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  1. ZicoSterland2

    Positive news soon?

    Loved JJ at his best looked a world beater shame it was only about 15% of his playing time. Still better than Helan who was an athlete not a footballer with little or no technical ability. Good engine nothing else.
  2. ZicoSterland2

    Almen ad thi pants down

    Only player to be seen less than Filipe Melo. Whatever happened to him ????
  3. ZicoSterland2

    Positive news soon?

    Until nearing the box then falling over the ball , hitting a shot 20 feet above the goal or hitting a cross straight out for throw in.
  4. The squad as it stands is well capable of a top half finish. The manager needs to find the correct system that suits the players we have. Chansiri will have to learn not to spend money like a kid in a sweetshop. This season could be tough but not as bad as some are predicting. Jos will have to earn his wage but also needs to put square pegs in square holes not ridiculous decisions like Sam Hutchinson at inside right. This season is in his hands as no money is available.
  5. ZicoSterland2

    Time to sacrifice a star or two

    Sell Bannan . Goals and assists rrcord is poor. Fans like his all action style but there is little end product. Would always pick a fit Lee in front of him. If FF plays behind a front 2 then there is no real place for him in the team without unbalancing the whole midfield. Sadly he seems to lack that edge once near or in the box.
  6. ZicoSterland2

    Boycott Membership

    Especially at £40+ a match.
  7. ZicoSterland2

    Free agents

    Sako pace and power .
  8. ZicoSterland2

    Boycott Membership

    22641 pre play off final. 27129 season after 25995 last year. So up at start but down last season. Interesting this season if we dont challenge.
  9. ZicoSterland2

    Boycott Membership

    The walk up used to be thousands but the prices have had an effect on this. If we have another poor season what do you think will happen to St sales? I hope we have enough in the squad to be up there but I have my doubts. Chansiri needs some new advisors who know the game and understand the area we live in. This is not London.
  10. ZicoSterland2

    Boycott Membership

    Think the penny is dropping across the fan base now. It will end up pricing and driving out a large slice of us. The fans can only pay so much and god knows we deserve better.
  11. ZicoSterland2

    Boycott Membership

    The book has to stop with Chansiri when fans are asked to pay £10 a game more than Man City fans. Its a bad joke. Now £90 for membership to pay for the mistakes made in the transfer market. Watch the gates drop if were not top 6 early doors.
  12. ZicoSterland2

    Who next...?

    Matias Abdi because they are expensive non playing show ponies. Fletcher as he is on silly money and we have plenty of cover even with Rhodes going. Fox and Palmer as they are not top end championship standard. Keep the rest and see how Winnall settles back in. Juries out on him.
  13. ZicoSterland2

    New contracts

    One year extensions on all players we want to keep. So those out of contract next year dont just walk away for free. If they wont sign put them up for sale now.Dont want anymore Clare and Hirst situation's.
  14. ZicoSterland2

    Hirst Snr

    A little storey about Hirsty 25 years or so my mate was in Majorca with his mrs. Sat on the beach in his wednesday shirt when 2 beers arrive. Asks how come waiter points to a group of blokes sat at bar. 20 minutes latet 2 more arrive. Looks up one of group waves. Thinks better go say cheers and finds Hirsty sat there. Offers to buy a round and told no chance. While were here your beers paid for. 4 pints later has to go with mrs while Hirstys group still sat on afternoon sesh. Top bloke no prima donna.
  15. ZicoSterland2

    Hirst Snr

    Wont taint the great memories of Hirsty in his pomp. Power pace and energy. Sadly we will have no memories of his son but thats football and this club moves on.