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  1. We had a referendum the vote was clear. People voted for self rule and kick out Johnny Foreigners. Whether that was right or well thought out is open to debate but it was democratic and the opinion of a majority of the population.
  2. Holloway has a wicked sense of humour and is far from the village idiot. Its called personality .
  3. 9 points out of 12. Top of the league whats not to be happy about. Enjoy the ride in what could be a tight league this year. Too many doom and gloom merchants on here.
  4. There should be no way back he made his choice.
  5. Jos would crash the bus and injure the team. This would complete the job he didnt finish , getting us relegated.
  6. Maybe not but doesnt change the fact I would have him back.
  7. Must have hidden talents........ About 5 miles down.
  8. Get in the real world. Prices effect everybody. This club is in league 2 based in South Yorkshire yet the fans are expected to pay Premier league London prices. Its ok saying if you dont like it f... Y...but when that message spreads and your sat in 3 quarters empty stadium you may reflect. Football is a working class game and the Owls a working class family club. Strip that away and there wont be much left.
  9. Is that good then . We are managing to totally wipe out the walk up support. The mind boggles at some peoples views on here. Many walk ups used to bring the kids who are the future of the club. Lets remove that future part of the fan base. Very short term thinking and economics.
  10. Utter garbage why should any group of Owls fans be fleeced. I work various shift patterns so cant attend 1 in 2 home games and im sure many other Owls fans are in this situation. Why does that mean we should be exploited ??.
  11. The only problem is with DC when the demand isnt there the prices dont change.
  12. He was gash and would have taken us down. Let his ego run wild (not selecting Hutchinson and Westwood ) to the detriment of the team. Thank goodness DC saw sense and realised.
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