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  1. ZicoSterland2

    Out of Contracts

    Think every owl in the land would wish for that as we miss their quality so much. Sadly time stands still for no man and think their time here is done.
  2. ZicoSterland2

    Out of Contracts

    Would keep Westwood and Palmer as we may need him. Sell Bannan as for all his running around what does he actually contribute and anything over 6 million would help fund a bit of a rebuild. Would also sell Reach if we were offered 10 million plus. If all the players leave who are out of contract we will need some funds FFP allowing. I would also look to offload Nuhiu and Rhodes . Rhodes should generate around 4 million if someone is willing to take him. Could be a tough year again.
  3. ZicoSterland2

    Rotherham Owls

    Need more than 1 coach as half of Toy Town is Wednesday. Thats why the rest of the unwashed envy us so much.
  4. All owls beware and make sure that you cleanse before entering and on leaving. Also the half time spice for sale may not be suitable for children. It is Rovrum remember.
  5. ZicoSterland2

    Stay Safe Wednesdayites

    Icf sevice crew zulu head hunters and sons of the chuckle brothers.
  6. ZicoSterland2


    Pelepussy is garbage. Hutchison has showed what he can do since returning.The clean sheets are the result.
  7. ZicoSterland2

    Nuhiu coming on as sub Saturday.

    Lets hope the myth that all opposition managers rate him highly is fact not fiction and one comes in for him this summer. Wont hold my breath though.
  8. ZicoSterland2

    Barry Bannan

    Bannans attacking stats are not good for goals or assists. His tackling is average at best. To me if we get an offer in the summer he is the player we can most afford to lose. Can't knock his work rate but his end product just isn't there.
  9. ZicoSterland2


    Play offs havent been on since the disastrous run in November . No team can lose that many games in a row and expect to challenge.Some on here seem to live in a world of dreams. If we finish top half this season we will have done well after the Jos debacle. I really believe he would have got us relegated.
  10. ZicoSterland2

    Loan to buy?

    They are loan only. We haven't got a pot to wee wee in at moment.
  11. In truth he wasnt very good.
  12. ZicoSterland2

    Strikers. Who would you use, shift, buy?

    Joao keep the rest sell or dont renew contracts.Sadly think we have seen the best of FF and Hooper. Fletcher would keep on a year by year agreement on half wages he is on now so wont happen. Winnall cant get a start so sell. Nuhiu give away to any takers as cant see us getting a fee.(Or a taker in all honesty )Time to find some more pace and a fox in the box. (Hope DC has a secret war chest or we wont be challenging as things stand )Forgot Rhodes would love it to have worked out for him and us but hasnt. Again sell on to the highest bidder.(4million + would accept )
  13. ZicoSterland2

    Hector’s carpet slippers

    Could well do as Lees has gone from the 10million man to struggling to get a place in the side. Has looked panic stricken at times and ill at ease when in possession.
  14. ZicoSterland2

    These clean sheets

    All about using assets available to you. Jos chose not to use his best defensive assets and the team struggled. Bullen had the sense to bring them back straight away and we improved immediately. Not rocket science but the question is how poor was Jos as a manager. Truly awful.
  15. Quite a family Ron had with his sons Dalian and Rowan proper talented.