Leeds got on top. Neither side has that extra touch of quality in the centre if the park. Oh for John Sheridan who played for both sides.