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  1. If it puts back in embargo for overspending I think that's a reason to turn noses up at resigning Hector. We need to recruit within our budget and so target up and coming young talent who will have resale value. Hopefully the days of giving 30+ players one last big payday are finished.
  2. Hector would be way out of our pay structure, we couldn't match or get anywhere near his current pay scale. At 30 he would have little or no sell on value so it's a no from me purely from a financial prospective , we have to cut or cloth according to our means as we can't continue to bleed money.
  3. Doubt Berhanio was on a big wage in Belgium and he claimed he took a drop to come here. NML was without a club so not in a great position to push for big money. Storey a Preston reserve doubtful he was an expensive loan . Gregory and Dean may well have been costly but club's such as Wigan and Ipswich were spending money that we couldn't compete with. Another question is when did half of these signings come. Storey , Dean , NML all came mid-season and Berhanio wasn't here at the start. We may have had a big squad but we needed it as yet again we more than filled the physio room with injured players. I agree that the likes of Byers and Wing would also have been on decent wages but it would seem now to compete in league 1 you have to pay reasonabley high wages. It worked for Wigan and Sunderland not sure what type of wage bill Rotherham have as they are always bleating about ours whatever league we are in.
  4. We didn't spend a penny. Not Moore's fault that half the squad was on championship wages and the odd one on premier league money as he inherited the majority of high earners. The largest squad not sure but a large number of injuries in key positions disrupted what would have likely been his first choice picks.
  5. This anti-Moore bull never ends. He knew enough to get us too the playoffs with no money and little or no squad last July. He cobbled a squad of freebies and loans and took us to fourth playing some of the best football seen since CC first season. This season we have the backbone of a squad and I trust Moore will again fill in the gaps. There is no reason to think we can't build on last season and look to challenge for the automatic promotion places. I feel some on here just think we are entitled to just turn up for matches and the opposition just give us the points, sadly that is a fantasy we have to scrap and battle for every point in this league.
  6. He was rated as a real talent 18months ago. Must have upset someone to be in bottom tier a year later.
  7. I think he was average at best only scored in 6 games all season and was totally insignificant in the playoff game at Sunderland. Get a young pacey forward with something to prove in to add that extra energy and impetus. We all have opinions mine is he is no great loss.
  8. But his season wasn't just February to May , was his average over the season anything like that ??. Wonder what Gregory did over same period?
  9. Listening and selling that is the problem. If he left it to Moore I think we would get a more realistic chance of doing some business.Also a no Paxo involvement rule should be applied.(strange that as the transfer embargo is lifted his name reappears on the scene. Surely he has rinced us enough with worse than average players )
  10. Yeah their 3rd team need some backup as the last 2 buys/steals from English football haven't made the grade.
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