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  1. Quotes from fans of a team that built their whole reputation whilst in the premier on dogged defence , physical play and long ball/throw in tactics. Now their only reputation is a mediocre/ struggling side with dwindling support.
  2. The only bite we have in midfield every team needs an enforcer. Does have the odd red mist moment but well worth his place in the side.
  3. Yeah bit like Huddersfields charge up the league since the wonder brothers took over.
  4. The Owlstalk way. Some on here happier when were failing it would seem. Might not be pretty at moment but a win is a win.
  5. Murphy's lack of interest is worrying. If he doesn't improve then he should go back to Newcastle. We cant carry none triers in our squad.
  6. Yeah good old stereo typing of the england football fan abroad. Then if it kicks off this is the type that follow england no wonder theres trouble.
  7. Journeyman as in the boxing term basically Joe average not how many teams he has played for.
  8. Bang average journeyman. Not a carthorse and definitely not a genius. His aerial ability for his size is poor , he has no pace , and scores few goals. What he does have is a decent touch , he is big and auqward , plus always gives 100%. He doesn't have the quality to be a regular starter but often does make an impact from the bench. At the end of the day he is what he is and at present he deserves his place on the bench. We should be looking to sign better and move on but it is whether we have the finance to do so.
  9. Why would we want Hooper back ?? He is a busted flush whose best days are gone. Less were opening a golf academy. What we are crying out for is a forward with real pace to play with Fletcher. Only problem being they are expensive. Hope were scowering lower leagues and maybe european b leagues for a jem like Bornner.
  10. Yeah i go. The football on display is what it has been for the last 25 years.No better or worse. We cant match premier league teams as I have said as its fimancial. If you want to see superstars you wont but it is what it is. I find it competitive and interesting. If thats mediocre to you fair enough.
  11. The championship is a tough league to get out of as anybody can beat anybody in it. The problem then is staying up in the premier league. Every season it seems at least 2 of the promoted teams come straight back down. It is bang average in your view not mine , but all teams in it are up against it when promoted because of the distorted way the premier league teams are cash rich to the detriment of the rest. This has a knock on effect that puts promoted teams at a disadvantage from the start.
  12. Time we started to grind wins out and play ugly.
  13. Don't really get this constant sniping of Reach. Scores goals contributes assists but slated on here. He might not be the best tackler ,thats not his game ,but he always does his yardage. Also seems to be the one who is forced to play out of position on a regular basis.
  14. Problem with Joey is when we play the better teams he tends to get overrun or vanish. Hutchinson's better footballing brain means this doesnt happen. Joey maybe more mobile but he is not in the same class as Sam.
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