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  1. Totally agree I think DC had basically called time on investment in the club but is too stubborn to sell at a reasonable price.
  2. I wouldn't argue with this but DC throughout his tenure has given little away and just hiked up prices.Fans are seen as cash cows to be milked as often as possible.
  3. Cost. We have no cash flow. That is the reason players weren't paid. DC has invested very little in infrastructure and priced out all sponsors.
  4. Please explain this to DC as the mens first eleven are definitely letting the brand down.
  5. Do you think as we are under a embargo we can throw money around. The fact we paid the players late twice also brings into doubt how much money is available.
  6. Its about sorting out the main event first as it is the make or break. Once thats sorted you can look at the sideshows.
  7. Sort the bloody mens team out first . They have been embarrassing for the last 2 years.
  8. Thanks for that backed it from November last year antepost. Took 25/1 and have placed six £5 ew bets in total. Has run over hurdles last 2 and was pulled out at Cheltenham 3 weeks ago. Won Welsh National and Midlands National last year. If in form would be guaranteed at least a place but no guarantee that he is at his best.
  9. Yeah man very 90s... Think you need to take the Oasis album off and move on. Know what I mean man...
  10. If we finish 19th I will shove £ 20 behind the bar for you...
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