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  1. ZicoSterland2

    England squad - What might have been.

    20 bad years of producing little or no homegrown talent but it would seem the tide is turning and youngsters are starting to come through. What we need now is to keep hold of them.
  2. Have to agree and disagree 11Bothroyd 12Bothroyd 13Bothroyd 14Bothroyd 15Bothroyd 16Bothroyd 17Bothroyd 18Bothroyd 19Bothroyd 20Sidibe
  3. Wonder whats peoples expectations for next season. We had a strong finish to last season but many games were of little importance as it was against teams with nothing to play for. Could be a hard season with Stoke West Brom and Swansea coming down. For me top 6 would be a very good result but around 12 teams will realistically fancy their chances.
  4. ZicoSterland2

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Snortbag horrible specimen....
  5. ZicoSterland2

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    Not been in the team and been average at best when played. A no brainer.
  6. ZicoSterland2

    Westwood Going

    Dont really see goal keeper as a major problem with or without Westwood. If we can get 2million for a player who only played 13 games last season and is on a high wage then could be a win win situation. Westwood at his best has been excellent but this could be the right time to move on for all parties. Especially if cash is tight next season.
  7. He was superb against us that day. A truly world class performer. One note though about that game sure Hirsty scored the goal of the match.
  8. Klinnsman for Spurs Collymore for Forest Owen. for Liverpool.
  9. Get them down to the Brecon Beacons where the SAS train. Then friendlies against Hereford Shrewsbury and Wolves. That would sort the men from the boys.
  10. How much playing time has Rhodes actually had. Played mainly in the defend at all cost Carlos system and bit parts under Jos. If we approach next season with a more positive game plan it could be we see the Rhodes we all wanted. Jury still out in my opinion but others have hung him out to dry.
  11. Carlos sterile tactics failed again. Sadly no plan B in his book of tactics. His first season here must have been a blip. Made Stuart Gray seem attacking. That is not a dig at Gray who did a brilliant job with little or no money.
  12. ZicoSterland2

    New Kit

    Or had an hour in Jay Bothroyds company
  13. ZicoSterland2

    Jay Bothroyd

    Definitley a tank looker
  14. ZicoSterland2

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Maybe the Blades have leant them their billion pound lawyers. They can rewrite history for them as well
  15. Fulham only if they go up. Leeds must have got a right wedge playing in the killing fields of Burma no chance they can afford him ,Forest skint and Brum dont make me laugh. Would think if he goes got to be 12m+ if Madine was 6mill.