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  1. In all fairness mate we have a young, hungry side who are improving and are a couple of goalscoring mids away from being a top side. Finished 11th,11th and will likely finish 7th/ 8th this season. Doubt we will be fighting relegation even if I’m pessimistic.
  2. Yes you probably hate me after today however my view on the game; First half today was largely uneventful on the pitch we controlled the game without really creating much apart from Davies who really should have scored. Fisher upset your fans a lot and he did act like an idiot at times. Your defence was very good in the first half especially Pudil and Lees who impressed. The first 10 minutes is where the game was won, poor defending from us let you in for the first and great work from bannan to set up Joao for a very good header. Again, we pressed and could have scored 2 or 3 times but sitters from Maguire and Barkhuizen let us down. Have to say we were probably the best side for most of it, however, your quality shone through and an outstanding goal from Nuhiu + it was game over. Another good goal from forestieri completed the win. Overall, your goals were absolutely superb. But we didn’t actually play badly, Browne and Huntington in particular had good games for us. If we had won I don’t think any Wednesday fans could/ would have complained. I’d imagine you’ll play better than that and get beat, it was a case of everything that could go wrong for us went wrong and everything that could go right for you did. I do hope Hutchinson isn’t injuried though. Despite that, any one of your last three goals were worthy any football matches and quality wins football matches.
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